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Our work reflects our passion. The 400+ Aung Crown team members, from design to sales and production, love their jobs, infusing excellence into our products.

We Take Great Care At Every Step

From raw material sourcing, production processing, and quality control to packaging, Aung Crown ensures that every hat meets the customer’s requirements and standards.
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Crafting Hats & Clothing with Heart, Every Stitch Tells a Story

At Aung Crown, we take great care to pay attention to every step in our manufacturing process from raw material selection through final packaging and beyond. From start to finish, our passion lies in producing products of outstanding quality for you to enjoy!

When selecting raw materials, we carefully source only premium fabrics, trims, and accessories – our team meticulously examines every component to make sure it fulfills our stringent standards for durability, aesthetics, and functionality.

At each stage of production, our skilled artisans use cutting-edge machinery combined with traditional craftsmanship techniques. Their attention is focused on every stitch, measurement, and embellishment placement in every hat we craft for maximum precision and accuracy.

To maintain our high standards, we employ an intensive quality control program. At various points in production, our dedicated team conducts extensive inspections in search of any defects or flaws; any product failing our strict criteria is addressed either through correction or rejection immediately.

Packaging is another crucial aspect of our process. At Hat Shop USA we recognize the significance of protecting hats during transport; so, when selecting suitable packaging materials such as boxes or protective bags we take great care to select appropriate packing solutions and add labels/tags accordingly for professional finishing touches.

Our core is excellence, which means going the extra mile on every detail, from custom designs to mass orders alike. Every hat produced reflects this commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

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