A Practical Guide to Choose the Right Sweatshirt

Published On: June 28, 2024    By: chen hui

There are 4 seasons in a year and sweatshirts are great for three of them, spring, fall, and winter. These 3 seasons are very nice to wear a sweatshirt. Because of the right thickness and easy matching, sweatshirts can be paired with pants or dresses to create a casual or elegant look. It can be said that sweatshirts are the mainstream in fall and you can easily create the style you want with a sweatshirt. Here we – Aung Crown, a custom apparel manufacturer since 1998, will share a practical guide to choosing the right sweatshirt, including two main parts. Sweatshirts to avoid and recommended sweatshirts to choose from.


Sweatshirts that You Should Avoid

Sweatshirts that You Should Avoid

Even though sweatshirts are a mainstay of the fall season and are not picky about styles and body shapes, it’s hard to choose the right sweatshirt and it’s easy to get the wrong one. Here are the sweatshirts to avoid.

1.    Close-fitting sweatshirts

Although tight-fitting sweatshirts can show a curvy body, it’s very easy to look like an elementary school student wearing fall outfits, which loses its fashionable quality. That’s why we recommend you choose a sweatshirt one size larger, which can easily create a nice look and can add one more inner layer when it’s colder.

tight-fitting sweatshirts

2.    Too oversized sweatshirts

It’s important to understand that an oversized design does not mean that the whole look is slim, especially since sweatshirts are casual outfits. Too oversized sweatshirts can only make the upper body stronger. What’s more, especially for petite people, the popular oversized style is not a proper choice for them. If you love loose styles, it’s suggested to buy a little larger size properly, because too oversized sweatshirts can’t create a nice look easily.

Too oversized sweatshirts

3.    Sweatshirts in embarrassing lengths

Lengths of sweatshirts are also important, too. If you choose the wrong length that is stuffed on the torso, then the whole body is the 50-50 figure.

Sweatshirts iSweatshirts in embarrassing lengths-01n embarrassing lengths-01

There is another con of a torso-length sweatshirt, which looks shorter when dressed in a wide upper body and bottom. Not only does it blur the waistline, but it also makes the whole look rounder, which is not sleek and stylish enough.

Sweatshirts in embarrassing lengths-02

Recommended Sweatshirts

1.    Basic solid-colored sweatshirts

Simple solid-colored sweatshirts are not picky about people and it can be said that these sweatshirts never go wrong. In addition, there are many ways to combine them, such as the example shown in the picture below. The taro purple sweatshirt + denim pants + white shoes, the whole look is fresh and sweet, which is full of girlish sense.

solid-colored sweatshirts

2.    Printed sweatshirts

If you want something a little different, then printed sweatshirts are a great choice. Different print sweatshirts can easily create different styles like the example shown in the picture below. A bright orange sweatshirt with flower patterns can add a sense of childhood that can contrast the whole look.

bright orange sweatshirt with flower patterns

3.    Letter sweatshirts

Letter sweatshirts are the most classic sweatshirts. Whether it’s a brand logo or a funny slogan, letter elements are a way for people to express their personality in a way that’s simple, visually pleasing, and never out of style.

Letter sweatshirt

4.    Cropped sweatshirts

Cropped sweatshirts have become very popular in recent years and are often seen on supermodels in street shots to show off their beautiful curves. Confident and cool girls can try this look, which is pretty cool and pretty.

Cropped sweatshirt

5.    Sweatshirt suits

People ignore sweatshirt suits that can eliminate the worry of matching without sacrificing fashion. In addition, it’s recommended to choose monochromatic sweatshirt suits because low color saturation is easy to handle. Otherwise, the whole look will be unfashionable and old-fashioned. Of course, please choose slim sweatshirt suits like the example in the picture below. You can combine them with a light-colored t-shirt in the inner layer, and explore a little bit of the hem and neckline with canvas shoes, the whole look is quite nice and casual.

sweatshirt suits

In the end, we believe that knowing both will help you choose the right sweatshirt for the upcoming fall season and take your fashion and comfort to the next level.