Aung Crown Cotton Twill Baseball Cap – Find The Right Baseball Cap For Your Face Shape

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


In this blog, we’re going to introduce a great cotton twill baseball cap from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a professional hat maker founded in 1998 with almost 25 years of experience.

Why Do We Need A Baseball Cap?

Even though most people have at least tried wearing a baseball cap once. There will always be some who feel it detracts from their appearance. If that’s what they genuinely think, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to convince them to change their mind. Alternatively, you may argue that some hats look better on certain types of faces than others. A specific balance must be struck in order for a hat to complement a person’s face, haircut, attire, etc. Dimensions could be important.

Finding a pair of jeans that fits while having the same size listed on the tag as the cap you’re trying on might be difficult. The identical hat may look amazing on one person yet fall flat on another when worn by that person. And that’s okay since there is a perfect hat for every face and personality type.

two different baseball caps
two different baseball caps

Important Factor: Size

There are two phases to choosing the best hat for your facial structure. Using a flexible ruler, measure the circumference of your head first. You may measure the size of your skull using the cord from your headphones or phone charger as a makeshift soft ruler.

If you didn’t use a typical soft measuring tape. Please lay the thing you measured flat against a ruler or toolbox measuring tape to determine the size. The second stage in choosing the ideal headwear is to consider your face shape and discover which hat styles go best with your features.

Men’s and Women’s Face Types

A categorization system that is based on geometric shapes is used by traditional methods for recognizing different types of heads. The angle at which your cheekbones, forehead, jaw, and chin meet is a significant factor in determining your personality type. Evaluating your whole facial structure is vital, but looking at this angle is just as important if you want to know what kind of person you are. Take a seat in front of a bright mirror and give yourself a speedy evaluation.


Visualize a marker being drawn around your own reflection. What does it resemble in terms of form? Which area of the face is highlighted will determine the answer. Maybe the jaw, in the shape of a triangle or a square. Or if you have prominent cheekbones, you get the classic “Asian diamond” face shape. In the realm of romance, he is known as the “diamond face.”

The narrowest part of the face relative to the others should be noted as well. If you have a diamond-shaped face, your forehead is a good indicator of your shape, while a triangle-shaped jaw suggests your shape. A round, oval, or square face has a proportional shape. With a forehead, cheeks, and chin that are all roughly the same breadth. The shape of the person’s head and face might shed light on their personality.

Step 2

Take special note of the jawline. Your face will be square or rectangle-shaped if your chin is straight. Round or oval if it is rounded; and diamond- or triangle-shaped if it is pointed. A flat hair growth line and an expressive forehead promote the variation. This means the face shape is a reference to the square. The rounded forehead can be shaped into two spheres and an oval.

Step 3

Get a ruler or centimeter tape if you don’t already have one. The two main lines of measurement for the face are from temple to temple along the eye line and along the nose from the contour of the hair to the tip of the chin. The relationship between the length and width can be used to measure proportions.

Face Shape

If the lengths of the diagonal and parallel lines of a triangle, rhombus, or square are nearly equal, then the object has symmetrical properties. A short face is a defining feature of the round form (where width is more prominent than length). If the nose line is at least twice as wide as the eye line, an oval or rectangular facial shape is also conceivable.

The fact that they hardly ever need to “hide” any notable characteristics. Stylists concur that those with oval faces are the most attractive. It’s acceptable to sulk for a bit. You can conceal all of your aesthetic flaws so that your numerous positive qualities can come through. Cosmetics, hairstyles, and hats, of course, are used to achieve this.


Learn how to choose the ideal sports cap for you based on the aesthetic subset to which you belong. To start, clothing such as baseball caps and other items are still widely used. They are used today in a variety of outfits, including business suits, skinny jeans, and leather jackets. These hats look especially good paired with winter clothing like puffer jackets and fur muffs. They are also completely indispensable in summer outfits when worn with colorful T-shirts, shorts, and skirts.

Choosing From Aung Crown

Look no further than the Aung Crown website for information about fashionable headwear. There are several popular designs out there, including some with visors. They are suitable for people of all ages and genders. Standard, uninteresting options will never be included in our catalog. Any hat can be transformed into a one-of-a-kind collectible by us.

baseball caps and snapback caps

A Baseball Cap for All Senses

Print hats are bought as presents for loved ones. But put together an ensemble in the shape of a “family look,” for usage on vacation. And for those moments when one needs a little boost from a brand-new object of curiosity. There are countless possibilities for embellishment that are always available. Including traditional baseball caps, fashionable snapbacks, and light trackers in every color and size imaginable.

Types of Face Shape

The main rule to follow when choosing clothing, headwear, and accessories. Based on the features of the figure and the form of the face where there is too much, you need to remove, and where there is not enough, add. As a general guideline, highlight the pros while minimizing the drawbacks. The remainder must also be emphasized for coherence’s sake.

face shape
face shape


There is no place to hide, as everything is mirror-symmetrical. According to fashion experts, this silhouette works wonderfully with a wide variety of add-ons. When you find the appropriate garb, you simply do it and go. Maybe even a touch dull.


You’ll recall that the primary issue with this face type is that it tends to look heavy because of its enormous, elongated shape and straight chin. Tucking the hair back over the forehead might help make a long face appear more proportional. Your other choice is a baseball cap with a rounded brim. However, we don’t need any more straight angles, so a high rapper is out. You can afford to wear a hat that covers your eyebrows, so do so.


There’s no need to be self-conscious about widening your forehead if the proportions are perfect. To disguise a hard-hair part, try a rounded trucker cap. Or to soften a square jaw, try a short visor or cap turned back. High tops and wide-brimmed hats are particularly on-trend right now because of the fashion industry’s return to sports models.


Choose a rounded hat for this situation, contrary to the advice given for square or angular faces. A high top will assist prolong the short contour and make your forehead more expressive. While a simple visor will add the essential lines and angles. Choose a cap with a shorter, more squared-off brim if you have a round face because it a long. A rounded brim might make a round face look like a watermelon.


The goal here is to counteract a broad forehead with a strong chin. A terrific choice with a big roof and a roomy top is one that can come in handy. Tight clothing won’t assist you hide your forehead and will instead draw attention to the disproportion.

Hats with the Aung Crown size adjuster are designed to fit a wide range of head sizes. So you can buy with confidence regardless of where you are located. The visor of a cap worn off to the side can help those with triangular or heart-shaped faces. This does a great job of diverting attention away from the forehead and adds some levity to the ensemble.


You should wear any and all snapback caps that are voluminous and have a small visor and an eye-catching pattern. It can help make the face more symmetrical and reduce the prominence of the cheekbones. However, skinny ladies that look Asian can also wear low-profile, round baseball caps. Shift them to the side and the horizontal cheek line will disappear.

different baseball caps
different baseball caps

A Right Hat Can Improve the Whole Look

Advice on finding the perfect headwear in your daily life. Knowing some simple fashion strategies will help you steer clear of frequent errors. In addition, you can buy with confidence for goods that will improve your appearance.

Hip-Hop Hats & Trucker Hats

High-top hats are the best choice for people who fall on the lower side of the height spectrum since they visually lengthen the wearer’s body. By avoiding wearing too many extra layers or oversized clothing, you can avoid looking like a boletus mushroom.

A trucker hat is an ideal option. A large peak flatters a round face, whilst a small peak flatters a narrow one. A basic visor highlights cheekbones. An oval hat flatters the face with a diamond or heart shape. What’s more, a hat worn low on the forehead can assist conceal a high, disproportionate forehead. Simply tuck the cap behind your eyebrows to give the impression that you are balanced.

cotton twill baseball cap
cotton twill baseball cap

Aung Crown Cotton Twill Baseball Cap

Actually, there is no guarantee that you will get the intended outcome even if you carefully study the shape and style of your headwear. The accessory must accurately reflect the owner’s personal preferences in fashion and way of life.

You can shop with confidence at the Aung Crown online store now. You are aware of the insider tips for selecting the ideal hat for your face shape. For those who want to dress in the most current manner, our organization is a practical alternative. Let’s look at some exclusive design baseball caps for which kind of face shape, one of the cotton twill baseball caps is special.

Available Colors

This fashionable casual baseball cap comes in a variety of colors (including black, blue, pink, white, and yellow). It is available for people of various ages, genders, and skin tones.

yellow cotton twill baseball cap
yellow cotton twill baseball cap

Fabric and Logo

The cotton twill baseball cap is soft and airy thanks to being made of cotton. The logo’s clear, the stitching is excellent, and the details are great because the entire hat is embroidered using a flat procedure to guarantee the hat’s quality.

inner of the yellow cotton twill baseball cap
inner of the yellow cotton twill baseball cap


The buckles on this cotton twill baseball cap tail band are black plastic, but the cloth is authentic body cloth. The tail band on this black hat is stretched to show off the D-shaped buckle at the end, which is flat-embroidered with a letter.

In the End

You can try this Aung Crown cotton twill baseball cap, and it will surprise you so much. You deserve to have one.