Denim Bucket Hat from Aung Crown

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


This denim bucket hat from the hat maker Aung Crown has a very cool style. This is a casual and trendy denim bucket hat. This cool style is really trendy. If you like a cool style or want to break through and try this style yourself, don’t miss this denim bucket hat. This denim bucket hat can give you a completely different experience. You can clearly feel that there are obvious style differences and novel shopping experiences between wearing this denim bucket hat and wearing other bucket hats.

Aung Crown Tie-Dye Jean denim Bucket Hat SFG-210421-5
Aung Crown Tie-Dye Jean denim Bucket Hat SFG-210421-5

The Brim Design

The brim of the hat undulates like the ripples raised by the breeze blowing on the sea.

This jean bucket hat has a short brim. But unlike other short brims, it has a certain wrinkle feeling. The wrinkling degree is properly handled, which not only avoids the worn feeling caused by excessive wrinkling, but also reduces the texture of this jean bucket hat, and retains the three-dimensional sense of the brim, making the shaping of the brim more successful.

These wrinkles are like ripples on the calm sea blown by the wind. Circle after circle of water ripples touched people’s hearts. The wrinkles are not evenly distributed, with a certain randomness. This also makes the design of the brim more natural and reasonable.

The fixed thin line on the brim is a black thin line. They are neatly arranged in layers. These thin lines are evenly distributed and visually pleasing. The fixed technique is exquisite, and you can feel the tight arrangement of stitches. Such exquisite workmanship makes the brim of the hat more refined.

Aung Crown jean bucket hat at the backside SFG-210421-5
Aung Crown jean bucket hat at the backside SFG-210421-5

The Main Tone – Dirt-Resistant Dark Tone

The main tone of this jean bucket hat is grey. This kind of gray is darker. Dark colors have the advantage of more resistance to dirt. The grey of this hat is not uniformly distributed mechanically. The depth of the jean bucket hat varies. It is composed of many small color blocks. It looks like a collection of small spots.

This is a trendy denim bucket hat. In order to make this denim bucket hat more fashionable, color selection is very important. Choosing such a gray color will make the denim bucket hat more scientific and technological. It seems to bring the background to the end of the world. Such cool gray can make people immerse themselves in the end of the world. It seems that the atmosphere becomes tense at once, and has been treating things around carefully to see if there is any potential danger.

Mysterious Gray: Unleashing the Spirit of Adventure

One color can bring such an atmosphere, which is really a little incredible. Such a wonderful look and feel fully embodies this cool style. The spirit of adventure and the passion of blood in the bones were immediately stimulated. We will fight side by side against the danger of the end of the world.

The gray spots vary in size, like fossils one after another. Whether there is any strange secret in it is waiting for consumers to explore. In addition to the different shades of gray on the denim bucket hat, some blank parts are also reserved. Such a blank design leaves a certain space for imagination. At the same time, it also makes the excessive color on the denim bucket hat more natural. Gradually formed a gradual color transition.

Gray has a strong sense of mystery. This mysterious feeling contains a little tension and expectation. The more mysterious it is, the easier it is to arouse people’s interest. It will also make people more eager to explore. Such color selection is really a product after careful consideration.

Cotton Tie-Dyed Fabric – Fashion And Comfort

This jean bucket hat is made of pure cotton fabric, laying a very comfortable foundation. The pure cotton fabric is soft and comfortable. Such fabrics are more breathable. But also because it is such a soft fabric if you do not add more design, it may appear that this jean bucket hat is soft and has no three-dimensional sense. So this pure cotton fabric adds more interesting elements.

To be honest, this jean bucket hat looks more like denim fabric. Denim fabric can be more textured. The shape of this hat will also be better if it is more three-dimensional. So in order to achieve better results, denim fabric was added to this jean bucket hat.

Smoke Gray Tie-Dye: Embracing the Cool Style

The most attractive thing about this hat is that it has tie-dyed elements. The main tone of the whole hat is gray, but there are still some black and white elements on the jean bucket hat body. Black and white are not pure black and white, but the effect of deepening or lightening gray. This jean bucket hat has a more gradual effect and makes the color distribution transition naturally. The tie-dyeing design also makes this jean bucket hat have a more obvious cool style.

This jean bucket hat is distributed with various color blocks of different sizes. Some are regular, while others are scattered. Those scattered areas are extremely irregular, spreading like smoke. These areas are as ethereal as smoke, and the color is also very light, more in line with the characteristics of smoke. The irregular outward extension makes these areas integrate into it very naturally. This can also reduce the white space of this jean bucket hat and fill more areas completely.

Clear Logo & Exquisite Details

This jean bucket hat uses printing screen technology. Such a production process is relatively complex, and the details will be adjusted according to the needs. Although it takes longer, it can obtain a more refined product design. After all, only those who are willing to spend time and energy can get good returns.

The logo is divided into two designs, one is a vertical version and the other is a horizontal version. No matter what type of layout, logo design is a part of the brand name. Because the tie-dyed design of the hat itself will make the jean bucket hat look more colorful. At this time, the logo design needs to be simplified to make up for this deficiency. Under the strong collision of complexity and simplicity, it can achieve a better degree of harmony.

Seamless Integration: Gray Scratch Logo on Smoke Gray Tie-Dye Bucket Hat

The logo design adopts white elements. However, you can also find some gray scratches on the white letters of the logo. This is also part of the design. Through these scratches, the logo is better integrated with the color and style of the hat itself. If these white letters are too complete, they will appear a little stiff. Such an incompatible design will make the logo and hat not integrated.

Of course, the scratch design mentioned above is for the vertical version of the logo. For the horizontal version of the logo, the scratch design is very small. It can be ignored. However, the scratch factor has not been completely lost due to the change in typesetting. It only exists in another form. For example, the logo design of the horizontal version has a long white line. This white line crosses the entire logo. This is also a manifestation of scratches.

Refined Elegance: Attention to Detail in the Clear Logo Outline on Gray Tie-Dye Bucket Hat

The horizontal version of this hat will have more white space. This means that the logo with the same white element will suffer more in this jean bucket hat. If the logo does not have some elements that play an important role, it is very likely that the logo will be mixed with the background board and become non-existent. Therefore, the presence of the logo is enhanced through such a horizontal line. It also highlights the overall style of this hat through such unconventional style features.

No matter what type of logo, they are very careful. This can be clearly seen from the outline of the logo. The contour of the logo is particularly clear, and even can see some undulating changes on the edge. Such a jean bucket hat that pays attention to details will also be more refined.

Good Air Permeability

This jean bucket hat is added with a pure cotton sweat absorption band. This is relatively rare in casual fashion. But it is also the addition of this design that greatly increases the comfort of this jean bucket hat. This jean bucket hat has good breathability and sweat absorption and also benefits from this design. Although this design cannot be the focus of this jean bucket hat, it is definitely a very good bonus. With this kind of icing on the cake design, this jean bucket hat is perfect.

No fear of bad weather, everything has such a sweat absorption belt to escort you. There is no need to change the wear and style of the day because of the weather. This jean bucket hat can solve your problems. Does such a thoughtful jean bucket hat move you? I hope its considerate design can make you enjoy it in the most comfortable way under various conditions.

Not Limited to Consumer Groups

The size of this denim bucket hat is 58 cm/22.83 inches, which is very suitable for the public. The size of 58 cm/22.83 inches is a very standard neutral design. They will not deliberately change the size to be too large or too small in favor of a certain gender. Such a moderate size also makes its consumer audience more extensive. There will be more consumers with the right size to buy.

The pattern of this denim bucket hat is natural and casual, which is also very consistent with the pattern design of neutral design. This pattern design makes this denim bucket hat a bit more relaxed and easygoing on the basis of refinement. If you don’t want to be bound by a certain style, you can choose this denim bucket hat. Such a hat with a bit of laziness is really suitable for natural and casual consumer groups.

In Conclusion

If you have always been in one style and want to try other styles, but don’t know what style to change, you can buy this denim bucket hat. After you wear this denim bucket hat, you will find yourself completely new. You will suddenly realize that you have never found such a side of yourself. The sense of novelty will come out. Pleasure will also fill your chest. Come on and put on this denim bucket hat and look at the corners of your mouth.

Such pure cotton bucket hats with denim texture are rare. Its tie-dyeing design is really exciting. Excellent workmanship and exquisite craftsmanship, which impress consumers through sincerity. Have you been attracted by such sincerity?