Hat Design and Expression – Aung Crown: Hat Ornament Materials

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn

The common materials for hat ornaments include various soft and hard fabrics, including various decorative textured tulles, ribbons, feathers, artificial flowers, crystals, etc. In addition, here are some materials, like metal, various decorative buttons made with plastic, decorative ribbon, etc.

tulle - Hat Ornament Materials
tulle – Hat Ornament Materials

1. Tulle

There are various kinds of tulle. Pearl tulle is shining and colorful, with a sense of gentleness and flow, which is suitable for making wedding dresses. Combined with smooth and lightweight taffeta, tulle is ideal for making summer outfits, and it’s also great for making hat ornaments, like flowers. The Turban veil also called a veil, is usually the main fabric for making veils, which is suitable for making hat ornaments and veils.

Then, ice tulle, lattices are dense, reflects light evenly with moderate hardness, and it’s ideal for hat ornaments. Organza is relatively flowy and lightweight, pretty thin and transparent. It feels slightly hard to the touch. The imported organza is mostly used for high-end wedding dresses. Finally, chiffon is lightweight and flowy, and it’s soft to the touch, which is suitable for making the outer layer of clothing. It’s rare to make hats and sometimes used for ornaments like flowy ribbon.

feather - Hat Ornament Materials
feather – Hat Ornament Materials

2. Feather

In general, feathers are the feathers that bird species grow on the surface of their bodies. Hat ornaments designers design with feathers that have been processed for hat ornaments and hat decoration, which can have a great decorative effect. Usually, the common feathers are from ostriches, peacocks, turkeys, pheasants, and roosters. There are also some rare feathers from polecats, egrets, etc.

simulated flowers - Hat Ornament Materials
simulated flowers – Hat Ornament Materials

3. Simulated Flowers

In general, simulated flowers are made with taut silk, wrinkled paper, polyester, plastic, etc. Also, use dry fresh flowers and an after-preservation treatment process for hat ornaments. There are various styles of simulated flowers. According to the different hats, we can choose different styles of simulated flowers.


4. Jewelry

In general, people decorate their headwear with jewelry to show their status. There are 2  types of jewelry: natural jewelry, artificial jewelry, precious metals, etc. In modern headwear, most decorative jewelry is artificial germs. There are also decorating headwear with crystals, pearls, rhinestones, etc.

Metal buckles
Metal buckles

5. Metal Buckles

Metal buckles are the common accessories for headwear, including tri-glide sliding buckles, O-shape buckles, D-shape buckles, semi-circle buckles, magnetic buckles, snap fasteners, etc. However, with the development of technology, there are lots of metal buckles in different unusual shapes. Besides, most metal buckles play a decorative role in headwear.


6. Rivets

There are various rivets, such as ordinary rivets, hollow rivets, open-mouth rivets, etc. If rivets are sorted by different shapes, then there are mushroom rivets, sharpened rivets, square rivets, etc. For headwear, rivets are used to decorate casual hats, sports caps, etc.


7. Patch

In recent years, there have been more patches on headwear and the application of patches is much richer. Usually, there are various patches on headwear, such as embroidered patches, metal patches, wooden patches, plastic patches, rubber patches, etc. The most common patch is embroidered patches. Some embroidered patches are drawn by computer software, then they can be embroidered on the headwear by embroidered machines. Some are hand-made.

Finally, above 7 hat ornament materials are tulle, feathers, simulated flowers, jewelry, metal buckles, rivets, and patches. Each one is different and unique. All these materials are used for hat ornaments to decorate headwear. After knowing each one of them, consumers can choose a better hat or cap for themselves. In addition, Aung Crown has a wide range of hats, and there will always be one suitable for you. What’s more, we will keep publishing more articles about hats. If you’re interested, please save our website to your bookmark, and we will launch our new products on. Aung Crown is a professional hat maker founded in 1998. You can trust and try.