Aung Crown Cotton Twill Baseball Cap: Hip-Hop With A Baseball Cap

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


In this blog, we’re going to introduce a great cotton twill baseball cap from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a professional hat maker founded in 1998 with almost 25 years of experience.

hip-Hop Culture
hip-Hop Culture

Hip-Hop Culture

Hip-hop is a kind of culture that originated from the street and also refers to rap (rap music). Four ways of expressing hip-hop culture include M-CING, B-BOYING, DJ-ING, and GRAFFITI WRITING. At the same time, it is a kind of black culture that started in the streets of the United States more than 20 years ago.

Although the rise to today, is only a short time of more than 20 years, the hip-hop culture has already spread around the world, especially among teenagers. We believe this culture will continue to spread with the love of the young generation.

hip-Hop Caps
hip-Hop Caps

The Rise of Hip-Hop Culture

The rise of hip-hop has also been accompanied by the rise of a culture that has a lot to do with the product that we’re going to talk about today, which is hip-hop dressing. One of the most distinctive features of this outfit style is the hat.

In the past, when it comes to hip-hop, people may think that the street style is very old-school wear. Wearing oversize T-shirts, very wide sweatpants, or suit pants gives people a youthful and school vitality. But now, everything seems to have changed. When we mention hip-hop and rap, the first impression that comes to our mind seems to be wearing gold chains, gold teeth, and some exaggerated accessories. People like to wear a square scarf or cap.

Hip-Hop Style Baseball Caps

The emphasis was on styling hair and accessories rather than matching clothes. In this article, we will look at a variety of styles to match a new cotton twill baseball cap that we’ll introduce today. These looks will help you find the real hip-hop look. A very important part of hip-hop culture is a street dance, and there is a move in street dance that is very popular.

Hip-hop fans often opt for a baseball cap to protect their head, which allows them to achieve this movement while enhancing their overall style. Over time, the baseball cap has become an essential fashion item in hip-hop clothing.

cotton twill baseball cap in 5 colors
cotton twill baseball cap in 5 colors

Fabric & Technique of the Aung Crown Cotton Twill Baseball Cap

Fabric: Cotton Twill

The cotton twill baseball cap from Aung Crown we are going to introduce today focuses on a hip-hop style and a casual style, which makes it possible for this product to be used in multiple scenarios. The product is mainly made of cotton twill fabric, which makes the product very comfortable and breathable. 

Logo: Flat Embroidery & Closure

A flat embroidery technique is adopted, which can make the content of the logo clear. It’s also very fine in detail, with fine stitching as well. The tail band of the baseball cap adopts the original body cloth + black plastic buttonhole + black D-shaped buttonhole, which is also flat embroidered with letters.

Available Colors

The lengthened tail band design highlights the fashion sense and further highlights the hip-hop style. At the same time, the product is produced in a total of five colors, providing consumers with rich choices and various ways to match. The five colors are black, blue, pink, white, and yellow.

Brim: Curved Brim

The cotton twill baseball cap features a curved brim. First of all, from the practical aspect, the brim can play the role of blocking ultraviolet light and it is necessary all year round. From the point of view of beauty, the wide brim can naturally set off the face more petite; coupled with the modification of the hair, even a round face can also have the visual sense of a palm face.

The curved brim extends the use of this baseball cap. Baseball caps are a great choice for most face shapes, hairstyles, and curved brims.

pink baseball cap
pink baseball cap

Hip-Hop Look

How can we use this baseball cap for a hip-hop look? For the first outfit, we can choose a pink baseball cap + bright clothes + a denim skirt. If you want to try the hip-hop style, you should be bold in color contrast. The overall color contrast of this outfit is very obvious.

For Girls

Girls sometimes dress too conservatively, especially in the choice of colors. Those dull colors also make people not interested and feel bored. Bright colors can form a sharp contrast with pink, a light color. With a denim skirt, hip-hop is mixed with a hint of sexy style, which gives people an amazing feeling. So if you want to wear a cool hip-hop style, it seems that a bold experiment with a color collision is a good choice.

After all, hip-hop is all about being cool at any time. Not only some music shows, but hip-hop style is also very unique most of the time nowadays. This style should be promoted when we are matching our clothes.

For Boys

Pink baseball caps are also available for boys. We all know that pink is a playful and cute color, and if you want it to be cute without feeling pretentious, you have to work hard on your collocations. What makes a pink hat feel fresh, natural, and cool? We can choose a pink jacket on top.

For Short People

For the lower body, we can wear a pair of casual pants so that you cannot see the shortcomings of your figure. For shoes, look for something casual. In this way, we will be both simple and generous, and will be very decent! Pair it with a pink baseball cap for a cool, energetic look. If you want to wear boots, a medium or long women’s jacket with women’s riding boots will give you a soft look while a pink baseball cap can add some cool style.

We can also try a pink jacket, collocated with breeches, and riding boots. This look will give a person a kind of playful feeling, thus increasing your cold ingredient! Pink may seem like a girl’s color to most people, but the truth turns out that it’s not true at all. The boys’ choice of this pink baseball cap reflects, in part, the essence of hip-hop culture: being brave enough to try something new. If you want to surprise the people around you, try this combination!

yellow cotton twill baseball cap
yellow cotton twill baseball cap

Outdoor Look

As the main color of this product, yellow will be introduced to you in more detail in this article. Yellow is the color of joy and excitement. Bright lemon yellow is thought to clarify and promote wakefulness, while golden yellow is comforting and warm.

The outdoor yellows are reminiscent of the sun, daffodils in spring, ripe lemons, aspen, and ginkgo leaves in autumn. It’s a color that attracts attention or sends a warning. Yellow is nature’s punctuation mark and it is not usually as ubiquitous as blue and green. So how do we go about matching a yellow baseball cap that is full of positive symbolism?

leopard outfit
leopard outfit

Yellow Baseball Cap + Leopard Tops + Black Skirt/Shorts

For the second outfit, choose a yellow baseball cap + leopard print top + black skirt or black jeans. There are a lot of times when people think leopard print is tacky, but if you try to add a leopard print element to a hip-hop style, I bet that it will always be a whole new experience.

Leopard prints itself is very individual, and once it shows up, it will easily attract the public’s attention. What’s more, leopard print doesn’t feel so tacky when it comes to hip-hop. We can choose a loose leopard print shirt, plus a black skirt or black jeans. This combination is often a very good collision of elements.

yellow cotton twill baseball cap
yellow cotton twill baseball cap

The Whole Look

The yellow baseball cap sets off the leopard print and adds a hip-hop feel. Only cool colors can bring their own bright elements, especially when we wear hip-hop clothes. In this way, we can better express our young and very strong personality characteristics. Sometimes it is not just a single-color clash, leopard print is often a very sharp choice.

Just the combination of these two pieces doesn’t make leopard print tacky, but it also enhances our individuality. The D-shaped tail buckle element adds street color to the hip-hop style. Don’t you love this hip-hop style?

black baseball hat
black baseball hat

Casual Look

As long as the occasion is not particularly formal and serious, wearing this kind of personalized clothes can narrow the distance between you and others immediately. When others see this kind of individuality, there is no sense of distance. To go with this kind of loose-fitting clothing, it is necessary to choose some hip-hop-style slacks.

black baseball cap
black baseball cap

Accessories for Matching

In fact, as a very important piece of hip-hop, slacks are often indispensable. After all, this style of pants comes in a variety of styles, so it is also very convenient to match many clothes.

A black or white baseball cap provides a sense of style and a trendy element to the ensemble. This baseball cap option provides a sense of compactness that counterbalances the loose feel of the oversize T-shirt, keeping the ensemble from being too relaxed.

But it is worth noting that no matter what style of clothes, without too much decoration can be well matched.

Basic Colors: Black &White

As the two most common colors, black and white are indispensable in our daily wear. As a very cutting-edge new style, the hip-hop style can’t be short of black and white. In this outfit, the black baseball cap adds a bit of seriousness to the look and makes it look mature.

The choice of a white baseball cap adds a lazy, relaxed feel to the outfit. If you’re new to hip-hop dressing, you never go wrong with a black or white baseball cap.

Formal Look

For the last set, we can choose a blue baseball cap + leather jacket + leather pants + black boots. How to put hip-hop out of the domineering, contemptuous feeling? If you want to answer this question, leather clothing can be the best answer.

Girls who like hip-hop must be cool, handsome, and domineering. At the same time, their aura can bring a good influence on people around them. It will never go wrong with the hard material when it comes to the choice of clothing materials.

cool street look
cool street look

Leather Outfits

As you can see in our daily life, the design sense of the leather jacket is obvious, the lines and outlines are very prominent. Also, occasionally, there will be some amazing pieces.

This style of dress is more suitable for girls who have cool personalities as it can reveal a sense of mystery. Leather pants and black boots deepen the grim style. At this point, you may ask, why choose a blue baseball cap over a black one?

Color Contrasting

All black is a common look, but the color contrast is essential if you want to accentuate hip-hop style. Blue represents calm and solemn, and the combination with black leather can highlight the temperament well. It can also make a visual impact on others.

cotton twill baseball cap with flat embroidery letters
cotton twill baseball cap with flat embroidery letters


So, after hearing about the products and the hip-hop-style collocations, are you excited about this style and ready to try it out? Hip-hop’s style of dressing is very free and casual. The style of dressing is derived from the American street culture and the trend of fashion.

The hip-hop design style could not be accepted by the public at first. Later, through the addition of fashionable clothes, it gradually paid more attention to the sense of delicacy and design. In the integration of American life elements, loose, and simple design plays an important part in hip-hop collocations.

The personal characteristics are very distinct too. The addition of a baseball cap makes this style more unique. If you want to start wearing this style, go pick your favorite baseball cap from this cotton twill baseball cap at Aung Crown now!