Branded Khaki Baseball Cap from Streeter

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


In this blog, we’re going to introduce a great khaki baseball cap from Streeter that belongs to Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a professional hat maker founded in 1998 with almost 25 years of experience.

Different Dressing Styles

Different styles show different tastes. Girls’ clothes can also be smarter and cooler. The street style is naturally cooler. With the popularity of sweet and cool styles, more and more girls like the “cool” collocation. This issue is to share the cool street style.

Streetwear - baseball cap
Streetwear – baseball cap

Let’s take a look at this lady. Pushing a bicycle, wearing a casual shirt, polka dot tights, a baseball cap, a dazzling necklace, and a ring, walking on the street, you can enjoy a very personalized street style. A baseball cap and a bicycle form a harmonious picture. Whether from jewelry, or dot elements, baseball caps, are spreading a sense of fashion.

black baseball cap
black baseball cap

The shirt has a full sense of formality. The shape of a baseball cap can just mix the vitality of the baseball cap and the solemnity of the shirt. Make the outlook more casual and fashionable. It is also more playful and fashionable that this girl chooses this pure white shirt with graffiti elements together with a baseball cap.

So from the two pictures above, it is not hard to find that baseball often appears in street-style outlooks. I believe that many people have heard of a style of dressing called “street style”. What is street style? What are the characteristics of street-style clothing?

What Does Street Style Mean?

It is HIP-HOP wind. The street corresponds to the concert hall, which has a casual meaning. In HIP-HOP, HIP means butt. In street culture, randomness is very important, so the butt can be used as a dancing organ (in fact, Beyonce, an American pop diva, can dance with her butt very well). Street culture also includes graffiti and clothing. Graffiti is usually done in public places, such as the subway in big cities and the walls of some parking lots. Clothing also requires a hip-hop style.

Characteristics of Street-style Clothing

If you look carefully at street-style clothes, you will find that in addition to printing, most of them are basic ones. Such as letters or patterns, sweaters, T-shirts, baseball shirts, jeans, and uniforms, which are street elements.

black baseball hat
black baseball hat

It’s not difficult to wear street elements. The real street is full of an unruly attitude. Although there are times of confusion and depression, there must be an attitude of their own. Therefore, without this temperament, it is useless to wear anything.

Just want to wear clothes that look like street clothes, which can not solve the problem at all. You can’t wear anything other people suggest. Therefore, the real street is not what others want you to look like, but what you want to be.

Let’s come back to the characteristics of street-style clothing. The first impression of street style is oversized, which has some historical reasons.

casual baseball cap
casual baseball cap

Hip-Hop Culture

It turns out that Hip hop culture was developed by some parents in the United States as early as the 1970s. At that time, the economic situation of people in the United States was not as good as now, but the number of children was big. To prevent these children from eliminating their clothes too soon, they often bought T-shirts in larger sizes.

 In addition, Hip Hop culture is very sporty, and loose clothes are more convenient. Big size is not the whole picture of Hip Hop, but there are differences in the subdivision: skateboarders like to wear skateboard shoes, which are more convenient and wear-resistant, and match skateboard brand clothing.

In the 21st century, street culture has spread to major cities in the world. For the new generation of trendsetters, street culture has become a symbol of cool and fashionable style and a part of their lives.

Few Elements of Streetstyle

dressing accresorries - rings
dressing accessories – rings

1. Ring earrings

Girls who have experienced the 90s will never forget its popularity. The most suitable summer is a pair of big circle earrings!

Lauryn Hill, known as the revolutionary pioneer of R&B female musicians, is the lover of this pair of earrings. This has been her symbol since her youth! It is not only Lauryn Hill but also the female dancers and rap people who love it!

More importantly, it doesn’t seem so difficult to integrate it into daily collocation! As long as the girl likes and can control the big round earrings, she can integrate them into the daily collocation.

2. Streetstyle Jeans

How can a pair of sturdy jeans miss the street style? Whether they are rough-edged or worn-out, they will be very good pieces. The cowboy itself has a sense of being unruly, with a big hole element, or rough hems. With a sense of decadence and rebellion, it seems like fearless arrogance.

hio-hop culture
hip-hop culture

3. Stylish Socks

When it comes to accessories, we can’t help mentioning socks. From the popular snow socks a few years ago to the very popular white logo towel socks, and the long-lasting hemp leaf socks, the popularity of socks has not only not faded, but also has a growing trend. Towel socks are a very important piece of streetwear.

baseball cap styles
baseball cap styles

Baseball Cap

No matter if they are men or women, they often use baseball caps as a necessary piece of mixed style. With a slightly formal look, baseball caps create a high-street atmosphere. From sports, hip-hop singers, and skateboarders to the current high-street fashion, baseball caps are also playing different roles in clothing with the times.

In the hip-hop camp, a hat showing your identity is always a must. It is necessary to create a feeling of arrogance in the opponent. A baseball cap is most suitable for wearing both in front and back.

The matching of this sunproof cap in summer is also extremely simple. As long as it is not a special formal workplace, grand and feminine matching, it is always compatible and adds the “street” attribute.

Streeter khaki baseball cap
Streeter khaki baseball cap

Aung Crown Khaki Baseball Cap

Shenzhen Aung Crown Hat Industry was born in this city which is keen on hat making. Aung Crown hat industry is an enterprise integrating design, production, and sales. We mainly produce baseball caps, sun caps, sports caps, baseball caps, advertising caps, fisherman’s caps, and children’s caps of different styles and grades.

1. Hat Design

One hat that street hipsters can’t miss is the street-style baseball cap of Aung Crown Company. First of all, in terms of comfort, this khaki baseball cap is made of pure cotton twill, which is comfortable and breathable. From the appearance, the hat mixes two colors, which breaks the image of normal baseball caps and has a sense of individuality and design. It’s hard to bump into clothes when walking in the street.

the inner view of the Streeter khaki baseball cap
the inner view of the Streeter khaki baseball cap

2. Inner Sweatband

The inside is covered with a pure cotton sweatband, which is comfortable and breathable. This material also can help absorb sweets. This is also very suitable for outdoor activities and performances. The logo applies plain embroidery, with beautiful fonts and delicate stitches.

white-black khaki baseball cap
white-black khaki baseball cap

3. Black and White Baseball Cap

This khaki baseball cap is available in two colors. The black combined with white color is very classic. It can also combine the clothes to highlight the retro atmosphere of the outlook. It can also present more abundant visual effects than solid colors.

red kahki baseball cap
red khaki baseball cap

4. Red and Khaki Baseball Cap

Another is red with khaki. Khaki is also a good choice in red matching. For khaki, although it is close to yellow, it is not too bright. It can achieve good results by matching with red lightly and darkly.

Customized Baseball Cap Service

Want to make a baseball cap that suits you? You got it in the right place and this khaki baseball cap is a great choice. Aung Crown has many years of experience and can be the first choice for various customized hats. The product series can meet the needs of children, adults, men, and women.

The baseball caps produced by our company must be of the best quality because of the selected materials, the most professional staff, and the latest printing technology embedded in the machines that produce thousands of products every day. And we have professional customer service personnel to communicate with you, to ensure that the whole communication is pleasant and meets your requirements.

Whenever you order from anywhere, and from any device that you visit our website, you can order. Or you might also be recommended by your friends. The order process will not waste your time and energy.

The whole process is simple and clear. In the transaction process, we also adopt professional processes and can choose safe online shopping transactions. For all types of baseball caps, we will use the most considerate service to deliver your order to the destination.

Our services enable you to produce a variety of different items without obstacles. Printing one or more baseball caps for your use, or even mass production of customized baseball caps for commercial purposes will provide the same professional services. So please contact us now, and make your custom baseball cap today!