Color Your World: Styling Tips for Rocking Baseball Cap

Published On: April 24, 2024    By: ray herb

colorful baseball caps

Color has brought many changes to our life and it plays different roles in different scenes, but also subtly affects our mood. It is no exaggeration to say that colors make the world splendid. Today we will talk about how to color your life with a baseball cap and how to decorate yourself with our products in different colors.

baseball caps

The relationship between product color and people is secret but effective. The product is ultimately to be used by different people, so in the design, people usually pay more attention to the relationship between the user and the product. In today’s society, as people’s aesthetic consciousness ascends, the consumer demand for “thing” hasn’t been just in use and not just more reflected in the psychological factors, but also to meet the aesthetic demand. So the design on the product color should be in the understanding of people “own” found on the basis of design factors. Meanwhile, people started to find solutions according to the different people in different consumption states of psychological needs, so that the problem of product color and emotional psychological comfort can be solved. This behavior also reflects the humanized design style.

colorful baseball caps

Aung Crown has always committed to designing the most satisfactory products for customers. As mentioned above, the requirement of coordination sex, different colour can let a person produce different psychological experience. Colorific reasonable use often makes a person feel joyful and comfortable. On the contrary, inappropriate color design can make a person feel doubt, uneasiness. Therefore, the color design of products should fully reflect the harmonious relationship between people and products, to ensure that users feel happy, have a sense of security and not easily fatigue when using, so as to achieve the effect of product design. In the factory, in order to avoid workers in the operation of visual fatigue, so many products of the machinery are greener. Because green is most appropriate to the visual nerve of the person, it is the most ideal color for visual adjustment and the rest. In this product, a total of four types of baseball caps are designed: black, blue, red and white. The variety of colors brings more possibilities for clothing collocation. Let’s learn more about the fabric, techniques, style and other details of this product.



This product is made of black stretching. As shown in the picture on the right, we can feel the comfort of this fabric through the picture. In addition, there are many advantages of black stetching.

1.High strength. The strength of short fiber is 2.6 ~ 5.7cN/dtex, and that of high strength fiber is 5.6 ~ 8.0cN/dtex. The strength in wet state is basically the same as that in dry state. Impact strength is 4 times higher than nylon, 20 times higher than viscose fiber. 2. Good elasticity. Elasticity is similar to wool, and when extended by 5% to 6%, it can recover completely. Crease resistance is far more than other types of fiber, that is, the fabric does not crease, scale stability is good. 3. Good heat resistance. It will not deform even in high temperatures. Good light resistance, second only to acrylic fiber. 4. Corrosion resistance. Resistant to bleach, oxidants, hydrocarbons, ketones, petroleum commodities and inorganic acids. Resistant to dilute alkali. It is not afraid of mildew, but hot alkali can make its differentiation.

The advantages of this material give our baseball cap a lot of benefits. It is easy to repair after washing, not easy to deform, conducive to sunscreen and so on, and these are the different advantages of functional hats. The use of this fabric combines these advantages to a certain extent.



The main process used in this product is screen printing. Screen printing is one of the most commonly used techniques in the garment industry, which has many advantages. This technique is not limited by the size and shape of the substrate. Generally, other printing techniques can only be carried out on a flat surface. However, screen printing can be printed not only on a flat surface but also on a special shape such as a spherical surface. This advantage somehow determined that anything with shape can be carried out by screen printing. The layout is soft and the printing pressure is small, the screen is soft and elastic. The ink cover is strong and it can be on all black paper for pure white printing. In this case, it can create the effect of a strong three-dimensional sense. Suitable for all types of ink. Strong resistance to optical rotation. This advantage means it can make the gloss of printed matter unchanged. (Temperature and daylight had no effect). This makes the printing of some adhesive, without additional film covering and other processes. As a daily necessity for sun protection, this advantage is extremely effective for baseball caps.

baseball caps

Style-How to decorate yourself with different colors?


baseball caps

The main color of many baseball caps of Aung Crown is black. As one of the most classic colors, baseball caps of this color can always reflect a person’s elegant temperament to a certain extent. Today’s look is black baseball cap + the red hoodies. Obviously, you can replace the hoodies with other colors as long as it’s bright. The contrast between bright clothes and a black baseball cap can bring unexpected energy. Black baseball cap is a versatile hat. Black baseball cap can make a good adjustment to the overall wear, and you can try more styles without so many limitations. A black baseball cap gives a sense of mystery, which is a great way to shape your face, and adds a stylish look to your outfit.



baseball caps

Blue baseball caps are one of the less common colors on the market. Aung Crown produced a corresponding blue product on this baseball cap. For this single product, our collocation can choose the jacket or the top of the same color. Such a dress can make the whole person appear elegant and fashionable, and the skin will also be set off more bright white. In addition to choosing the same color tops, we can also choose other bright colors. For example, a light yellow long skirt, a white T-shirt and so on, the collocation of these colors can make the girl more playful and lovely. Mix style is another option. We can match sporty pieces, such as a baseball cap and a few elements of a formal suit, for a simple, comfortable yet versatile look. Blue baseball cap + suit is also a classic combination common among bloggers. Pair a blue baseball cap with a more formal leather suit for a lively, relaxed and stylish vibe. Wear a baseball cap with a big silhouette that doesn’t look too formal with pants and a suit. A baseball cap can help make suits and coats feel less formal and more casual, and can be worn with any top style.



baseball caps

If you’re familiar with fashion, it’s hard to match bright red with other colors. So red, yellow and blue are usually the classic colors to choose for a one-piece dress. Once you decide that one of the three colors matches your skin tone, you can buy it one after another, and the truth turns out that many celebrities do. Like Kerr, who wears a lot of red, the Oscars’ after party is also a red dress that can easily make headlines. However, in the red color of this baseball cap, Aung Crown chooses a different red color, which is to provide more possibilities for consumers to wear. If you feel that a large area of red clothing is not a daily style, or even if you are trying red clothing for the first time, then red knitting with a fuzzy texture is the best choice, warm and bright. A red baseball cap can ease the tension of the outfit. For a style, you can choose a comfortable red sweater to avoid tight fitting styles. Because gules have a visual expandable feeling, a too tight sweater can let a person curve be exposed, thus cannot relax. The local way of wearing red inside and simple and clean color matching can create a full sense of advance. Are you excited about this outfit when you hear this introduction? Go and get one!



baseball caps

White, classic and versatile. White baseball cap for you to recommend the following three wear options.

(1) Baseball cap + T-shirt + jeans suspenders. A T-shirt is comfortable and easy to wear, while a pair of jeans and suspenders are fresh and age-reducing. The two combine to look great on your body and are super suitable for summer. Many people say that wearing a T-shirt may mean white T-shirt, but a pure white T-shirt is boring to wear, while a striped T-shirt with jeans may be more beautiful. A baseball cap we can choose white one which makes it look like a vibrant outfit.

(2) A baseball cap and hoodie pleated skirt. Hoodies are also very casual and you can’t go wrong with a baseball cap. Add a pleated skirt to the bottom for a girly look. The last two years,  fleece tie-in dress tees are particularly common and pleated skirt collocation is the most common among them. Tie-in long dress is to compare the feeling of a gentle lady, and a short paragraph of pleated skirt can bring others a feeling of pure and freshness. This kind of tees are friendly to girls who are short and as it is the collocation of pure and fresh, the white baseball cap is particularly good-looking.

(3) Baseball cap + sweater + wide-leg pants. Along with T-shirts, sweaters are one of the most common items of clothing we see in our lives. They are especially comfortable to wear. The key is not to pick the body, all kinds of body shapes girls can wear oh. Sweaters are gentle and intellectual, and a baseball cap is casual, so wear a form-fitting pair of wide-legged pants underneath. Wide-legged pants are also very casual and generous pants. The combination of these three is also a little casual Han fan feeling, walk the simple route, remember to wear a pair of white flat shoes when going out, take a canvas bag, look fashionable and simply.


Color your life and your life should be colorful

To meet the requirements of the environment, color design matters a lot when it comes to  the product itself. However, we should also pay more attention to the coordination of the surrounding environment. Environment is an important factor for designers to consider when deciding product color. For example, products used in hot areas or high temperature working conditions should be cool in color to give people a cool and comfortable feeling. And a simple baseball cap in cool color can help us to achieve this effect. In the cold and low temperature of the work environment used in the product, the color should give people a warm feeling thus we should use warm color to give people a warm, exciting feeling. If the product is placed indoors or used in a dark area, the color with higher brightness should be adopted. It is not suitable to use high purity colors for buses running in small streets and alleys, so as not to cause a sense of intimidation and pressure to the normal people around them.

Relaxing color reduces stress and creates a sense of order and calmness. It inspires higher levels of intelligence, predictability, and devotion. Sometimes however, blue can also represent sadness. Purple represents royalty, mystery, ambition, and enlightenment… Our life should be colorful and baseball caps can color our life to some extent. Choose your baseball cap and the right color for you, your life will be colorful and bright!