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Aung Crown has cooperated with more than 30,000 brands from the United States, South America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, and other parts of the world. With a huge production capacity, Aung Crown is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in the hat and garment industry worldwide to provide professional, convenient, and one-stop service to customer brands.

Experienced Employees
Self-owned Workshop Area

Pattern Marking & Pattern Printing

Once the designs are completed, our pattern engineers will take your designs and create “patterns” which are the pieces that will be cut and sewn together.
How To Make Custom Clothing at Aung Crown?

Custom apparel design involves several steps:

1. Demand Communication and Preliminary Design:
In the initial steps, salesmen communicate with customers to understand their style preferences, activity scenarios, wearing purposes, etc., and collect necessary measurement information.
Designers create preliminary designs based on customers’ needs and body characteristics, including style, fabric type, color choice, and any desired details such as cutouts.

2. Measurement and Fitting:
Designers begin the fitting sample process based on customer data provided to them; once this sample has been worn by customers, designers make adjustments one at a time until it fits properly and provides comfort.

3. Design Refinement And Cutting: It’s to meet the customer’s requirements and adjustments during the fitting process, designers refine and modify preliminary designs as a whole: including cutting plans, fabric use plans, treatment plans, etc.
According to a carefully prepared design plan, tailors will use measurement data provided to cut fabrics into clothing parts, and then perform preliminary sewing processes.

4. Sewing and Splicing: Clothesmakers begin sewing once tailors have cut clothing parts to spec; strict hand skills and precise alignment are essential in creating high-quality and durable garments.

5. Final Step & Adjustments:
Once production has concluded, customers will try on their garments. At this time, designers will reassess its fit and comfort as per customer feedback before making adjustments if necessary; such adjustments could include additional cutting/sewing/detail modifications.

6. Completion and Delivery:
After multiple attempts and adjustments, when the garment meets customer satisfaction it will be finished off by our designer and then delivered directly to them for the completion and delivery.

Customized clothing design requires time and patience, with multiple conversations, try-ons, and adjustments taking place along the way. Therefore, effective communication and close cooperation with our designer is vitally important if we want our finished garment to meet individual needs and expectations.


Yes. We accept small orders and trial orders.

Yes, OEM and ODM orders are accepted. Free Samples for customized orders.

Yes, but you need to tell us as soon as possible. If the order is in process, we can’t change it.

We will arrange sample confirmation before mass production. During the production, we have professional QC staff control the quality and manufacture by the confirmed sample. We will also guarantee the accuracy of packaging and send you a shipping sample. Welcome to our factory to inspect.

When we calculate the shipping cost for you, we will use the cheapest and safest courier, and it is the shipping company who asks us to pay, pls kindly understand that. If you think the freight we offered is higher than you expected, we can use your own shipping company or agent in China which is cheaper, it is ok for us as well.

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