The Detailed Introduction of Dad Caps

Published On: April 11, 2024    By: chen hui

The Detailed Introduction of Dad Caps

Dad caps or Dad shoes? Have you ever heard of them? Here, we – Aung Crown, a reliable custom hat maker in China with over 25 years of hat-making experience, will give you a detailed introduction to dad caps.

What’s a Dad Cap

What’s a Dad Cap?

What is a dad cap? Simply put, it’s a baseball cap, but not a snapback, flat-brimmed, or fitted cap. Dad caps are baseball caps made of plain weave canvas or twill cotton with a slightly curved brim that may be slightly oversized for the wearer.

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How to Wear a Dad Cap?

A common question is how to wear a dad hat. Just put the hat on your head. Usually, dad caps can easily match your look due to their fashionable and versatile feature. However, if in doubt, please pair a dad cap with a crew neck sweatshirt, in this way, you can easily create the best dad cap combo.

How to Wear a Dad Cap

Why Does it Call Dad Cap?

Why is this type of cap called a dad cap? When we talk about dad caps, we tend to think of sloppy people dressed in ordinary t-shirts and pleated jeans with torn underwear. Such an image is not true, we promise.

There is a rather trustworthy saying. In the past, some kids liked to wear hats, but the hats were too big for them to wear because hats were for adults in the beginning. That’s why we called it a dad hat. As time went by, the name of the dad cap was established and developed into a trend. Nowadays, the dad cap has become the symbol of fashion, and wearing a dad cap can fully show your personality.

Why Does it Call Dad Cap

The Brief Dad Cap History

When talking about the history of dad caps, is derived from the emergence of American hip-hop in the 1980s. The brand Polo by Ralph Lauren was very popular at that time and introduced a dad cap that was trendy in the United States.

Dad caps belong to the traditional curved-brim baseball caps and differ from snapbacks or camp caps in the brim. The fabrics and structure between them are different, and the main feature is that dad caps are unconstructed and quite loose.

The reason it’s called the Dad Cap is because most dads in America like to watch baseball games and wear these soft, curved-brim caps. This is the common saying.

The Brief Dad Cap History

A feature of dad caps is that they are fashionable yet versatile. No matter what style you are, there is a dad hat that will work for you. Whether you wear it upfront or backward, you can create different dressing styles. Girls or women who don’t like to wash their hair must have a dad cap. What’s more, dad caps never go out of style and can be an on-the-go accessory for everyone.

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In the End

We hope you enjoyed the detailed introduction to dad caps above, and the coming June is a special month with Father’s Day (June, 12th). If you don’t know what to do on that day, a dad cap could be a great choice for your dad. A custom dad cap with a special logo or lettering is the perfect and practical gift for your dad. June 12th is not so far away; you can get started now.