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Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn

A trucker hat, also called a mesh cap or a netback cap, is a type of baseball cap. Usually, a trucker hat has a mesh back and originated in the 1970s as a promotional hat from the United State feed or other farming supply companies among farmers, trucker drivers, or other rural workers.

Generally, a trucker cap is composed of 5 panels, a top button, a mesh back, and a curved brim. The mesh back provides better ventilation for the wearer and the front panel is usually made up of foam.

A Fashionable Item

With the time development of trucker hats, trucker hats have become a fashionable item in the fashion industry. Since the 1970s, trucker hats have undergone over 50 years. As time went by, trucker hats have stepped in or gone out of style. Time proves, no matter what happens, trucker hats still have their place in the fashion industry. 

Popular in Celebrities

During 2005 and 2007, trucker hats became mainstream in fashion. A simple short tee with a pair of jeans was the standard at that time. When Kanye was still behind the senses, senior statesmen, like NIGO® and  Edison regarded trucker hats as a must-have item for dressing. Fashion is a closed circle, therefore trucker hats make a strong comeback. A$AP Rocky is the one of fashionistas in the recent fashion industry, who starts wearing classic trucker hats now. Not only A$AP Rocky, but also Ken and Rhuigi dress in trucker hats.

How to Style A Trucker Hat?

So how to style a trucker cap is important for the whole look. A simple hat can easily change the whole look. Sometimes, you just need to put a trucker cap on, then you can highlight your whole look. Here are several dressing styles for dressing a trucker cap.

Daily Look

For a daily look, you can put on a casual trucker hat matching your daily wear, such as a simple T-shirt and a pair of jeans with a casual trucker cap. This combination can easily make up a daily look. 

Cool Street Look

As a cool street look, a cool and stylish trucker hat is a must-have item. Simple street clothes, like short jeans, cropped tops/camisoles/vests are a great choice for matching with street-style trucker hats. Clothes that are full of a sense of design, are also another alternative choice. You can take all kinds of photos you want with a street-style trucker cap.

Casual Look

How about a casual look? It sounds similar to a daily look. Both are similar but there are some differences between a casual look and a daily look. Daily looks are more comfortable and casual looks are the basic dressing principle. The key to casual looks is to wear clean clothing without any ragged or visibly damaged parts. For example, simple tees, pants, vests, and jeans can easily create a casual look.

Athletic Look

Athletic looks, as the name, this look is combined sportswear with a sporty trucker hat. The mesh back of trucker hats can provide better ventilation when sporting. Therefore, a sporty trucker hat is an awesome headwear for sports. One pair of sports pants or leggings and one simple wicking tee can make an athletic look effortless.

Different Ways of Wearing A Trucker Hat

After discussing the several dressing styles above. Here are 3 common ways to wear a trucker hat, namely: straightforward, backward and incline-ward.


Wearing a trucker hat straightforwardly is the most common way to wear a trucker hat. Since trucker hats came out, wearing straightforwardly is the first way to wear a trucker hat. This way of wearing a trucker hat can protect your face from the sun. It’s also regular and ordinary.


Putting a trucker backward is a bold and more casual way. This way is full of uninhibitedness and freedom. Not only can it show the wearer’s attitude but also can protect the back of the wearer’s neck. Easily go well with hip-hop-style outfits, street dance outfits, and more. 


Have you ever tried to wear a trucker hat in an inclined-ward way? If not, you can try it, it will surprise you and add a sense of casualness. In this way,  inclined-ward wearing is more casual than straightforward, and less uninhibited than backward. Therefore, wearing a trucker hat inclined ward is a great choice between backward and straightforward.

In a word, you can create any look with your favorite trucker hats. No matter wearing it straightforward, backward or inclined, you can find a better way that suits your style and outfit. Just having a trucker hat, then you can go to start your fashion journey with it.