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Casual Tie-Dye Reversible Knit Bucket Hat SFG-210512-1

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Shop knit bucket hats at Aung Crown, a professional hat maker. Reversible, narrow-brim, unisex, and breathable. This bucket hat is a great choice for summer and can provide a great sun protection.

Reversible Tie-Dye Bucket Hat from Aung Crown – A Professional Hat Maker Since 1998


Cozy Fabric: This knit bucket hat is made from Knitted Fleece. Knitted Fleece fabric is a soft polyester, The super soft, cool, and breathable nature of this magic Knitted Fleece fabric makes this knit bucket hat perfect for outerwear and all things cozy.

Knit Bucket Hat: The knit bucket hat was designed tie-dye craft, which is a very popular craft in hats, it has double sides, is styled in multiple colors, and has a narrow brim, embroidered with a woven label on it, which is very stylish with and cool.

Excellent Sun Protection: The down-dropping and narrow brim of the Knit bucket hat can keep your face shaded and reduces glare under solid sunlight, protecting you from sunburns, winds, etc.

Special Craft – Tie-Dye Crafts: Tie-dyeing, is a method of dyeing by hand in which colored patterns are produced in the fabric by gathering together many small portions of material and tying them tightly with string before immersing the cloth in the Dye vat when using in the knit bucket hats, it can make your brand more outstanding and distinctive, and when you wear it, the sense of fashion is immediately reflected.

A Practical Feature – Reversible Bucket Hats: The knit bucket hat is Reversible, it has two sides when the is a duty, you can change it to wear When one side is dirty, you can turn it over and wear the other side. Buying one is equivalent to buying two, which is really a good deal! Sometimes, As a hat maker, considering the practicalities of the product is even more important than fashion.

Embroidery Woven Label: The knit bucket hat, logo is made of a woven label, and is stitched on the brim.  The letter AC is an abbreviation of Aung Crown, The Woven label is embroidered on the brim, which looks very simple and classic.

Narrow Brim: When you go outside, do you feel that your package is too heavy and no place to put them? The Narrow brim knit bucket hats do not take up space, are easy to carry, and can be folded, which provides convenience for you!

Color Option: The knit bucket hats are available in 4 colors: blue, beige, orange, and red. If you have other colors you like, you also can tell us, and we can customize them for you. Consumers can choose one that fits most clothes in their wardrobe. 4 Colors are the popular colors. All of these This knit bucket hat can go with any casual and chic outfit. Don’t hesitate and grab your favorite one.


How to wash knit bucket hats?

  • Sprinkle a small amount of laundry detergent in a clean sink filled with cool water.
  • Soak the knit bucket hat in soapy water for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Wash your hat in cold water. Gently squeeze out any excess water without twisting the brim.
  • Wipe down the knit bucket hat with a clean towel.
  • Allow the knit bucket hat to air dry or hang it to dry.
  • If you want to change the shape of your hat, dry it on a mannequin head.



  1. Please understand that there may be mild deviations.
  2. Due to the lighting and monitors, there are slight differences between the picture and the actual item.


Package Content

1 *  Knit bucket hat.



If you have any questions about our products, please get in touch with us by email or phone, and we will help you solve the problem as quickly as possible.


Knit Bucket Hat Specifications
Category: Knit bucket hat
Fabric and material: Knitted Fleece/Flexible
Size: 58 cm/22.83 inches/Flexible
Pattern: Woven label letters
Sweatband: No
Brim: Short
Structure: No
Gender: unisex (women and men)
Age: adult
Season: Spring/summer/fall
Color: Blue, beige, orange, red/Flexible
Style: Casual /Fashion

Customized Service

At Aung Crown, we provide customized service for our customers. As a hat maker, we have served 30,000 + great brands! You can send your ideas to our team for the best-customized service. Please send those that can greatly save you time.

  • Quantity: 25/30/40/50/60 pieces, or more.
  • Hat type: baseball cap, trucker cap, dad cap, beanie, 5-panel cap, etc.
  • Fabric: polyester, suede, cotton, linen, leather, mesh, nylon, canvas, etc.
  • Design: logos(pictures, the front of letters, initials, patchwork, plain color, etc.)
  • Color: hat colors.

    custom beanie hats by Aungcrown manufacturer
    custom beanie hats manufacturer


Fabric & Material

Fleece, Knitted




Casual, fashion


Blue, Beige, Orange, Red


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