Is The Hood Of Your Sweater Too Long And A Hindrance? This Knot Is Beautiful And Convenient!

Published On: April 18, 2024    By: ray herb

There are two thin and long ropes on the hoodie. Although having ropes is fashionable, they become a big trouble when eating. When eating noodles, the rope falls into the bowl as soon as I bow my head. What should I do? Actually, tying a knot on the hood of the hoodie is convenient and stylish!

1. Loop method

Make a loop with the rope first

Press down with your hands

Then turn around and make another circle

The action of repeatedly circling

When the length of the rope is appropriate

Pass the rope through here

Organize it

The winding method is completed

The knot made in this way

Like Chinese knots

I didn’t buy any accessories

Make a piece of clothes become particularly magnificent


2. Spiral method

Make a loop in the middle of the rope

Reverse the tail end of the rope clockwise for about three to four turns

Then tie the rope end

Go through this small hole

Tighten it and adjust it

And a beautiful spiral appears

3. Tie bowknot

Place two fingers on the rope

The rope wraps around the finger for 2 times

And then it goes through the gap between your fingers

Wear it twice



Just fix the rope and it’s done