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our team

As leaders in custom production for trendy brands, we deeply understand the unique stories and philosophies behind each brand. Our offerings go beyond mere production to deliver full-spectrum, professional solutions tailored to your brand’s needs. Here’s a simplified overview of our core services and teams:

Design Support Team

All you need is an idea. Our talented designers will tailor your vision with the latest fashion trends into product designs, ensuring products meet your expectations without sacrificing styles.

Video & Photography Services team

Focuses on providing professional video and photography services to our clients. Whether for product catalogs, social media promotion, or advertising campaigns, our team delivers high-quality visual content to enhance our clients.

Product Research & Development team

Responsible for researching and developing new products, ensuring our product line meets current market demands while anticipating and leading future trends.

Planning team

Offers top-tier brand packaging solutions, working closely with clients to ensure the success of each project, from market research to brand strategy.

Quality Control (QC) team

This department is responsible for comprehensively monitoring every aspect of the production process to ensure each product meets our high standards.

Order Management team

Ensures seamless coordination at every stage from order receipt to delivery, guaranteeing efficient production and timely delivery.

After-Sales Service team

Committed to providing outstanding customer service, addressing any product-related queries, and resolving any issues customers may face.

Corporate Culture team

Cares for employees’ health and well-being, creating a positive and healthy work environment, and planning various employee entertainment activities to enhance team cohesion.