Aung Crown Washed Baseball Cap: Several Tips for Your Baseball Customization

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


In this blog, we’re going to introduce a great washed baseball cap from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a professional hat maker founded in 1998 with almost 25 years of experience.

Did you know that the colors you select for your apparel, such as the hat you wear, can alter your mood and the amount of energy you have? It’s also possible that certain hues will help you recall things better.

You have the option to select this hue when you get baseball caps that are made to order. These hats can be an excellent way to memorialize an event or add some fresh flair to your collection of clothing and accessories.

Discover the ultimate tutorial for personalizing caps. Learn techniques for infant baseball hats, embroidered baseball caps, and more.

brown baseball cap
brown baseball cap

You aren’t going to have the trouble of ordering hundreds of unique caps just because. Which of these best describes who you are?

Teams in Sports

Personalized caps are a great accessory for any outdoor activity. Your sportsmen will appreciate being able to keep the sun out of their eyes whether you choose visors, snapbacks, or trucker hats.

sports baseball cap
sports baseball cap

Clothing for Workers

In what capacity do you serve as manager at a local eatery? The hat is an acceptable component of the uniform for your servers. A sports bar can dress up with a baseball cap, umpire shirt, and face paint. A bratwurst cafe can dress up with a fedora and suspenders.

green sporty baseball hat
green sporty baseball hat

Shops Selling Clothes

In addition to their fashionable clothes, companies like Forever 21 and H&M also stock their consumers with one-of-a-kind caps. One can have these customized with everything from tacos to cats to the names of specific stores.

Charity Organizations

An outdoor event could make the volunteers uncomfortable due to the heat and the sun. Distribute lightweight visors or safari caps to make everyone feel airier.

red sports baseball cap
red sports baseball cap

Retail Outlets Specializing in Merchandise for Gift-G

Gift shops at popular tourist destinations frequently stock unique headwear. On the weekends, resorts, amusement parks, and zoos can gain a lot of publicity for their brands when guests wear these items.

Holiday Presents

Do something to make the people on your list happy. Printed photos, inside jokes, or embroidered initials make the front of the personalized hats unique and perfect for giving as holiday presents.

1. Find The Right Hat

The first step to getting your high-quality embroidered baseball caps is choosing your hat style. Tons of varieties allow you to customize your baseball hat.


The most popular baseball cap design has a front brim and an adjustable strap at the back for sizing. These caps have a sturdy metal clasp at the back for a secure fit.


Check that the cut and the style are perfect for the men in your life who will be wearing them. What’s mote, it is possible to personalize a baseball cap for a man in such a way that it perfectly fits the head of the recipient, be it a parent, a sibling, or even yourself.


Find the perfect women’s cap for any occasion. Customize your hat for your child’s Little League game or a trendy workout look. Explore a wide selection of options to suit your style.


These hats are specifically crafted with a focus on younger children; moreover, they can be effortlessly adapted to suit older individuals with smaller heads. What’s more, our sizing options encompass a wide range, catering to infants (up to one year), toddlers (up to four years), and young children (under ten years). To enhance readability, the fonts utilized feature prominently-sized letters that remain easily legible even amidst bustling, crowded environments.

Aung Crown Washed Baseball Cap

The Aung Crown baseball cap is a classic style that may be worn by either sex. What’s more , the hat has a resin 7 empty single tail buckle. It allows for easy and quick sizing adjustments.

Aung Crown washed baseball cap
Aung Crown washed baseball cap

2. Try Different Materials

There are literally dozens of various ways that a hat can be styled and embellished. You can try quick and easy DIY methods at home with minimal supplies. However, the result won’t be as professional as from specialized hat businesses. Certain techniques, like embroidery, require expertise. Learn about skilled craftsmen’s additions to create unique personalized hats.


When it comes to putting letters or imagery on your cap, sewing is a process that is both simple and long-lasting. A hat that has been made effectively should be able to withstand being washed and dried. In addition to this, it is weatherproof, meaning that it will not be damaged by the sun, wind, or precipitation such as rain or snow.


Indeed, the art of embroidery, a needlework craft, entails the skillful utilization of vibrant threads and intricate needlework to fashion captivating designs or exquisite letters on a chosen fabric. To partake in this refined avenue of personalization, it becomes imperative to seek the guidance of a seasoned professional or a proficient expert well-versed in the artistry of embroidery. It is more complicated, neater looking, and long-lasting than if you were to do it yourself. Also, Aung Crown can embroider the back of the hat with a high-quality design. Personalize it with additional letters (up to ten) for a unique and customized item. Perfect for yourself or as a gift.

The Aung Crown baseball cap has a vintage look with heavily distressed denim fabric. It is sturdy for regular wear. The inside has a cotton sweat-absorbent band, making it breathable and effective at absorbing sweat. It works very well both as an everyday garment and as a piece to wear when exercising.

inner sweatband on the washed baseball cap
inner sweatband on the washed baseball cap

3. Decide on a Design

How would you like the brim of your cap to be decorated? Definitely, with a custom baseball cap, you have access to a million different creative options that let you represent who you are and even help your company provide better customer service.


Your family’s enormous get-together should be commemorated with hats that feature the initials of your family’s last name. Get matching pink baseball caps for the women attending the bachelorette party. There is an infinite variety of possibilities available for any event, and a hat is an ideal way to remember it for all time.


Put on your initials, or show support for a friend or family member by donning theirs. This is the best option for putting emphasis on your letter because it uses bold fonts on backgrounds that contrast with them.


Wear a hat in the color that is designated for your favorite sports team to show your support for them. Get the initials of your team embroidered on it, or have a professional do it. There is an infinite variety of alternatives, each with a distinctive appearance.

When you’re out in the blazing sun watching your favorite baseball team play, it may be really taxing on your skin. Do you know that in addition to using sunscreen, wearing a hat can help minimize the likelihood that you will develop skin cancer?


Do you want to have a workforce that is perceived as being more professional and organized? A group can appear more united when they all wear caps with the company emblem that have been customized specifically for them. This individualized service is only provided upon the customer’s request.

In point of fact, what makes the personalized baseball cap stand out from the crowd is the logo and whether or not it is memorable. You can all wear the same style of hat, but what differentiates your cap from the others is the design of the logo. The logo of this hat is made out of laser with chain embroidery and flat embroidery. This gives this baseball hat an air of exquisite delicacy and puts the spotlight on design sensibility.

side logo on the washed baseball cap
side logo on the washed baseball cap

4. Pay Attention to Placement and Font

Once you’ve chosen the style, material, and hat type, that’s just half the process. A skilled specialist can decide the text placement and the best font for maximum impact.


Your lettering should be placed in the normal front and center area, as this is the most common and strategic placement for it. In most cases, the brim is kept unadorned because embellishing it might make the hat appear cluttered.


A properly designed hat will contain wording that is easy to see, and it won’t look like there is too much going on. Aung Crown offers a font that was meant to complement the hat while also guaranteeing that the text is easy to read. This font has developed based on years of experience.

5. Choose a Cohesive Hat Color

Your text, logo, design, photo detailing, and the color of the underlying headwear should all mix together using a color palette that is consistent throughout. Because of this, you should select a color for your hat that will either match or complement your design rather than one that will either compete or blend.

This baseball hat has a washed denim blue color, which is cheerful and youthful, and it is highly versatile. Not only can it be worn for a wide variety of situations, but it can also be personalized to be a family baseball hat or a couples baseball hat.

6. Style Your Hat With Matching Accessories

What’s more, use the same customization methods on your baseball cap to customize matching accessories. In addition, tote bags, coats, shoes, and t-shirts are easy to add custom designs onto.

Design Your Dream Custom Baseball Hats

Creating one-of-a-kind baseball caps is simple if you have the correct tools and mentality, but having those things can also help you create a more professional appearance. Use this advice to help you acquire the perfect personalized design to make your baseball hat stand out from the crowd, regardless of whether you are shopping for children’s or adult hats.

In the End

Have a look at Aung Crown washed baseball cap to find headwear that can be personalized to reflect your individuality, your team’s pride, or your company’s core principles.

Since Aung Crown applies an online design tool, novices will have no trouble making their own embroidered patterns from scratch. If you don’t have your own design, it also provides sample designs for you to utilize. It handles the process of translating the given design data into a file format that can be read by the embroidery machine.

Once an idea has been translated into digital form, it can be used as often as desired. Place your order as soon as the design is finished. You only need to place one order to experiment with embroidery on a cap or hat of your own design. 

Whether nor, Dad caps, sun visors, and knit hats are just a few of the styles of headwear you can choose from. They also offer help with 2D embroidery and 3D embroidery, and they employ state-of-the-art embroidery equipment for processing embroidery designs.