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about us

Established in 1998, Aung Crown is a global leader in custom hat and apparel manufacturing. Guided by Chairwoman Kailyn, our overseas business has flourished, partnering with over 30,000 brands worldwide.

We focus on manufacturing hats and apparel for trendy and fashion chains. Our categories include various caps: baseball caps, trucker hats, bucket hats, beanies, etc., and most apparel: T-shirts, hoodies, tracksuits, jackets, pants, shirts, etc.

With more than 25 years of experience in hat and clothing production, we also have a distinctive view of international trends, which will help you in the construction of design. At Aung Crown, we excel in crafting trendsetting designs and tailor-made marketing plans to elevate brands in the competitive fashion market. With a focus on innovation and consumer insights, we guarantee satisfaction from production to delivery.

With 3 owned factories and state-of-the-art machinery, we ensure fast turnaround times and perfect quality. Trust Aung Crown for quality products that exceed expectations.

We promise to offer our clients excellent service with competitive prices, high quality, and punctual delivery time to get mutual benefits together.

Our Culture

Creativity & Design, Craftsmanship & Quality, Customer-Centric Approach, Sustainable & Ethical Practices.

Our Team

As a leading manufacturer of trendy hats and fashion apparel, we take pride in showcasing our diverse team.

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We hope to convey our commitment to providing high-quality products and excellent services. Thank you for your presence, and we look forward to transforming this impression into a deeper level of cooperation!