Candy Color Terry Bucket Hat – The Color Match with A Bucket Hat

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Here, today we’re going to introduce a Terry bucket hat from Streeter. Streeter is one brand from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a professional hat maker since 1998.

The Harmony of Collocation

As the saying goes, “Clothes make the man, and gold makes the Buddha”, the importance of dress collocation is self-evident. A good accessory can leave a good impression. We are lucky to live in an era of rapid economic development, individuality, and freedom. It gives us more choices and opportunities to show ourselves and gives us a generation that advocates individuality and infinite.

There is no doubt that we have more choices when it comes to matching clothes than our parents did, which means we have to choose from so many options to find the right outfit for us. This is what we call the harmony of clothing collocation.

Solving Wardrobe Confusion

It is well known that many kinds of clothing exist. There are countless styles for just one dress, not to mention tops, shoes, and other accessories. This creates a wardrobe problem for many people. The development of The Times brings not only diversity of choices but also confusion.

Most people don’t have that much time in their lives to figure out what to wear. It is obviously time-consuming to choose the right clothes from so many styles. But the problem of matching clothes can be solved in another way. That’s color matching. So the terry bucket hat we’ll bring to you is closely related to color matching.

Color Matching

Before we introduce today’s product, let’s take a look at color matching and its importance in life.

In addition to the different styles of clothing, color is also a very important point. In fashion design, color plays a visual striking role. The first thing people see is the color, the second is the shape of the garment, and the last is the material and workmanship of the garment. As a part of clothing, color matching has a very important significance.

The world is made up of brilliant colors. Because of the color, the world is full of vitality and energy. All kinds of plants and animals in nature will dress up their own colorful, not to mention the spirit of human beings. When people use clothes to decorate themselves, they choose colors as their first choice and secondly take the style into their consideration.

The Power of Colors

Each color has its own unique characteristics. As a color of clothing, they can also bring a different temperament. For example, red represents eagerness, cheerfulness, and liveliness. Wearing red clothing will make the wearer more energetic. Black represents poise and elegance.

A dress color not only has the role of slimming the body but also can play the function of showing white skin. So, if you find the right color, then use the right color to match. In this way, many problems are about to be solved. The color range is much less than the clothing style, which will also be friendly to people with little time.

Seasonal Color Coordination

If you want to use color matching in your dress, it’s best to know what colors you look good in or like. Then use this color as your main color and use other colors to match. With the change of the four seasons, people’s dress will also change a little bit. For people in different seasons, clothing color collocation is also a deviation. For example, in spring and summer, people choose blue and green tones to bring fresh feelings, and in autumn and winter, they choose warm clothes with dark colors to achieve a warm effect.

The Significance of Color Matching in Hats

The collocation of different colors will produce different psychological effects, which requires the choice and collocation of colors according to the actual situation when wearing clothes. For example, in the typical “sense of weight” psychological effect, if wearing clothes are white and black, there will be a stable, calm feeling; On the other hand, if it is black on the top and white on the bottom, there will be a light and lively feeling.

The importance of color matching in hats

With the right main color, you’ve done a lot for a perfect collocation. The rest of your perfection is to find clothes that carry the main color. Of all the clothes, the hat is the best choice. Hats are not for a season or a certain age. The terry cloth bucket hat is also important regardless of the season, no matter what time of year, it is an important part of the look.

Elevate with Bucket Hats

Hats carry the main color more easily than any other piece of clothing. There are plenty of props that can be used to accessorize a look, but not many that can be age-specific, such as hats. People of any age, as long as they can wear a hat, can be a more fashionable and delicate image, which is one of the important values of the hat.

The hat is the highest point in the ensemble, making it the first to be noticed in the ensemble. Under the influence of the first impression, the color and style of the dress become very important. Hats come in far fewer styles than clothes, and the right hats don’t have to be changed as often as clothes. Now let’s see more details about this terry cloth bucket hat.

Bucket Hat Brand and Color

If you’re looking for a hat to solve your wardrobe problem, this Streeter Terry bucket hat is perfect for it. The bucket hat is an excellent accessory. It is different from the baseball cap’s athleisure style, and also different from the top hat’s solemn style. Bucket hats are more artistic and elegant, more suitable for everyday wear, and easier to choose styles. The hat comes in 5 different color schemes, including white, purple, green, blue, and orange. These colors are common in our daily life and extremely easy to match. No matter what color you prefer, there is always a color in this hat that suits you.

Fabric and Its Advantages

The reason these colors look so good on a hat is that the hat uses terry as the base. Terry fabric comprises textile fibers, such as cotton, with a raised or cut surface using a wool tip. Typically, manufacturers utilize pure cotton yarn as the primary raw material, occasionally incorporating a small amount of blended yarn or chemical fiber yarn, which they weave using a towel loom. Terry fabric consists of three interwoven system yarns, creating a loop fabric. The yarns of these three systems are wool warp, ground warp, and weft.

Terry Fabric: Superior & High-Quality

What are the advantages of this fabric? With the development of science and technology, warp-knitted towel fabric appeared. This towel ring fixes towels in a relatively simple form, and the market primarily offers woven towels. Terry fabric closely resembles cotton but boasts enhanced aesthetics and longer-lasting usability.

First, terry’s production process is complicated, so the cost is high. terry’s fiber is only one-tenth as fine as silk. Terry fabric, produced by imported looms, has a uniform, compact surface, soft, delicate, and high-elastic fleece. The normal terry fiber count is several times that of pure cotton. The raw materials of pure cotton used by terry and the advantages of fabric surface fibers make terry have strong decontamination and water absorption properties. 

All-Season Comfort: Moisture-Absorbing Fabric Hat

In addition, washable and durable are also practical features of this terry cloth bucket hat. After sanding, milled, and other advanced finishing, the surface of the fabric will form a layer similar to peach fur appearance. This surface is extremely fluffy, soft, and smooth. terry will be more suitable for making clothes after a high finish.

At the same time, this material will be more suitable for the hat. Firstly, the excellent moisture absorption performance enables the hat made of this fabric to be worn in all seasons, without worrying about the stuffy factor of the hat. Wearing this fabric hat in a humid environment can also prevent the hair from becoming damp. From the name alone, it is not difficult to see that this fabric is widely used in towels and other intimate daily necessities, so the clothing made with this fabric naturally does not need to consider comfort.


Long-lasting Cotton Warmth

Terry’s comfort is definitely one of the best in clothing fabrics. The characteristics of wear resistance and chemical resistance make the products produced by it have a longer life, and the cost performance of the products will be higher, which is a good choice for consumers.

The hat made of pure cotton is naturally warm. In addition to the warm and hygroscopic properties of pure cotton, this kind of fabric also has a better appearance. The velvet on the surface of the fabric gives the hat more shape and texture. Whether it is color matching or element design, it will be more outstanding under the support of this fabric.

Design and Details

The design of this terry bucket hat is very simple, which makes it easier to use it as a color collocation leader. Despite its minimalist design, this hat is not short on detail.

Craft – Flat Embroidery

For example, the logo on the hat. The designer used delicate flat embroidery to make the logo. Flat embroidery, commonly known as fine embroidery, is a kind of embroidery of the Han nationality.

Among the techniques used in our embroidery, this is often used, so anyone who has a little knowledge of the market knows its advantages between universality and specificity. The flat embroidery is delicate and has a lot of texture. This embroidery is very suitable for small flowers or leaves, but not for large patterns.

 flat embroidery letters
flat embroidery letters

History of Flat Embroidery

In the culture of flat embroidery, people focus on the trend of lines, the rise, and fall of stitches, the application effect of needles, etc. So the lines and borders produced by this process will be more fine and elegant. A flat embroidery is suitable for a logo design. This terry cloth bucket hat simply uses the brand name as the logo pattern.

Because of the characteristics of the flat embroidery, the logo cannot affect the simple style of this product, but also be a good ornament to the hat and advertise the brand. The narrow brim design makes this product popular with many girls. This design is very flattering to the shape of the face and is a detail that many girls pay attention to.


Available in 4 Colors

Different colors, different combinations. Then we can decide how to wear each hat based on its color.

blue terry bucket hat
blue terry bucket hat

Blue Color

First, blue, as a bright color, can be juxtaposed with black, white, and gray as the base color, showing its versatility and importance. The blue terry bucket hat suits the yellow-skin man well. In addition, the skin can be called very white, belonging to the cool color of blue will be more temperament.

White is one of the most recognized colors for blue. The collocation of white and blue belongs to the combination of cool colors. Both of them are very pure colors. The composition of the dress will be advanced and temperament, just like the blue sky and white clouds make people feel bright. In addition to blue and white, blue and black, gray and other matching colors are also very good.

Streeter purple terry bucket hat KN2103021
Streeter purple terry bucket hat KN2103021

Purple Color

The purple terry bucket hat is a little more elegant and a little less simple than blue. It is more suitable for people with a unique temperament to choose. Noble purple, of course, is the best match with black. Use black composure to neutralize purple nobility. It looks elegant and reserved. So in terms of purple color matching, we just need to look for colors that can foil purple. Grey, white and other base colors are good choices.

The most versatile is white – the white terry bucket hat. This is the easiest color to use. If you like this color, feel free to match it. White does not have too much connotation; it is better to foil other colors. So whoever goes with white will look more attractive.

Sreeter green terry bucket hat KN2103021
Sreeter green terry bucket hat KN2103021

Green Color

Green terry bucket hat: Green is a vibrant color. Refreshing and healing, always intoxicating. Green suits black for the same reason purple suits black. Both purple and green have a strong color appeal that needs to be neutralized by other colors.

Many people don’t like bright colors like red, purple, or green because they don’t understand the importance of neutralization in color matching. In short, green can also be easily matched, but green is more suitable for youth, while purple is more suitable for people with more charm.

Streeter orange terry bucket hat KN2103021
Streeter orange terry bucket hat KN2103021

Orange Color

Orange terry bucket hat: Orange is a combination of red and yellow. Orange, to some extent, is a combination of red passion and yellow warmth. It is passionate, bold, and a color of abundance and joy. White is one of the best colors for orange. Yes, white again.

That’s how well white sets off other colors, and when paired with high-saturation orange, its clean, warm, simple, and atmospheric have emerged. Orange is also a bright color, so pairing it with a base color is always a good idea. Black, like white, can be summed up without repetition.


I believe that we have a very good understanding of the importance of color collocation for wear in so much knowledge. And with so many color-matching options for today’s terry cloth bucket hat, there must be a suitable one for your own. So choose your own Streeter Terry bucket hat, the time is now!