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Sustainable and ethical practice throughout product development

We are A Sustainable hat & Clothing Manufacturer

At Aung Crown, we take great pride in being an ethical apparel manufacturer that uses sustainable practices in product development such as waste minimization, recycling, and resource efficiency.

sustainable hats
sustainable fabrics

We offer a selection of GRS-certified sustainable fabrics

The following are commonly selected materials.

Recycled polyester(rPET)

Now recognized as the future of sustainable, low-carbon textile production, RPET fabric, also known as PET or PETE bottle fabric, is a new type of “green” eco-friendly fabric made from the yarn of recycled plastic bottles.
Just 1 ton of recycled RPET yarn is equivalent to nearly 70,000 plastic bottles.

Recycled nylon

Recycled nylon is made from nylon waste from products that have already been made, sold, used, and then discarded by consumers.
It can also be made from the waste left over from the processes that make nylon into a product.

Recycled cotton

Recycled cotton is primarily made from pre-consumer cotton, which is excess textile waste from clothing production.
It is less commonly made from post-consumer cotton, which is textile waste discarded by consumers, such as used clothing.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is simply cotton grown without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals.
The organic cotton is warm and soft to the touch, when wearing a hat, it makes people feel completely close to nature and comfortable. The organic cotton hat has good air permeability, absorbs sweat dries quickly, and is not sticky or greasy.

Custom Eco-Friendly Packaging

We understand that our customers are concerned about reducing their carbon footprint. That’s why we offer reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable packaging to help them manage waste responsibly and help preserve our planet.

We Are certified

We produce sustainable apparels and hats from RPET fabric, maintaining the highest international standards from yarn to production. Expect nothing less than exceptional quality.

ethical fashion

It goes without saying that to be sustainable, the factories you work with must be ethical hat & clothing manufacturers. Remember, sustainable fashion = ethical fashion.

When you choose Aung Crown as your apparel manufacturer, you can rest assured that you are working with an ethical and sustainable hat and apparel manufacturer.

  • Each worker is paid a fair and living wage.
  • All workers are adults (no child labor) and have the freedom to choose their work.
  • Our workers work standard working hours.
  • All workers are provided with good working conditions
  • All workers receive adequate breaks and meals.
  • Our workers have access to assistance (medical or otherwise) should they need it.

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