7 Types of Hats to Cover All Your Styles from Monday to Sunday

Published On: April 17, 2024    By: chen hui

7 Types of Hats to Cover All Your Styles from Monday to Sunday

During the hot and sticky summer, a hat that can decorate your outfit and protect you from the sun is the most important accessory for fashionistas. The right hat can make your look much brighter and more complete. However, choosing the right hat is not easy. To create different in the whole week, we – Aung Crown an experienced custom hat manufacturer, will share 7 types of hats in different styles for people to refer to.

Trucker Snapback

1.   Trucker Snapback

If you don’t know what kind of hat is right for you, you can never go wrong with a trucker hat this summer. Trucker hats are favored by American truckers. In the beginning, trucker hats were propaganda products that agricultural companies used to promote their products to farmers or truck drivers. Due to their upright style and the exaggerated patterns on the front, trucker hats have become popular headwear.

Trucker Snapback - 1

Plus, choosing a mesh back hat in the summer will keep your head from getting sticky in the high temperatures. Even if you dress casually with shorts or T-shirts, the whole outfit still looks pretty good.

Trucker Cap - Three Spiral Trucker Snapback

This Trucker Cap – Three Spiral Trucker Snapback is from American Skating Brand – Fucking Awesome. The Three Spiral Trucker Snapback is the best choice for those who want to try trucker hats this summer. The color contrast between dark purple and dark green is very eye-catching and won’t be abrupt at the same time. The Fucking Awesome logo is made up of 3 spinning windmills on the front, which is simple, short, and also has a strong effect on the visual contrast. Compared to other street brands, this trucker hat is super cost-effective, which makes this hat more popular and a great choice for beginners.

Visor caps

2.   Visor Cap

Visor caps were the hottest caps in the hip-hop circle from 1990 to the millennium and are once again favored by chic fashionistas. Despite the risk of looking like a tennis player, whether it’s for sun protection, styling, or covering the hairline, visor caps look great and won’t ruin your exquisite hairstyle.

Visor caps - 1

There are many styles of visor caps on the market. Have you ever looked at a Vintage? If so, then you won’t be unfamiliar with the 47 Brand. The 47 Brand and the New Era have the entire range of hats surrounding American sports leagues and are favored by people for the quality and the wide variety of styles they offer.

Visor caps -2

What’s more, 47Brand is the symbol of cost-effectiveness, from the NBA, MLB, NFL, and even the NCAA at colleges in various logos of different teams, you can choose your favorite visor cap here.

47 brand Visor caps

3.   Hair Band

hair band

Maybe people can’t help but complain that the hair band is a hat? However, hair bands as summer ornaments can decorate your summer looks. Therefore, hair bands are a very good choice.

FCE hair band

This hair band is from the Japanese outdoor brand -F/CE. This hair band is handmade and inspired by tablecloths from Germany and combined with the symbolic color tone of F/CE, which is classic and elegant.

Due to the very nice feel and the lightweight blend fabrics, you can wear this hair band comfortably for a very long time without any discomfort. The crochet weaving method makes you wear it won’t be too sticky in the summer. What’s more, you can match it with other headwear for a novel look.

hair band-1

4.   Camp Cap/Panel Cap

camp cap

If you are familiar with street brands like Supreme, PALACE, etc., then you won’t be unfamiliar with camp caps, also called panel caps. The original model of this cap was a bicycle cap. After development, Supreme has made them reborn, adopting a 5-panel crown design that is suitable for any face shape. Therefore, camp caps are favored by boarders and hipsters. In addition, the lightweight and breathable fabrics make camp caps much more suitable for wearing outdoors, camping, etc.

a bicycle cap

The recommended camp cap is a little different this time. It’s from Grip Swany – a veteran American outdoor brand with more than 170 years of history. This brand has focused on the outdoor experience in mind and continues to introduce outdoor apparel that is unique and novel.

Grip Swany

This large brim camp cap is the bold but perfect American answer that Grip Swany designed for the hot and shiny summer. Not only does it have a strong visual effect, but it can also protect your face from being burned by the sunlight. The side mesh design is great to help the heat out of your head, which is super breathable. The back drawstring design also allows you to easily adjust the size of the cap. A perfect sun-protective headwear for the summer.

Grip Swany camp caps

5.   Bucket Hat

bucket hat - 1

A bucket hat is also known as a fisherman’s hat. Originally, bucket hats came from the Irish and were made from woolen fabrics with a very high gross fat content. Because of this, bucket hats were waterproof and that’s why they were favored by Irish fishermen. Later, the U.S. Army borrowed and improved on the shape to create today’s fisherman’s hat with a certain military flair.

bucket hat - 2

The recommended bucket hat is from Anonymous Ism and you may not see much military sense. This brand has focused on making socks and hats with old machines. Based on the BUCKET HAT of the 60s, this bucket hat is made of a comfortable bubble yarn fabric that is suitable for summer. Designed in a bright purple to create a different bucket hat. Therefore, this purple bucket hat can easily decorate your summer outfit, the excellent workmanship, outstanding wearing comfort, and sun protection function will also allow you to travel easily without fear of the scorching sun.

Anonymous Ism bucket hat

6.   Panama Hat

Panama hats -1

Panama hats are a summer must-have. How can you miss them? Such a hat was famous when Roosevelt wore a Panama hat during his visit to the Panama Canal. Panama hats are not only featured in many movies or photo shoots but are also the favorite hats for American vintage lovers.

Panama hats -2

This recommended Panama hat from The Fat Hatter, a young product line from MightyShine, could be your new Panama hat this summer. This bucket hat is very cost-effective and much younger, made of handmade straw, combined with chin straps in the same color. Such a Panama hat can give you a comfortable wearing experience and add a sense of vintage.

Panama hat from The Fat Hatter

7.   All Time Cap


If they say there’s a story behind the hats above, this ALL TIME CAP from CMF is a product of pure whim. The double brim design in different lengths is very flexible to complement different looks and styles.


The inner lining still retains CMF’s penchant for functionality that is antibacterial and deodorizing. The hat’s drawstring design allows you to easily adjust the size of the hat. Featuring a 3M reflective logo, the new ALL TIME CAP eliminates the brim core so it can be easily rolled up and tucked into your coat pocket for easy portability.