Cap Conundrum – The Difference Between the High Profile and Low Profile of Caps

Published On: April 2, 2024    By: chen hui

Cap Conundrum - The Difference Between the High Profile and Low Profile of Caps

Every hat lover has his favorite hat styles and designs for the given occasions. In addition, the shape (contours) of each hat is adapted to the given senses, functions, and purposes. No matter what you prefer, you should know the difference between high-profile and low-profile caps. That’s why so many people make mistakes while wearing a hat because they can’t identify a high-profile or low-profile cap. Here, we – Aung Crown, an experienced custom hat supplier with over 25 years of experience – will share the difference between the high profile and low-profile caps.

So, if you want to know the difference between the high profile and low-profile caps, please read the content below. This blog is going to explain the difference between the high profile and low-profile caps. So, are you ready for this interesting trip now? If yes, let’s start it.

High Profile & Low Profile caps

High Profile & Low Profile

high-profile caps

High profile or low profile? What do they mean? The height of the crown determines whether a cap is a high profile or low profile. The crown of the cap refers to the outer contours of the cap. This is why high-profile caps are called high-profile caps. Usually, high-profile caps are larger and there is more room for the head. The increase in height of the crown means there are more prominent parts above the brim. From the design of the hat to the slope of the brim, the whole hat is designed to look more fashionable and upright. The crown of high-profile hats is 3 to 4 inches above the brim.

low-profile caps

The crown of low-profile caps is lower and fits tightly to the head. Such a crown will not rise high. Usually, low-profile caps are designed to be close to the head, which means they don’t have a strong upright effect while wearing such a hat. In general, the size of low-profile caps is small. As a result, a low-profile cap’s wearer will look inconspicuous without being noticed.

Suitable Occasions

High-profile caps

The large, high crown of high-profile caps makes them much easier to note, therefore, high-profile caps look much more fashionable and cooler. While wearing such a cap, you can easily stand out from the crowd. Therefore, high-profile caps are more suitable for fashionable occasions, such as evening parties, anniversary days, or weddings. What’s more, high-profile caps are a great dressing accessory for suits. You also can wear a high-profile cap during a hip-hop show.

Besides, high-profile caps are easier to get attention, and they are fit to wear professionally. Because high-profile caps look more professional than low-profile caps – police caps are high-profile caps, too.

In addition, for the upcoming summer, high-profile hats are great for sun protection. The brim of high-profile caps is wider, which can protect your forehead and eyes from the strong sun rays. If you’re looking to add a new accessory to your summer wardrobe, try a high-profile cap, it won’t let you down.

Low-profile caps

In general, low-profile caps are more suitable for casual and relaxed occasions because they don’t attract as much attention as high-profile caps. What’s more, low-profile caps go well with casual outfits. So, you can wear a low-profile cap when you go out on the street, go on a date, or just hang out with your friends. Low-profile caps are also great for sports. There are many low-profile caps, such as berets, newsboy caps, dad caps, cape caps, etc.

Fabrics for High-profile & Low-profile Caps

Typically, high-profile caps are made from wool, tweeze, or straws. However, some are made of cotton or leather. These fabrics are upright and hard, which can keep the high profile in great shape. Soft fabrics don’t have a nice effect on the high profile. Therefore, there are some hard and upright linings to support the high profile when the cap is made of soft fabrics. Usually, hard linings are used for structured baseball caps.

Low-profile caps are made of cotton, wool fabric, or leather. These fabrics are often soft because low-profile caps need to be stuck to the head.

High Profile or Low Profile

In the End

The difference between high-profile caps and low-profile caps gives people different impressions. The differences we have shared above can help you make a better choice when choosing a hat. What’s more, after knowing the difference between them, you can participate in any activities or occasions while maintaining your style. These differences can also help you choose or dress a cap, whether it’s a high-profile cap or a low-profile cap. Both types of caps differ in style, crown, fabric, and appropriate occasions.

Knowing the difference between a high-profile cap and a low-profile cap will help you choose the right hat for every activity you participate in. Wearing a high-profile cap for college activities is pretty cool and chic. On the other hand, wearing a low-profile cap for important activities might look ridiculous. So, when choosing a hat, please consider the difference between high profile and low profile.