Beach Hats: What To Wear on Beach Vacations?

Published On: March 26, 2024    By: chen hui

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Summer is coming soon and it’s time to go to the beach. However, we must wear a hat because of the strong summer sun. What kind of hat should we wear? We – Aung Crown, a reliable Chinese custom hat maker, will introduce you to 5 kinds of hats from the movie: Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. So, are you ready to start this fun trip?

Why do we need to wear a hat on beaches? Because there are rare sheltered trees or other objects around the coastline and the reflection of seawater leads the UV light is super strong. That’s why we need to wear a hat on beaches. Here are the 5 types of hats from the movie: Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.

1.    Visor Caps/Hollow-Top Hats

Visor Caps, Hollow-Top Hats -01

Claire DeBella, Governor of Connecticut, as a governor, she dresses according to the norms of society and is poised about what she does. These two visor caps she wore on the island that was shot were nice. Both visor caps are hollowed out. For girls who have voluminous hair, such a visor cap can free up their hair and provide sun protection at the same time. So, visor caps are a very nice choice for beaches, what’s more, it’s very easy to store and not easy to deform.

Visor Caps, Hollow-Top Hats -02

2.    Wide-brim Straw Hats

Wide-brim Straw Hats -01

Birdie Jay, a designer who is the origin of the model in the movie, wears two wide-brimmed straw hats on vacation. The sense in the swimming pool, she wears an orange swimsuit with the same color straw hat, which is super eye-catching. The dressing code in the same color is the constant golden principle. Due to her role, the choice of hats is a bit exaggerated. Her tall frame can easily handle both wide-brimmed straw hats. But please note that such a wide-brimmed straw hat requires a big luggage box.

Wide-brim Straw Hats -02

3.    Bucket Hats

Bucket Hat -01

The male host role, Benoit Blanco, and Peg wear a short-brimmed bucket hat. Usually, the brim of short-brimmed bucket hats is about 5-6 inches wide. Peg is a calm and steady person, the personal assistant of Benoit Blanco, in charge of PR matters. Because her boss, Benoit Blanco, wore a bucket hat, as a personal assistant, Peg chose a short-brimmed bucket hat. Peg is a petite woman with hot curves. She wears shorts and crop tops to go with a short-brimmed, close-fitting bucket hat. Such a bucket hat is foldable and washable, which is great for traveling or vacations.

Bucket Hats -02

4.    Cuffless Beanies

Cuffless beanie -01

Lionel Toussaint, chief scientist at Alpha, a new energy company. Miles Brown is his superior. Perhaps because of his black complexion, Toussaint isn’t afraid of the sun, opting instead for a cuff-less cap. The hat he wears during the day looks like a landlord’s hat or an old Beijing Beile hat. Here is another cuff-less hat for the evening party. Because of his mustache, there is a personal balance between the cuffless hat and the mustache. The second type of cuffless hat is very personalized and not fashionable, yet versatile. So, when choosing such a hat, please think twice and it’s not recommended to choose such a hat, only if you can handle it.

cuffless hat

5.   Trucker Caps or Straw Hats

Trucker Caps or Straw Hats -01

Here are the other two male host roles. There are not so many camera shots of them wearing hats. Trucker caps and flat-brimmed straw hats are the hats they wear. The back four panels are hard mesh designs that are breathable. Flat-brimmed straw hats are the essential hats for the beach. However, when packing, please protect the shape of the hat in case it gets squeezed.

Trucker Caps or Straw Hats -02

In the End

Glass Onion - A Knives Out Mystery

Film is one of the 8 types of art. Every movie has its professional couturier to design outfits for actors or actresses. So, learning how to wear a hat from movies is a shortcut.

This is where the share ends. Aung Crown hopes everyone can enjoy this short blog and if you’re interested in our content, please save our blog site to your bookmarks. We will continue to post from time to time.