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Aung Crown has been a high-quality hat and clothing manufacturer since 1998. Owning 3 factories, we can manufacture all types of hats efficiently and at a reasonable cost. The minimum order quantity for fully custom beanie hats is 50 pieces. 

Production Capacity

Our team, consisting of 400 skilled employees and over 400 advanced machines, specializes in the efficient production of top-quality beanies. With a monthly output of 600,000 knitted beanies, we demonstrate a strong capability to meet market demands.

Quality Control

We implement stringent quality control measures to guarantee the excellence of each beanie. Our production and processes have earned international certifications, including BSCI, GOTS, GRS, ISO, RMS, and RWS. We continually exceed industry standards and client expectations through ongoing improvements.

One-Stop Service

We offer comprehensive services from design to shipping, focusing on custom beanie production. Our team ensures products reflect clients’ visions, enhancing brand value.




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Yarn Selection

The yarn determines the look and function of the beanie hat. We offer our customers a choice of over 100 types of yarn, from acrylic to recyclable fabrics and cashmere. It’s our one-stop solution from yarn selection to delivery of finished beanie hats.

Programming in Knitting

The knitting production cycle begins with the creation of patterns and the development of programs for knitting machines. For programming, we use M1 Plus software from the knitting machine manufacturer Stoll. This allows us to create unique knitting patterns and complicated jacquard figures.

Knitting-Computerized Flat Knitting Machine

We use Stoll machines to knit parts of the finished hats. We have machines with 12 gauge, 7 gauge, and 3 gauge needles. Stoll machines are known for producing high-quality knitwear, and reliable and fast operation, which allows us to quickly produce both small and large batches, creating patterns of any complexity, structure, and size.

Knitting-Circular Knitting Machine

Sewing Knitted Fabric

Circular knitting is a form of knitting that creates a seamless tube. Work in the round is begun by casting on stitches as for flat knitting but then joining the ends of that row of stitches to form a circle. We use circular knitting machines to produce seamless tubes of knitted fabric, select yarn types, adjust gauge and stitch patterns, incorporate color options, and implement quality control measures for efficient and high-quality hat production.


Embroidery is a decorative technique that involves stitching designs, patterns, or logos onto fabric using needle and thread. We customize the embroidered logo in the specified location according to the TP. Generally, most logos are customized on the cuff of beanie hats.


Trimming is the process of sewing in the hat lining, such as ribbons, hat bands, feathers, and other embellishments, adding additional decorations, or even washing for a unique look.

Inspection & Package

This stage is the quality control and inspection of the beanie hats. Here all beanie hats are checked against the sample created by the designer and any excess or loose wiring, lining, or braiding is cut and removed to complete the hat. Inspection and packaging are crucial steps in the hat manufacturing process. We perform quality checks to ensure the hats meet specified standards, while packaging involves carefully preparing the hats for shipment or display, including folding or shaping them and placing them in protective packaging to maintain their condition.

Turnaround Time

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