Custom fabric

Fabric Sourcing

We cooperate with high-end fabric and textile suppliers. Our location allows us to develop strong relationships with the world’s largest fabric market to source high-quality materials, and ensure we meet your target price points. Our full range of custom fabric services enables you to use any quality fabric to create your clothes.

Tailoring Style:Your Fabric, Your Craft, Your Vision

Aung Crown offers a wide variety of colors to meet various preferences, such as classic black, white, navy, and gray shades as well as seasonal fashion forecast colors. Giving customers customized color options that match specific Pantone colors can enhance the customization experience for them.

As a professional and experienced custom hat and apparel manufacturer, Aung Crown can offer customers an array of fabric and color choices that match their preferences for custom hats and apparel. Some of the more popular fabric options for hats and apparel include jersey, cotton blend, and silk fabric.

Fabric & Color Options

  1. Cotton: Cotton fabric is highly adaptable and suitable for making various styles of hats and apparel.
  2. Wool: Wool is ideal for winter hats and apparel as it provides warmth and comfort.
  3. Polyester: Polyester can easily be cared for – commonly found in sportswear and activewear applications.
  4. Denim: Denim fabric makes for ideal casual clothing and hats, ideal for daily and casual use.
  5. Leather: Leather adds luxury and durability while being lightweight enough for summer hats and outerwear.
  6. Linen: Linen provides lightweight comfort, perfect for summer hats and apparel.

Custom Hat & Clothing Craft

Aung Crown offers personalized design options, quality materials, precise craftsmanship, and attentive customer service to create unique and stylish headwear.

hat customization journey

The hat customization journey with Aung Crown includes design refinement, sample approval, efficient production, thorough quality checks and ultimately delivery.

Custom Logo Service

Aung Crown provides clients with professional logo design, skilled embroidery or printing techniques, and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring our brand stands out on our high-quality custom hats.

Logo Options

Aung Crown offers logo customization options such as embroidery, screen printing, heat transfer, patch application, sublimation, and 3D puff embroidery to suit different branding preferences and design styles.

Hat Closure Types

plastic snap

plastic snap

plastic buckle

plastic Buckble

Buckle Strap



Closed Back

Hat Closure Types

Aung Crown provides various closure types such as snapback, strapback, fitted, buckle, Velcro, and elastic closure options to provide versatility and comfort for different preferences and head sizes.

Custom apparel crafts

Custom apparel crafts

For More technical processes, please

1. Screen Printing

Water-based ink, Plastic-based ink, Metallic Ink, Metallic Foil

Screen Printing Water Based Ink
Screen Printing Plastisol Based ink
Screen Printing Metallic Ink
Screen Printing Metallic Foil

2. Direct to Garment

Direct to Garment
Direct to Garment

3. Embroidery


4. Foam printing, Reflective Print, High-Density Print, Embossing, Chenille Patches …

Foam priniting
Reflective Print
High Density Print

Custom Knit Sweaters

Custom knit crafts

Fabrics for custom hats and clothing and socks

Imagine a beanie or a sweater made for your brand, with all the details you want, such as pattern, embroidery, patch, or pom, it will showcase your brand identity and boost your brand. Our designers know the ins and outs of knitting and are here to help.

A complete supply chain can provide you with a full range of customization services on accessories to match your apparel: zippers, webbing, buttons, decorations, you name it.