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Streeter Korean bucket hat KN2102032

Korean Bucket Hat

Korean Bucket Hat – An All-Season Accessory

In everyday wear, we often choose to decorate our clothes with small accessories. Because you’ll find that even though it’s just a small decoration, it can make a big difference to the overall level of the outfit. When it comes to accessories, a must-have is a hat. And one hat that cannot be ignored is the Korean bucket hat. And what I will introduce today is Korean bucket hats from Streeter. Streeter is one brand from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a professional hat maker since 1998.

Streeter Korean bucket hat for women and men KN2102032
Streeter Korean bucket hat for women and men KN2102032

Trendsetting Korean Style: A Global Fashion Sensation

In recent years, the Korean wave style is particularly popular in domestic, and many people who are at the forefront of fashion trends have chosen the Korean style. For example, Korean clothes, Korean makeup, Korean bags, and so on. You can go to a variety of shopping apps, and many things on the introduction of the Korean style signs.

In a sense, the Korean style itself represents the fashion trend. This should be a deep experience for star-chasing girls. If you are a level 10 Internet surfer, you should know that Korea is often famous for the clothes and makeup of Korean artists. And they also have a worldwide reputation for plastic surgery. These show that Koreans can be trusted aesthetically.

STREETER: Embrace the Korean Bucket Hat Trend

And the Korean trend is the key feature of our Korean bucket hats. Our Korean bucket hat is from the STREETER brand, which is all about casual fashion. Our main colors are green and beige, which are highly inclusive. Both boys and girls can choose them at ease. Next, I will give you a detailed explanation of the features of this Korean bucket hat.

Acrylic fabric

Actually, the acrylic fabric is a kind of acrylic fabric. In technical terms, it is a synthetic fiber made of more than 85% acrylic and second and third-monomer polymers. Of course, we chose this material for our Korean bucket hat for our reasons. You know that acrylic fabric is also known as “synthetic wool” because it is very much like wool in all aspects of the performance but not as soft as wool. Besides, our Korean fisherman’s hat was chosen for other reasons.

Warm and Elastic Fabric

First, the warmth and elasticity of the acrylic fabric are better, so our Korean bucket hat is light and soft, fluffy, and warm. In fact, this is due to the unique internal structure of acrylic. The interior of the acrylic presents an irregular spiral structure. More importantly, there is no strict crystal zone inside it, but there are high order and low order. It is this unique internal structure that makes our Korean bucket hat bulky and fast.

Acid and Alkali Corrosion

Second, the acrylic fabric is not easy to be acid and alkali corrosion, and also not afraid of moths and mildew. Usually, we wear hats to shade us when the sun shines, but over time the acid and alkali in our sweat will naturally erode our hats. This Korean bucket hat has no such worries. Our hat maker chose this fabric to avoid this problem in the first place. Furthermore, many areas are damp, so if you leave a used hat lying around, chances are it will be moldy by the time you find it. If you happen to be in a humid area, this Korean Fisherman’s hat is just for you.

Easy Care

Third, the acrylic fabric is also very easy to wash and dry. Hats are a fashion necessity that we use so much in our daily lives that they naturally get dirty. A lot of cotton hats that don’t dry easily can mean that you can’t use them for a while. Moreover, for many students, living in the dormitory in winter is wet and cold, there is no sun at all, and washed hats take a long time to dry. These are questions our hat maker has taken into account. The acrylic fabric we chose for our Korean bucket hat is easy to wash and dry, ensuring that we can use it quickly after washing our hats no matter where we live and what time of year it is.

Classic Fisherman’s Hat: Embrace the Korean Bucket Hat Trend

The style of our Korean bucket hat is a classic fisherman’s hat. A bucket hat is simply a soft acrylic fabric. It can be used by both boys and girls. The difference between a bucket hat and a baseball cap is that a bucket cap is a short brim with a narrow, narrow rim that goes deep. A baseball cap has a long protruding front. They are completely different in appearance. Baseball caps used to be popular and now people prefer bucket caps for their own reasons.

Better Face Shape

First of all, bucket hats are more friendly to people with big heads. If you are a person with a big head. If you chose a baseball cap. Then, you will see why I said that. We all know that the top of a baseball cap is a fixed shape supported by several edges. Since the shape is fixed, it can only work for people whose heads are smaller than this shape. And you’re a big guy, and you wear it like a grownup in a kid’s outfit. Your head will lift the hat up enough to make it look full. The result is that your already large head looks bigger and rounder. It looks like a ball from a distance.

Comfortable Fit, Stylish Look: The Perfect Korean Bucket Hat

But you can avoid that embarrassment if you choose our Korean bucket hat. The bucket hat doesn’t have a fixed shape. The whole body of the hat is soft and fits your head perfectly. And as I said before our choice of acrylic fabric proves this. And the outer edge of the bucket hat has a slightly trapezoidal shading edge extending outward. If you look closely you will find that the whole shape of the bucket hat is trapezoidal, which means that the size of the hat gradually increases from top to bottom. That’s why bucket hats are better for people with big heads. The rounded edge of the hat is more naturally smaller than the head.

Cotton Sweatband

Our Korean bucket hat uses a pure cotton sweatband. First of all, we choose pure cotton material because of its characteristics, such as alkali resistance, softness, warmth, and so on. A sweatband is meant to prevent perspiration, so it’s not worth it if it gets eroded by sweat instead. Pure cotton material has alkali resistance because of its unique structural characteristics. Imagine what a travesty it would be if you used this fisherman’s hat for a long time and the sweatband was destroyed by the alkali in the sweat.

Pure Cotton – Great Water Absorption

And pure cotton material has good water absorption. Its internal structure is so special that in any case, it absorbs moisture from the air to keep itself hydrated. In a humid environment, for example, it releases a little water. In a drier environment, it absorbs some water from the air in order to keep its interior moist at all times. That way you’ll feel soft and comfortable whenever you wear our bucket hats. Thanks to this strong quality of pure cotton, it’s also extremely warm.

Sweatband Innovation: A Hat Maker’s Masterstroke for Comfort

In addition to the material of the sweatband, our hat maker – Streeter also had some ideas about the design of the sweatband itself. We designed the sweatband at some distance from the edge of the hat. Make sure that when you put the hat on, the sweatband is positioned just above your forehead and not visible from the outside of the hat. Please don’t underestimate this humble sweatband. If the location of the sweatband is not well designed, it will cause you a lot of problems.

For people who wear glasses, they need to take them off often. For people who wear makeup, their makeup can be easily ruined. More likely, if the strap is poorly positioned it can cause damage to your skin by coming into direct contact with it. So the hat maker of our bucket hat made the final product.

Streeter Korean bucket hat KN2102032
Streeter Korean bucket hat KN2102032

Active Color Matching

Another problem we face when choosing a bucket hat is the color. The color of your hat also affects the color of your outfit. As fashion trendsetters, we certainly have to consider the color of our bucket hat when choosing what to wear.

Our bucket hat is mainly beige and green. Spring is just around the corner, and these two colors are perfect for the season. Green represents vitality, what a beautiful meaning. Beige, on the other hand, is perfect for any season. It is a versatile matching color. Coupled with the gold logo, the overall color of the bucket hat is very active and vivid.

There is a saying that different colors can reflect different feelings. For insistence, we feel warm when we see red, and we feel clean when we see white. So, choosing livelier and more vivid colors will also give people a warm feeling. It can be seen that the color of the fisherman’s hat is also important.

3D Embroidery Logo

Streeter green korean bucket hat with a 3D embroidery logo on the front KN2102032
Streeter green korean bucket hat with a 3D embroidery logo on the front KN2102032

Our bucket hat is the logo part of the choice of 3D embroidery. Most of you see 3D probably in the cinema. If you have ever watched a 3D movie, you will easily notice the difference between a 3D movie and an ordinary movie. That is, a 3D movie is as if the scenes in the movie are happening in front of your eyes. This technology allows people to watch movies with a sense of being there, making the characters more three-dimensional. Similarly, we can achieve the same effect when we combine the principles of 3D technology with the principles of embroidery. 3D embroidery can make the logo on the front of our fisherman’s hat look vivid and more three-dimensional to make the whole hat look more advanced.

Metal Embroidery Thread

Another feature of our bucket hat is that part of the logo is made of metal embroidery thread. When it comes to metal embroidery, we think of the clothes of ancient emperors. Have you ever wondered why ancient emperors liked to make clothes with gold thread? It is because gold is more shiny and metallic. Our hat maker, in his choice of needlework, had the same idea as the ancient emperor.

In the End

First of all, the metal embroidery line in the color is very noble, so as to affect your own temperament. And because the color of the metal embroidery line itself is very glossy and metallic, it can make the logo of the bucket hat more three-dimensional. In addition, our bucket hat is the main color of beige and green. Pairing beige and green with gold in metallic embroidery makes the overall style of the bucket hat fashionable and retro. You put the words metallic, glossy, and green together and you get a retro feel. In the fashion circle spread such a word, “The fashion circle is a cycle.” So only the retro style never goes out of style. So, do you want to have one? – The Korean Bucket Hat.