Wide Brim Bucket Hat

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Today, we’re going to introduce a wide brim bucket hat from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a professional hat maker since 1998.

mesh brim bucket hat
mesh brim bucket hat

Embracing the Urban Outdoor Trend: Exploring Function, Style, and Environmental Consciousness

Function, mountain, and environmental protection, everywhere cannot be inseparable from the outdoor elements, no matter in which field, these elements are favored.

Thanks to the publicity on various social platforms and style magazines, especially the living conditions under the epidemic, people are rushing to the outdoors. Camping, rock climbing, hiking, and skiing, this “third space” outside of concrete, is undoubtedly the most popular place to visit. Along with this wave of Outdoor boom, hot words like Urban Outdoor are gradually known to everyone.

In addition to the highly respected lifestyle, there are also various styles to wear and match. Famous magazines such as POPEYE and GO OUT also give many references on how to wear and match.

Urban Outdoor: A Fashionable Lifestyle with Functional Style

Outdoor is a part of the trend, but in recent years, under the influence and promotion of Japanese and American culture, outdoor wear has gradually developed and reproduced such unique pronunciations as “mountain style” and “function”. All kinds of outdoor equipment also began to appear on the street.

Fashion brands and clothing wear become one of the most respected fashion trends. Urban Outdoor has become a new “answer” for young people to try and learn. Urban Outdoor means “outdoor of the urban area”. But for many consumers, it is as much a way of life as a style of dress. Today’s bucket hat is a perfect fit for urban outdoor fashion.

The style of Urban Outdoor is not like the traditional outdoor, which needs to be “fully armed”. Instead, it is more suitable for your daily style of wearing while paying attention to and having certain functions. At the same time, one or two pieces are used as embellishments to meet the demand for Outdoor places and have their attitude toward life.

This is how most consumers interpret Urban Outdoor. Now that the weather is divided into two extremes, consumers in the north have already donned their down jackets.

The Importance of Hats in Winter: Essential Accessories for Outdoor Lovers

As outdoor lovers, we all know how important hats are to us in the depths of winter. When the temperature is around 4℃/39℉, half of the heat goes through our head, and there is a strong correlation between the head and the body’s heat balance. No matter how thick a man’s clothes are and how warm his shoes are, without a hat, the heat will come out like an open hot water bottle. The importance of the hat is self-evident, and it also plays a “finishing touch” in our daily wear.


Evolution of Bucket Hats: From Irish Fishermen to Hip-Hop Icons

Whether summer or winter, when it comes to hats associated with Urban Outdoor, a bucket hat is the first thing that comes to mind for many consumers.

The hat, like many of the outdoor gear we see today, is derived from military and other outdoor items. A bucket hat was originally worn by Irish fishermen in the early 1900s to protect themselves from rain and wind. LL Cool J, the hip-hop singer of the last century, donned a Bucket hat during an album promotion.

Since then, with the support of various stars, a bucket hat has become one of the symbols of the hip-hop music industry. It became very popular among rappers in the ’90s and gradually became a fashion item. After several generations of pop culture development, it has become a highly sought-after fashion item.

At the same time, many classic elements of military clothing and equipment have been applied to many outdoor brands to cope with extreme and hostile environments and reduce non-combat attrition. This is also the reason why Vintage military products are still active in the current trend market, and a large number of vintage lovers are willing to pay for them.

Camouflage Bucket Hat: A Historical Journey of Military-inspired Fashion

The bucket hat we bring to you today is full of camouflage elements. Before we go into details of today’s product, let’s learn some history of this type of bucket hat. As far as some military enthusiasts are concerned, military products can be said to be the “ancestor” of some outdoor clothing in a sense, and it is no exaggeration.

But a thinner brim also appeared in the Australian version, called the Giggle hat. Usually, a “branch loop” is sewn on the top of the hat. This ribbon was used to install some vegetation to provide camouflage and stability when fighting outdoors. There are also holes or grids in the crown for ventilation and cooling, as well as clasps to hold the edges of the hat.

The earliest prototype of the US Army hat appeared in the 1937 blue denim fatigue uniform, also known as the Daisy Mae hat. The M1941 green herringbone twill cloth fatigue uniform was also worn with the same hat. The military-industrial hats were inspired by the “Johnny Jeep” hats on the cover of the August 24, 1942 issue of LIFE magazine, which stated that the hats cost $25 at the store of Mr. John, a famous milliner, and showed various ways to wear them.

Origins and Replicas: Lord & Taylor’s Influence on Bucket Hat Trends

Then Lord & Taylor, the oldest luxury department store chain in the United States, got permission to make the same model at a much cheaper price, and many cheap and illegal imitations soon appeared on the market. During the Vietnam War, the U.S. Army introduced Bucket hats when the 5th Special Forces Group, along with the Australian and Republic of Vietnam troops, began wearing them. The leopard-print or tabby hats are locally sourced, and the camo cloth is often removed from other uniforms, parachutes, etc., or made by tailors themselves.

outdoor headwear
outdoor headwear

Evolution of Military Bucket Hats: From Camouflage to Style

In 1967, the U.S. Army began issuing bucket hats which are made of cotton and windproof silk. They are usually printed with grassy green tiger stripes and camouflage patterns. The caps are designed to replace the patrol and baseball caps, which have been in use since World War II. As the United States Army eliminated the fortress mentality, the special bucket hat became the go-to headgear for all troops.

Little changed in the decades since the Vietnam War, the bucket hats come in a variety of camo patterns. Current camo patterns include Jungle, three-color desert, Universal camo, Multi-terrain camo, Marine Corps Desert and Woodland Edition, and Air Force Combat Pilot tabby camo. The front brim of a military hat is usually pinned or sewn with military rank insignia.

In the current environment, just as we mentioned before, Urban Outdoor style does not need to be “fully armed”, and often a single outdoor item can play the role of “icing on the cake”.

How Do We Collocate This Bucket Hat With The Trend Of Urban Outdoor Fashion?

In the summer, for example, you can wear a simple white T-shirt with a waterproof bucket hat out on the street. Even in light rain, you still can enjoy freshly ground coffee. Collocation can choose green shorts, do not exceed three color collocation principle. Even if the weather is hot, it does not affect the city boy’s casual way of dressing.

The winter sun still shines brightly, but most hats have wide brims designed to shield them from the glare of the sun. Today’s bucket hat is a good way to help consumers achieve the effect of sun protection.

For matching, we can choose a khaki trench coat. The khaki trench coat and hat echo the Navy sweater and jeans, showing your color “focus” calmly, but also showing your vision for the outdoors and beauty. Clarks, which is standard on the City Boy, adds to the ensemble and will show your life attitude.

Camo green is today’s color. The classic elements are still there. The way the hat rope hangs down from your cheeks will bring out your attractive appearance. And get the details just right.

Camo Wide Brim Bucket Hat: Aung Crown’s Ultimate Outdoor Sun Protection

The lower body can also be matched with dark gray six-bag army pants, classic and classic collisions, all reflecting your deep understanding of that period of history and culture and the unique dress sense. With all that said, you must be eager to buy today’s bucket hat. Today we want to introduce you to an outdoor type of camouflage bucket hat. We hope this is the one that suits you. Now let’s start the final “journey”.

Wide Brim Bucket Hat – Durable

Today’s bucket hat is from Aung Crown. Just like the name of the brand, wearing this hat is like wearing a crown. It is a different wearing experience. Aung Crown’s monogram is made of high-quality pure cotton mesh. Meanwhile, the body of the bucket hat is decorated with this year’s latest camo design. After washing, the texture of the pattern will be more obvious and will bring you a change of rich texture.

Great Sun Protection

With a circle of nylon ribbon design, a military sense can be shown as well. This product has high-quality factory sewing, cloth surfaces are stitched tight. The crown is the right width, so it’s easy to pull off no matter what kind of hair you have. For those who often go outdoors, it is very important to do a good job of sunscreen. If you don’t do a good job of sunscreen for a long-time during hiking, your skin is easy to get sunburned under ultraviolet radiation.

Anything that covers you, including your clothes, offers some protection from the sun, but nothing compares to a sunscreen bucket hat. Because the Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat has a large enough brim to cover almost your entire body, it’s probably the best sunscreen for a hard sunscreen.

mesh crown
mesh crown

Choosing a Sunscreen Hat: Understanding UPF and Sun Protection

In addition, we can popularize a little common sense of life. We mainly look at UPF when choosing a sunscreen hat. The UPF value represents the UV protection ability.

The higher the UPF value, the stronger the UV protection ability. And each country has a certain standard, and only after reaching the standard, can be counted as UV protection products. However, this standard is not unified in the world. China requires that the UPF value is greater than 40 and the transmittance of UVA is less than 5%. So when shopping for sunscreen, be sure to choose a UPF of more than 40, preferably 50+, because UV rays are the real killer.

Comparison of sun protection effect from the Angle of sun protection ability of cluster that namely bucket hats, baseball caps, or empty caps. A cap on one’s tongue. However, the UPF value of the camouflage bucket hat recommended today has exceeded 50 to 60, so the sunscreen effect is already very good. You don’t need to worry about sunburn or sunburn if you wear it outdoors on foot.

Other Features of This Wide Brim Bucket Hat

Moreover, the hat’s top features breathable mesh material and a cotton sweatband. This ensures excellent breathability, allowing for comfortable wear even in hot climates like tropical rainforests or desert mountains. By the way, hats come in one size and are very friendly to both men and women.

However, if you are allergic to UV, it is best to use a sunscreen umbrella. If you choose a sunscreen cap, you need to wear a sunscreen mask and sunscreen ice sleeve and cover all the places that can be covered, so that the hard sunscreen effect will be better. So why don’t you just simply choose today’s bucket hat?

Aung Crown camo wide brim bucket hat
Aung Crown camo wide brim bucket hat

Summary for the Aung Crown Wide Brim Bucket Hat

This lightweight outdoor bucket hat is made of custom materials that dry quickly, even when wet it still can withstand all kinds of rough kneading due to its lightweight and wrinkle-resistant material. The style itself is defined as unisex, plus sunscreen, UV protection, and waterproof function, regardless of gender, in line with urban life, but also in line with outdoor activities.

Named after “Aung Crown”, the biggest feature of this camouflage bucket hat is a variety of styles of camouflage. A camo print in khaki, brown, and beige is a Slam Dunk for many military enthusiasts.

And the hat has a classic outdoor element, a wide brim, and a chin strap to deepen the depth of the silhouette of the hat. Blend a variety of camouflage patterns, niche unique, and durable. There are so many advantages for you to choose it, act now!

In the End

In fact, “outdoor style” is not limited to the style of wear, more is the choice of life attitude. 

It has nothing to do with work, social ties, or status. People who like this kind of style, first of all, love nature. Whether it’s hardcore outdoor activities like rock climbing and hiking, or light outdoor activities like camping and picnic, it’s important to get out of the house and relax and feel nature.

Everyone’s demand for outdoors is different, “wearing outdoor fashion clothes could be hard”, and “real outdoor talent will not take so” are statements that many consumers never deny.

But dressing is a very subjective thing, just like going outdoors to play, suitable for their good is enough. There are so many rules and regulations you don’t have to care about. This time, this Aung Crown wide brim bucket hat is recommended for everyone. Even if you don’t play outdoors, you can try it. Whether it’s living or dressing, diversity and inclusion are the real joy.