Frequently Asked Questions and Answers of Customized hat sampling Issues

Published On: April 8, 2024    By: ray herb

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Contacting a hat manufacturer to customize a hat, the hat manufacturer says that they need to make a sample first and also need to pay the sample fee for the hat. Is this normal? What are the issues to be aware of when making a sample for a hat? This is also a question that many customers want to know.

  1. Question: What does hat sampling mean?

Answer: The hat manufacturer needs to customize the hat according to the customer’s requirements. This involves specific details such as the fabric used, style, craftsmanship, and logo design, all of which are specified and confirmed by the customer. After the sample is sent to the customer and they are satisfied, the production of the bulk order can begin. This is also for better cooperation in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to have a sampling and proofing process for large-scale hat customization.

  1. Question: Do you charge for hat sampling? How much is it?

Answer: According to our company’s regulations, there is a sample fee of about 45$ per color per model (for ordinary materials). The transportation fee is borne by the customer. If there is a special process that requires mold opening, the mold opening fee is borne by the customer themselves.

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After the quantity of a single color of a single style reaches a certain amount, the sample fee can be refunded or deducted from the purchase price.

  1. Question: How long does it take to make a sample?

Answer: The time for developing and proofing samples depends on the style and process. The normal time is generally 7-10 days. The proofing time varies depending on the complexity and difficulty of different processes.

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  1. Question: Can your company customize according to the samples?

Answer: Our factory has a professional R&D team, professional hat designers and plagiarists, and skilled production staff. We can produce samples based on the samples you provide. After the samples are confirmed, we can arrange for bulk production.

  1. Question: Can your company customize according to the drawings?

Answer: Customization of hats based on drawings is similar to that based on samples. The specific process requirements should be agreed upon in advance. We can produce samples based on the design drawings or hat shape drawings provided by you. After the samples are confirmed, we can arrange for mass production.

  1. Question: Will you help me develop a design draft if all I provide is my logo?

Hat Manufacturer: Yes, we can create a design draft to your satisfaction for just your logo.
I. Choose your preferred style on our website and provide it to us; our professional designers will then create free design according to your needs and style preferences.
II. If you already have ideas about your brand style, we can also create some design drafts based on these. Providing us with logo images in AI or JPG format will significantly speed up our designers and save time during the design phase.

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  1. Question: How long does it take to design a hat?

Answer: Generally, hat design will be completed within 1-2 working days after we confirm the style and you provide detailed LOGO. Of course, the specific time will be adjusted depending on the difficulty of the style.