The Most Common Fabrics Used to Make Bucket Hats

Published On: April 15, 2024    By: chen hui

The Most Common Fabrics Used to Make Bucket Hats

Bucket hats have been one of the fashion accessories among young people. Bucket hats entered the hat market in the 1940s and were very popular in the 1990s. Bucket hats have become fashionable headwear in summer, spring, fall, and winter. We – Aung Crown, as a veteran hat manufacturer, have received many orders for bucket hats, and we will share with you the most common fabrics used to make bucket hats. So, are you ready?



Polyester is one of the most common fabrics used to make bucket hats. Some hat makers like polyester because it’s a recycled fabric. In addition, this type of fabric is also durable, hard-wearing, and waterproof, and consumers like this fabric. Moreover, polyester is good at wicking moisture and can absorb your sweat, keeping you cool and comfortable. So, you can wear a polyester bucket hat in the summer.

Cotton Cloth

Cotton is a term used to describe the raw material, while “cotton cloth” refers to a fabric made from cotton fibers. In other words, cotton is processed and woven into fabric, which is then used to make various textile and clothing items.

Natural fabric can be used to make any kind of hat. That’s why so many hat makers use pure cotton to make their hats. However, hats made of pure cotton can be a little more expensive than other hats. Therefore, hats that are made of synthetic cotton blend could still be considered a cost-effective choice. Breathable and soft cotton fabric is preferred by hat lovers because such a hypoallergenic natural fabric doesn’t cause skin irritation. Cotton cloth is the perfect choice for insulating hats. Although cotton is moisture-wicking, its durability is not as strong as polyester. When blended with synthetic fabrics, such a new fabric is great in stretch.


Nylon is great for making lightweight hats. Because of the great breathability of nylon, you can wear hats made of nylon in the hot and sticky summer. The most famous characteristic of nylon is that it doesn’t shrink easily. Although you wear a nylon hat frequently, the nylon hat will still keep its shape in great. That’s why nylon hats are easy to maintain. However, there is still a lack of canvas because canvas cannot absorb water.


Some bucket hats are made from natural straws that have undergone special treatments that give them a unique look and taste. These straw hats are made of processed plant fibers such as bamboo, wheatgrass, sisal, papyrus reed, etc. In addition, some of them are made of synthetic fibers.

Linen Cloth

Linen cloth is made from natural linen plants. If you’re looking for an alternative to cotton cloth, you can consider linen cloth, which is a pretty nice alternative to cotton cloth. Linen is very soft and breathable, and hats made of linen are very comfortable to wear. Therefore, linen hats are very suitable for making hats for summer and spring.

reversible bucket hat

In the End

5 common fabrics are used for bucket hats and the share about the most common fabric used to make bucket hats ends here. We hope all can enjoy this short blog and find the best fabric for themselves when choosing their bucket hats.