Printable Bucket Hat Pattern

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Today, we’re going to introduce a printable bucket hat pattern from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a reliable and professional hat maker since 1998.

If you are still struggling to find a hat that combines leisure and fashion, this printable bucket hat pattern will be the best one among the many hats you choose. You may be confused about the hat market and don’t know which one to choose.

After a long time of entanglement, you failed to choose a particularly excellent hat and fit your mind. Then take a look at this printable bucket hat pattern from Aung Crown. This hat gives special attention to both leisure and fashion. This printable bucket hat pattern achieves a good balance between the two aspects. Such a printable bucket hat pattern will certainly bring you many surprises. Come and learn more about this printable bucket hat pattern.

Aung Crown unisex printable bucket hat pattern SFG-210324-1
Aung Crown unisex printable bucket hat pattern SFG-210324-1

Say hello to you in a short and lovely gesture

This printable bucket hat pattern has a short brim. Maybe you had a bad impression of the short brim, but I believe that the short brim of this hat will make you feel better about it. The length of the short brim is also important. If the length of the brim is excessively shortened to pursue the definition of the short brim, it is likely to lead to the overall disharmony of the bucket hats. Form a top-heavy sense of disobedience.

The brim of this printable bucket hat pattern is just right. Both the short brim style and the pursuit of beauty are made. The brim of this printable bucket hat pattern is short and cute. In this trendy hat, I can still find a bit of playfulness. This is very rare and novel. The brim of the printable bucket hat pattern is sloping downward. Naturally and excessively, it replaced the rigid feeling formed by the excessive horizontal brim. This lazy feeling is also more in line with the definition of leisure in this printable bucket hat pattern.

Unpredictable Fabric – Uniform Fabric

Generally, the fabric of bucket hats is common. Since the fabric of this hat is introduced separately, it shows that the fabric of this printable bucket hat pattern is unique. Uniform refers to woolen fabric made of medium and low-grade wool. Due to its thick texture, it is generally suitable for making autumn and winter uniforms, coats, jackets, overcoats, and labor protection clothing.

Workwear-Optimized Bucket Hat

This kind of fabric is specially made for the needs of workers. Some people may ask why the fabric specially produced for work clothes should be used on this printable bucket hat pattern. That is because such fabrics have great advantages. This fabric is made of polyester filament and cotton yarn, with twill as the surface. The fabric surface has the effect of chemical fiber anti-wrinkle and anti-pilling. This means that this bucket hat made of such fabrics can be flatter. He won the starting line at first sight. It is not easy to wrinkle and pilling, which is very exciting. This is the gospel of practical consumers.

Moisture-Wicking & Breathable: The Perfect Summer Hat

The back of such fabric is also comfortable with cotton. It can be seen from this that this kind of fabric is relatively soft. Our heads are very fragile, so we must be careful when making hats. Such soft fabric can reassure consumers. It can also promote consumers’ willingness to consume to some extent.

This fabric also has the characteristics of moisture absorption and breathability. This shows that this printable bucket hat pattern made of this fabric has a strong sweat-absorbing ability. Even in a high-temperature environment, it can also have the effect of sweating and heat dissipation. In the hot summer, consumers need hats as auxiliary tools for sunshades but do not want them to become a burden for heat generation. How to do this? Of course, we should start with the fabric. Select this fabric to achieve the effect of sunshade without sweating. Kill two birds with one stone, and let consumers deeply feel the value of this bucket hat.

Advantages Galore: Fabric Marvels

Are you happy to see the advantages of this fabric? Its advantages are far more than these. This fabric can effectively keep clean and prevent pollution. It is also very easy to clean in the case of dirt resistance. This is a working soldier who is not afraid of dirt. It dares to charge and is not afraid of dirty environments.

As mentioned earlier, this is the fabric specially made for workers, so this fabric can protect the body from mechanical injury and harmful chemical heat radiation burns, including protection, washing resistance, bacteria and mold resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance, etc. The printable bucket hat pattern made of such cloth can protect the head from ultraviolet radiation. Like a small piece of armor, silently guarding you.

Aung Crown black or khaki printable bucket hat pattern SFG-210324-1
Aung Crown black or khaki printable bucket hat pattern SFG-210324-1

Different colors available

This printable bucket hat pattern is divided into three colors. They are black, white, and khaki. If bucket hats have color classification and provide multiple color options, it is generally divided into black and white. This bucket hat is available in three colors. In addition to the common black and white, the khaki color is also added. Khaki seems to be a balance between the two extremes. Add a different color to the colors that have appeared with some aesthetic fatigue. This different color has become a highlight.

Such a design can not only attract consumers who like black-and-white matching but also catch those consumers who have aesthetic fatigue about black-and-white matching. Such ingenuity is admirable. The designer has firmly grasped consumers’ psychology from many aspects. Only by thinking for consumers from the perspective of consumers can consumers be willing to pay for designers’ products.

Color Combos

The logo color of the hat brim corresponding to each color of this printable bucket hat pattern is different. The designer did not rigidly fix the logo color to a certain one. Instead, the color of the hat body should be fully considered and adjusted in the actual situation.

Aung Crown black printable bucket hat pattern SFG-210324-1
Aung Crown black printable bucket hat pattern SFG-210324-1

Black Bucket Hat

The black hat has a simple design. The black background corresponds to the white logo design. It is a very simple style. If you like the simple style and black-and-white matching, you can choose this black printable bucket hat pattern directly.

This pure black design is very low-key and suitable for daily travel. It is very versatile to wear as a casual hat. There is no need to buy other accessories or clothing in line with its style for this printable bucket hat pattern. Because this printable bucket hat pattern is a very sensible child. It can adapt to any style you wear, just to please you. Such thoughtful hats will certainly be loved by everyone.

white cap
white cap

White Bucket Hat

The white bucket hat corresponds to the blue logo. The combination of white and blue seems to be surprising. There are some white vertical stripes in the blue letters of the logo. Make the logo design have some irregular senses. The logo can not only be perfectly integrated with the background but also appear unique and attractive. The pure white background is a very good background board. It can highlight all the characteristics of the hat.

Double-Edged Design

But this is also a big danger signal. The pure white background board is like a double-edged sword. It can highlight the advantages and also clearly expose the disadvantages. Therefore, it is very important to design such hats. After careful consideration, it is extremely inappropriate to add too many colorful elements on the pure white background. Although it can form a strong visual conflict, such a visual impact is uncomfortable. Visual impact, if it causes the viewer’s disgust, then such a product is a failure.

Serene Simplicity

Finally, we chose such a simple design. After all, a simple design will never go wrong. The carefully selected color is also very suitable. This is a sky blue. It is very similar to the color of the sea. It seems to lead consumers to the seaside. Standing on the beach, enjoying sunbathing. Seeing this description, do you have an impulse to buy this hat immediately and travel to the seaside?

brown bucket cap
brown bucket cap

Khaki Bucket Hat

Let’s introduce this khaki bucket hat. This is a light hat. The color of the logo is dark orange. The color of the hat is very gentle. This is very suitable for consumers who are gentle and always enthusiastic. If you have a friend who looks like the little sun around you, please recommend this color hat to him. Such a hat matches his style.

The color of the logo is very lively. Such a vibrant color makes the logo no longer seem static. The logo doesn’t seem to be on the plane of the cloth. It has been dancing to the music. It jumps and cries enthusiastically. I even sent you an invitation. Come and join it.

Screen printing technology brings you a cool style

The hat maker of this hat is Aung Crown. The silkscreen technology used in this printable bucket hat pattern not only brings a cool feeling from the technical aspect but also the logo produced is very cool. This printing technology is different from ordinary printing technology. The storage time of ordinary printing technology may not be long, and it is very easy to fall off or scratch. Once the logo is destroyed, consumers’ moods will be greatly affected, and, likely, they will not wear this hat again. So the technology of logo is very important.

High-quality Logo

The advantage of this technology is that it can be used for long-term display. Even when displayed outdoors, it is also very expressive. This also reflects that the logo printed by this technology is of high quality and is not easy to be damaged. Most of the products printed by printing technology have a hard texture and are not very comfortable to touch. But the products printed by this printing technology are not only soft but also elastic. This is also very consistent with the fabric of this printable bucket hat pattern.

Lively Side Placement

The logo on the brim is not placed in the center of the brim but on the side. If it is placed in the middle, it may be a little stiff, but it will not appear on the side. Putting the logo on the side, not only has a lively and playful feeling but also a cool feeling. The image of letters is irregular. Some letters are not filled, and the phenomenon of being intentionally left blank appears. This is really in line with the cool style.

In the End

This is a neutral printable bucket hat pattern from Aung Crown. There are many colors to choose from black, white, or khaki. I believe there is always one that can move you. Come and choose.