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Classic Pattern Unisex Casual Printable Bucket Hat SFG-210324-1

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Buy a bucket hat with a printable pattern from the professional hat maker, Aung Crown. These bucket hats are narrow-brim and unisex, made of uniform cloth, with screen printing letters on the brim.

Classic Unisex Casual Printable Bucket Hat Pattern from Aung Crown – A Professional Hat Maker Since 1998


Soft Fabric: Introducing the printable bucket hat pattern to you! This printable bucket hat pattern is perfect for any occasion. Made from uniform cloth fabric, it is stylish and comfortable. Perfect for adding a touch of class to any outfit, this hat is sure to make a statement. Get yours today and stay stylish.

Printable Bucket Hat Pattern: This printable bucket hat pattern is made from high-quality material for a comfortable fit, and features a unique look with eyelets. Perfect for any casual or formal occasion, this printable pattern bucket hat is a must-have accessory to complete your wardrobe. Get yours today and stay on trend!

Excellent Sun Protection: This stylish printable bucket hat pattern is perfect for outdoor activities. It provides excellent sun protection with its brim, while still being lightweight and breathable.  It’s a great accessory for any outdoor adventure!

Special Design – Eyelets: This classic printable bucket hat pattern is a must-have for any fashionista. Featuring a special design with eyelets decorated on the bucket hat, it is sure to turn heads and is very breathable, and crafted from high-quality uniform cloth, it is both comfortable and stylish. Perfect for any occasion.

Logo Craft – Screen Printing: This classic screen printing printable bucket hat pattern is perfect for logo craft. The hat is made of lightweight, breathable fabric and features a unique printable pattern, perfect for customizing with your own screen printing designs. Show off your style and creativity with this one-of-a-kind hat!


How to wash a printable bucket hat pattern?

  • Sprinkle a small amount of laundry detergent in a clean sink filled with cool water.
  • Soak the hat in soapy water for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Wash your hat in cold water. Gently squeeze out any excess water without twisting the brim.
  • Wipe down the hat with a clean towel.
  • Allow it to air dry or hang it to dry.
  • If you want to change the shape of your hat, dry it on a mannequin head.



  1. Please understand that there may be mild deviations.
  2. Due to the lighting and monitors, there are slight differences between the picture and the actual item.


Package Content

1 *   Printable bucket hat pattern.



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Printable Bucket Hat Pattern Specifications

Category: Printable bucket hat pattern
Fabric and material: Uniform cloth /Flexible
Size: 58 cm/22.83 inches/Flexible
Pattern: No
Sweatband: Normal
Brim: Short
Structure: No
Gender: unisex (women and men)
Age: adult
Season: Spring/Summer/Fall
Color: Black/White/Khaki/Flexible
Style: Causal/fashion

Customized Service

At Aung Crown, we provide customized service for our customers. As a hat maker, we have served 30,000 + great brands! You can send your ideas to our team for the best-customized service. Please send those that can greatly save you time.

  • Quantity: 25/30/40/50/60 pieces, or more.
  • Hat type: baseball cap, trucker cap, dad cap, beanie, 5-panel cap, etc.
  • Fabric: polyester, suede, cotton, linen, leather, mesh, nylon, canvas, etc.
  • Design: logos(pictures, the front of letters, initials, patchwork, plain color, etc.).
  • Color: black/white/khaki/custom colors.

    custom beanie hats by Aungcrown manufacturer
    custom beanie hats manufacturer

Product Features

Here are a few features of our classic pattern unisex casual printable bucket hat:

1. Classic Pattern: This timeless and versatile hat boasts timeless patterns such as stripes, checks, polka dots or floral prints for easy matching with various outfits and styles.

2. Unisex Design: This hat has been created specifically to suit both men and women alike, providing an accessible accessory option to meet everyone’s needs.

3. Casual Style: The bucket hat style featured here offers an easygoing and relaxed look, perfect for casual attire.

4. Printable Surface: The hat features a printable surface that makes customization and personalization possible. You can add designs, images, logos or text using sublimation or screen printing techniques.

5. Lightweight and Comfortable: Crafted with lightweight materials, the hat provides maximum comfort even during extended wear. No weight will weigh down on you or cause discomfort on those hot summer days!

6. Breathable Fabric: This hat is constructed from breathable fabric to allow air circulation and prevent oversweating and overheating.

7. Wide Brim: Hats featuring wide brims provide adequate sun protection for the face, neck and ears during outdoor activities, providing shelter from harmful UV rays that could otherwise penetrate.

8. Rugged Construction: Our hat is designed to withstand repeated use with its durable stitching and quality materials, made to stand up against regular wear.

9. Versatile Styling: With its classic pattern and casual aesthetic, this hat makes an excellent addition to many outfits; be it jeans and a T-shirt, dresses, shorts or beachwear.

10. Adjustable Fit: Many hats offer adjustable straps, buckles or drawstrings that enable you to customize their fit to match both your head size and personal taste.


Screen Printing

Fabric & Material





Casual, fashion


Black, White, Khaki