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Hoodies & Sweatshirts, Jackets & Coats, T-Shirts & Polos, Tank Tops, Tracksuits, Pants, Shorts…

The following commonly used process technology,consult for more information


-Embroidery (regular, 3D, with applications, chain stitch…)
-Digital Printing
-Screen Printing
-Rubber Printing
-Hologram Printing

-High Frequency
-Sequin and Bead Embroidery
-Bonded Seams (woven fabric )
-All Types of Fusion Processes
-Special Effects (foil, membranes…)


We try to be as versatile as possible when it comes to fabric structures, weights, and compositions. Here is the list of those we use most frequently: Jersey, Jacquard, Fleece, Interlock, Rib, Satin, Canvas, Double Face, Bonded Fabrics, Corduroy……

Standard and Functional Fabric Finishes

Fabric Finishes

A vast array of finishings can be applied to fabrics. These finishings can be standard or functional. Here is a list of the most commonly applied finishings:

Standard fabric finishes:

i. Mercerization
ii. Drying
iii. Demineralization
iv. Raising
v. Brushing
vi. Tumbler (shearling effect)
vii. Emery
viii. Carbon emery
ix. Heat setting
x. Simple shearing
xi. Formaldehyde-free and pre-shrunk shearing….

Functional fabric finishes:

i. Hydrophilic
ii. Hydrophobic
iii. Temperature regulation (PCM)
v. Aloe Vera
vi. Relaxing moisturizers
vii. Antimicrobial
viii. Anti-mosquito
ix. Anti-UV
x. Others (upon request)

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