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What is the purpose

Environmental pollution is a very serious problem that people are facing nowadays.

There are at least 480 million tons of plastics produced each year worldwide, with less than 10% of them recycled. Over 80% of plastic waste just flows into oceans and is eaten by ocean animals, or buried polluting the soil.

We only have one earth. Everyone should love it, and take the responsibility for protecting it. For this, Aung Crown founded the AC-Green production line to produce the caps and clothes using recycled plastic bottles, which greatly reduces plastic waste and pollution.

We hope you will join us! Let’s make the earth a better place!

eco and recycle plastic bottle

What is
RPET fabric?

RPET is short for recycled polyethylene terephthalate, the chemical name for Recycled Polyester. It is a new reusable and sustainable material on the rise.

For the most part, RPET looks and feels exactly the same as traditional plastic (PET) which is widely used for recyclable containers and packaging.

But RPET is made of recycled plastics, including plastic bottles. Once collected, plastics were sorted, cleaned, crushed, melted, and transformed into RPET material.

At Aung Crown, We use RPET material
for caps and clothes

Aung Crown, We use RPET material for caps and clothes

We are certified

We make sustainable apparel out of RPET fabric. From yarn to the production process, these international certifications help us keep to the highest standard that exceeds your expectation.

scope certification about aungcrown industry
rept yarm reduce

Make good use of wasted plastic bottles and reduce the plastic pollution

Be more eco-conscious and eco-friendly when competing with other brands

Advocated by the government, in line with environmental, health, and safety guidelines

Recycled PET fabric is lightweight, durable, crease-resistant, colourfast, quick drying, stain resistant, eco-friendly, and economical

eco hat and clothing

less plastic, better world.
We’re in this together!

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7 plastic bottles can make 1 Tee
recycle plastic bottle for eco clothing and hat
8 plastic bottles can make 1 hat
recycle plastic bottle for firedly planet clothing