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We love what we do, and it shows in our work. We’ve assembled a team of people who love their jobs, and we think that shines through in the products we create. From our design experts and merchandising department to our sales team, production department, and everyone in between. Each member of the 300+ Aung Crown team brings value to our operation.

We are Open to New Ideas

We see Aung Crown as an amazing place to turn small ideas into big projects.

With Aung Crown’s core values and our employee’s innovative thinking, our company is bursting with creativity. Innovative employees are the main driver of product optimization, proactive feedback, and communication.

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carefully work with herat for customers in clothing industry

We Care for and respect each other

We consider Aung Crown to be a big family where everyone is enthusiastic about solving any problems you may encounter.

We appreciate one another for the respect and support given. When a problem arises it is quickly solved through good communication, patience, and dedication.

We do Things with Integrity

All of the achievements we have accomplished are due to our down-to-earth mentality and diligent work ethic. At Aung Crown we evaluate each situation individually so we can do better the next time it arises, this makes us look forward to future challenges and goals.

Honesty is a symbol of strength at Aung Crown. It links all the members of our big family and unites us to achieve our common goals.

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Holiday gifts in aungcrown group corporation

We Care about our employees

Aung Crown succeeds when our employees do, and we believe that success is best when shared. We are proud to offer a wide range of staff benefits that best support their needs and goals.

Our employees have access to various benefits including health coverage, paid time off, parental leave, education opportunities, etc.

A Happy Workplace

What makes Aung Crown different from other companies is that we actively try to make work a fun and interesting place to be. We try to make everyone feel a sense of pride in their work and stimulate their drive to do better, as well as encourage them to keep moving forward.

We are a company that cares about supporting each other. We hold many fun team-building activities where we share each other’s work experience, life skills, interests, and hobbies. These things have turned us into one big harmonious and happy family that we hope you will become a part of.

Activities of the saleman team

Your vision. Your branding. Our passion.

At Aung Crown, we provide customized attire and accessories to companies
and individuals looking to make a statement. create a keepsake, spread a message, or expand a brand’s reach through fashion. We offer a personalized, collaborative, and hassle-free product creation experience for our clients, offering
one-on-one creative design assistance, a streamlined and efficient production and delivery process, And a guarantee of satisfaction. Your vision is our passion. Let’s make it happen.

Spreading the Love

We lead with our hearts at Aung Crown, which is why we give back, however, we can.
Each year, Aung Crown works with organizations in underserved communities in China to provide support and supplies to students in need.
Does your community or organization need assistance? We’d love to hear from you.