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Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


What should be considered when wearing a hat? Today, we’re going to discuss the relationship between hats and humans, even outfits. When wearing a hat, the wearer needs to fully consider the relationship between his/her face shape, skin color, body shape, outfit, and accessory. At the same time, the wearer also needs to think about living habits, professional features, ethnic traditions, etc.

Hats and Face Shapes

There are many face shapes, such as an oval face, a square face, a diamond face, or a round face.

  • Oval Face

The oval face is a kind of perfect face shape with a smooth contour and a neat, proper proportion. This face shape is also without edges and corners, which can meet all the demands to wear a hat.

  • Square Face & Diamond Face

Both face shapes are with obvious edges and corners and the width of the cheek is a little wide. The key decorating point is to soften the hard lines and angles of the face. Therefore, it’s easy for people who are square face or diamond face to choose a hat. The best choice for hats is the hat with special and wide-brim made with no-sticking and soft fabrics.

  • Round Face

The round face is with plump, rounded lines that are a little childish, lacking the dimension of the lines. The first choice for this face shape is flat-top and lined brim hats. The proper width of the brim is 7-10 cm/2.76-3.94 inches, which can modify the face line to add a sense of slenderness. If we can add accessories on, there will be rich on vision, then people won’t focus on the face to amplify the round face.

In addition, this face is also suitable to wear wide-brim peaked caps. The brim of the cap and the crown of the can form a one-piece linear extension. Therefore, we can use this feature to lengthen a short and wide round face to reach the best modification. Once again, if choosing loose hats, it can properly cover the round face and also can modify the face shape.

On the contrary, hollow hats, military caps, gentlemen caps, and bowler hats emphasize the width of the round face, which makes the face look larger. Hence, it’s not recommendable to choose hats with neutral lines and styles.

A triangular face with a sharpened chin and high-top crown or short, irregular-brim hats are very proper. Due to the features of those hats, people usually ignore the sharpened chin. In a word, when wearing a hat, please make sure that the hat is suitable for the face shape, which can show well-proportioned beauty.

Hats and Skin Tones

Here are 5 skin tones: ruddy complexion, yellow complexion, gray complexion, white complexion, and dark complexion. Different skin tones for different hat colors.

  • Ruddy Complexion:

There is a wide range of colors for ruddy complexion and this skin tone can coordinate with many colors. However, please note that too-red hats are not suitable for a ruddy complexion.

  • Yellow Complexion:

Yellow or green hats are not suitable for people of yellow complexion. However, dark brown, purple lotus, crab blue, and grayish beige hats and outfits are great for yellow complexion people to create a better look than green and yellow color hats and outfits.

  • Grayish White Complexion:

A grayish-white complexion is suitable to match intermediate colors of low purity, such as jade white, stone green, light blue, brown, mauve, etc. Please do not choose gorgeous, fancy colors.

  • White Complexion:

There is a wide range of choices for white complexion people when choosing hat colors. But, it’s easy to show the softness with a white complexion. Therefore, when choosing a hat, please avoid choosing white or close to-white colors.

  • Dark Complexion:

It’s best for dark-complexioned people to choose hats with bright and rich colors and please pay attention to the whole overlook.

Hat and Body Shapes

It’s picky about the way to wear a hat. Wearing a hat straightforwardly can make the round look fully rounded. Therefore, people with very thin faces opt for this way of wearing way. Wearing a hat in a horizontal way makes the face and chin wide. Wearing a hat in an inclined way will form an inclined line, which can let the face look slender. This way is suitable for people with a wide face.

People with tall and strong bodies shouldn’t wear big or small hats, otherwise, the whole look gives a sense of a light head and heavy bottom. People with thin bodies also should not wear big or small hats, otherwise, the whole look gives a sense of a heavy head and light bottom.

Short females should avoid hats with flat tops and wide brims. Tall females should avoid wearing high-top hats. Tender females should avoid wearing flat-top hats, otherwise, they will look unbalanced. Obese females should avoid small hats because this makes the body look bigger. Short-neck people do not opt for bright-colored hats. People with clear brows and slender figures can opt for gorgeous or romantic color hats.

In a word, when choosing a hat, the wearer should take the best advantage of her/his own and cover the shortages. Not only suitable for wearing but also aesthetic.

Hats and Outfits

When talking about how to match hats and outfits, it’s particular about balance and matching. High-ended felt tweed French hats for women match suits and coats, which is romantic and solemn. If a feather cap for women pairs with Chinese cheongsam, it will lose the sense of sameness and generosity of cheongsam. Same as this, casual dress pairs with a top hat, which is in a nondescript and comical sense.

  • Style

The style of hats should match the outfit, which can show the beauty of both in the best way. Bright color outfits are eye-catching, therefore, matching the same color hat can reduce the sense of irritation. For example, a black or dark blue hat matches white, white-beige, or light camel outfits to show the effect of changing things without change (idiom); not changing at all. (like the picture below)

Hats and Outfits
Hats and Outfits
  • Color

The colors of hats should complement the colors of outfits. When matching plain outfits, the color of the hats should choose the same color platter or close colors. If the main fabric of the outfits is patterned, the color of the hat should be one of the colors from the patterns. In this way, the color of the hat can set off the outfit. In addition, if the color of the hat contrasts distinctively with the color of the outfits, it can create a vital and attractive look. (like the two pictures below)

hats and colors
hats and colors
hats and colors
hats and colors
  • With Accessories

The color of hats also should echo scarves, gloves, jewelry, shoes, bags, etc. to reach the beauty of blending one in another. At the same time, it’s picky about the materials. In social etiquette occasions, the hat should be made with high-end materials, with particular workmanship, and with a strong decorative purpose. On indoor occasions, hats without brims are best; when for outdoor occasions, it’s time to choose hats with brims. On solemn occasions, such as weddings, hats with many ornaments are the best.


In daily life, choosing a hat can be casual, but we should consider the occasion. When traveling, you can wear a vital, casual, and bright color sun hat, visor cap, or a sports cap. During work, they can wear simple cargo hats that complement their outfits.

colorful caps
colorful caps

Different styles of hats can bring different effects to the look and emphasize the personality. In brief, when choosing a hat, the wearer should take the best advantage of her/his own and cover the shortages. Not only suitable for wearing but also aesthetic.