Quality Control At Aung Crown

Inspecting for Perfection

BSCI, GRS, GOTS, RMS, RWS, FEM, and SLCP verified.

5 Inspection Process for Defect Elimination

We implement quality management in the whole process of hat production: from fabric to semi-finished products, finished product packaging, etc., to ensure the quality of the final products. At present, there are 20+ quality inspectors and 10+ inspection machines.

Fabric Inspection

During the first step, our engineers will check the quality of materials such as fabrics, threads, and embellishments to ensure they meet the standards for the custom hats.

Inspection items:

Appearance, weight, density, feel, pattern, color, width, length, weft skew, and weft arc of the fabric.
We use a four-point inspection method, and each yard of defects will be rated as four points for severe deficiencies.

Example: All holes will be rated four points regardless of their diameter.

Visual Inspection:

During this step, our staff will inspect each custom-finished hat visually for any signs of defect in terms of stitching, embroidery, printing quality, and overall appearance. This helps identify any visible flaws that might compromise its quality and make for better customer experiences.

Hat Visual Inspection

Measurement Check:

Following completion, each hat is measured against its specified requirements to ensure accurate dimensions such as brim width, crown height, head circumference, and any other essential measurements. Deviations from prescribed measurements are noted so correction may take place as necessary.

Functionality Testing:

Functional aspects of custom hats such as closures, adjustments, ventilation, and overall fit must be thoroughly tested to guarantee their intended use. This step involves testing components like buckles, straps, and closures to guarantee usability and comfort for each hat before shipping.

Packaging and Labeling Inspection:

Inspecting the labeling, branding, and packaging of custom-finished hats is the last step of production. We ensure that each product contains correct brand info, care instructions, as well as verified packaging that meets specified standards.

Hat Packaging and Labeling Inspection



Crafting Excellence, Ensuring Quality

Aung Crown implements stringent quality control measures, including thorough material inspections, meticulous craftsmanship checks, and rigorous product testing, to deliver exceptional quality products to our customers.

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