Outdoor Baseball Cap from Streeter

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Today, we are going to introduce an outdoor baseball cap from Streeter that belongs to Aung Crown – a professional hat maker founded in 1998. As we all know, a baseball cap is a very common dressing item in daily life, no matter what season it is. Almost everyone has a baseball cap in his or her wardrobe. But how can we choose a baseball cap for our ensemble? In this post, we will focus on how to opt for a simple baseball cap.

No matter whether women or men, they all love a baseball cap because of its convenience, functions, sense of fashion, and more. Before talking about how to select a baseball cap, we can discuss why it is so popular and still stays in fashion all the way.

The convenience of a baseball cap

Why is a baseball cap so convenient?

Because a baseball cap is very convenient in our daily life, no matter in dressing or at work. It’s very convenient for an oily scalp or dirty hair when going out shopping or having a short walk with friends. It can totally cover embarrassing hair and keep you looking perfect, that is the reason why it is so convenient.

The functions of a baseball cap

A baseball cap is multi-functional and it fits various activities. So, what are the functions of a baseball cap? A baseball cap is a cap with a curved front brim, crowns, breathable eyelets, and a back closure. So, the first function of a baseball cap is sun protection in summer and keeping your head warm in cold weather. Wearing a baseball cap, the front curved or flat brim can protect you from direct sunlight, reduce glare, and provide you with a better vision for sports or other things needed.

Fashion item

A baseball cap has been in fashion all the way and become a dressing item among people of all ages, no matter whether young or old. It’s nearby and almost everywhere in daily life. It can highlight your outfit and the right baseball cap can let you stand out in the crowd. So a baseball cap is part of fashion and plays an important role in dressing.

As we mentioned above, a baseball cap is an essential headwear in daily life no matter of function to convenience, even the dress. So how can we select a baseball cap?

1. Know what style fits you

Before using a baseball cap to elevate your look, you need to know what’s your style for dressing. Casual, cool, sweet, sporty, or hip-hop. You need to know your style first, otherwise, you will have no idea to add the right baseball cap for your outfit and level up your look.

2. Know your skin tone.

As for this point, most people will ignore it, but this is very important for you to choose the color of the baseball cap, so before choosing a baseball cap you need to know your skin tone. Different skin tones are different in the needs of baseball caps. People who are white-cool skin tones can monster all color schemes well, but dark skin tones or yellow skin tones people cannot handle well with bright color schemes. They go with dark or neutral color schemes, like black, gray, earth color, brown, khaki, etc. So it’s very important for you to know your right skin tone.

3. Choose a hat according to your face shape

A baseball hat is an awesome item to let the face look better and cover the shortcoming of the face, therefore choosing the right baseball cap is important for the whole look. Usually, we can divide face shape into 5 types: oval face, round face, square face, long face, and heart-shaped face.

Oval face:

The oval face is a perfect face shape that is suitable for all kinds of baseball hats and other styles of hats. All baseball hats can let people with oval faces have a better face frame when wearing a baseball hat.

Round face:

People who are born with round faces should not wear a low-crown and unstructured hat, otherwise, the face will look rounder and bigger, showing all the shortcomings of a round face. It’s best to choose high-crown and harder-angle hats because these hats can cover the shortcomings of a round face and better shape the facial proportions, giving a face shape that is close to a perfect shape.

Square face:

People who are born with square faces should stay away from hats with wide and flat visors or angular hats, otherwise, these hats will enlarge the cons of a square face. It’s better to opt for unstructured caps with high to low crowns and curved visors that can totally hide the cons of a square face and better modify a square into a perfect face shape.

Long face:

People who are born with long faces should avoid flat-visor hats with tall crowns, otherwise, these hats will enhance the length of a long face which would be a big mess, showing all the drawbacks of a long face. What a bad trouble collocation it is. The best way is to select hats with low-mid crowns or with short and curved brim hats, which can reduce the drawbacks of a long face and let a long face look in proper proportion.

Heart-shaped face:

People who are born to have heart-shaped faces must avert hats with too-large crowns and visors, if not, these kinds of hats definitely show the disadvantages of a heart-shaped face, liking an improper and weird look. But people with a heart-shaped face will look great and high-fashion with low-mid-crown, curved-visor hats that can completely hide all the cons of a heart-shaped face and give people a face shape that is close to a perfect face proportion.

All above are talking about other elements related to baseball caps but not baseball caps, themselves. Next, let us take a look at this outdoor baseball cap from Streeter – an exquisite and sporty outdoor baseball cap.

the left side of the beige outdoor baseball cap KN2012163
the left side of the beige outdoor baseball cap KN2012163

Amazing Outdoor Baseball Cap from Aung Crown

This outdoor baseball cap is with fine sewn and exquisite flat embroidery logos on the crown of the hat at the front, at the side, and at the rear, echoing with each other to complement the whole style of this hat. Only glance at it once, you cannot remove your eyes from it because of its designs and fine workmanship.

the flat embroidery letters on the beige outdoor baseball cap KN2012163
the flat embroidery letters on the beige outdoor baseball cap KN2012163

1. Flat embroidery logos

With flat embroidery logos on the front, side, and rear panels of the hat, this outdoor baseball cap not only carries a sense of laziness and casualness but also brings a sense of vacation. The front capital letters (STREETER) combined with coconut trees and sea waves definitely can wake up your sense of vacation, enjoying your leisure time and relaxing. The side and rear logos echo with the front one that can replenish with each other to highlight the brand – Streeter and show the great workmanship of this outdoor baseball cap. Under the brim is navy blue and the color contrast between off-white and navy blue is neutral and mature, which can bring a low-key and casual sense.

the left side of the green outdoor baseball cap KN2012163
the left side of the green outdoor baseball cap KN2012163

2. Two Colors Available: Off-white or Green

This outdoor baseball cap is available in 2 colors: off-white or green. The green color means a lot: youth, hope, growth, beginning, renewal, abundance, envy, and a lack of experience. The green color is similar to the blue color as calm as it’s. Green also has a great balance and harmonization in design which is very stable. It’s also related to the design of wealth, stability, and nature which is a great choice of baseball cap, as a result of this, Aung Crown green outdoor baseball cap is a very good choice for all year round in daily life and sporty events.

Another color is off-white, and it’s so different from green. Also, called “beige”, beige is a color of light hue and combines with the warmth of brown and the light crispness of white. It’s regarded as a bold and boring color sometimes, however, most of the time, beige itself also means calm, relaxation, and reliability. The green logos and beige crown and brim of this outdoor baseball cap are eye-catching and can let the wearer stand out from the crowd with a sense of elegance and laziness. So why not try this beige outdoor baseball cap?

Streeter outdoor baseball cap with a plastic snap closureKN2012163
Streeter outdoor baseball cap with a plastic snap closureKN2012163

3. Adjustable Single-Row Plastic Snap

Designed with a flexible single-row plastic snap at the back of this outdoor baseball cap, thus it’s very convenient to adjust the size of the hat for different head circumferences.

4. 6-Panel structured Crown and Curved Plastic Brim

The design of the crown is very stable and not easy to deform. Adopted a 6-panel structured design on the crown, this hat can provide customers with a very firm hat shape for a long time. The curved plastic brim at the front can cover the wearer’s face, protect he/her from solid sunlight on sunny days, modify his/her face shape in a perfect way, and avoid the effect of sunlight for visibility.  

5. Inner Sweat-Absorbing Sweatband

There is a sweat-wicking sweatband inside of the hat. When talking about baseball caps, sweat is a concern in this outdoor baseball cap. The inner moisture-wicking sweatband can keep sweat out of the forehead and won’t get in the eyes to block visibility, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable during hot days.

6. Cozy Cotton Material

Cotton is the most common fabric in the garment and hat industry worldwide because of its softness, comfort, and reasonable prices. Also, famous for these features: keeping warm, moisture-wicking, breathable, skin-friendly, non-allergenic, and easy to dye. With all these features, this outdoor baseball cap can give a very comfortable wearing experience and is friendly for people with sensitive skin.

In the End

All these pros from this Streeter outdoor baseball cap are great and awesome. Everyone is worthy to have one in their closet for daily life or sporty events. Get one and start your baseball cap journey.