Women’s Summer Anti-UV Hats: How to Choose an Anti-UV Hat for Summer

Published On: March 27, 2024    By: chen hui

Women’s Summer Anti-UV Hats - How to Choose an Anti-UV Hat for Summer

Summer is just around the corner. Sun protection is very important in the summer because it can protect you from skin cancer and other skin diseases. Whether you are going out, traveling, or just hanging out on the street, sun protection is important for our skin. In addition, strong sunlight is one of the most important factors that cause skin aging and spots.

We also want to have a white and clean face so that the skin is in good condition. However, due to the strong sunlight in summer and the cold wind in winter, both are very harmful to our skin. So we need to protect our skin. Then, choosing a sun hat in summer is the best choice to protect the skin.

Then there is a question: how to choose a sun hat? If you choose the right hat, then the hat can not only protect you from UV but also enhance your look. If not, then it is a mess. Here, we – Aung Crown, a reputable Chinese custom hat maker, will introduce several types of hats for summer from 2023 street dressing for the coming summer.

1.    Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are one of the most popular fashion items among girls and women in summer. No matter for celebrities, models, or ordinary people, bucket hats are everywhere that you can see. The reason why bucket hats are so much favored is that while wearing a bucket hat, the face looks small and the wide brim can provide a very nice sun protection for the face. Below are some types of bucket hats for you to refer to.

Wide brim and deep crown bucket hat

Wide brim and deep crown bucket hat

This kind of bucket hat is the first choice for big-faced girls or women. The wide brim design can cover the whole face well. No matter whether you have a round face, oval face, or square face, you can try this wide-brim and deep crown bucket hat.

Wide brim and deep crown bucket hat -01

This wide-brimmed and deep-crowned bucket hat in the above picture is super casual, which is very nice to match with summer dresses or shirts. The wide brim can easily cover the whole face, which can make the face look small.

Wide brim and deep crown bucket hat -02

This reversible wide-brim bucket hat is also a great choice for summer. What’s more, it’s fashionable yet versatile, which can match most outfits and clothing in the summer.

Wide brim and deep crown bucket hat -03

This bucket hat has a vintage and fresh style. Plus, it’s a woven craft, which is great for outdoor activities and beach vacations.

Wide brim and deep crown bucket hat -04

Round-top and narrow-brim bucket hats

The style of this type of bucket hat is a little bit vintage and literary. Girls or women who have oval faces or long faces can try this type of bucket hat, which can make their faces more three-dimensional. There is no supporting structure for this kind of bucket hat. It collapses while wearing, so square-faced girls or women are better off not trying this round-top and narrow-brim bucket hat, otherwise, their faces will look rounder.

Round-top and narrow-brim bucket hats -01


Round-top and narrow-brim bucket hats-02

This type of bucket is made of breathable fabrics and the size is adjustable. The lettering adjustable straps are cute and naughty.

Round-top and narrow-brim bucket hats-03

SpongeBob bucket hat

Round-top and narrow-brim bucket hats-04

This bucket hat is combined with cute SpongeBob elements. It’s also reversible, so you can have two hats in one bucket hat. Made of cotton and nylon, both fabrics are skin-friendly and breathable. The yellow SpongeBob side is fashionable and cute; the black side is cool and cute, which is the most popular design of this SpongeBob hat.

Round-top and narrow-brim bucket hats-05

2.    Baseball Caps

In general, girls or women who like to wear baseball caps are pretty cool and personalized. Most baseball caps are casual and sporty and can match with sweatshirts or t-shirts. The long brim of baseball caps has a great effect on providing sun protection in summer, and wind protection in fall. That’s why people are all favored baseball caps.

Baseball Caps-01

When opting for a baseball cap, please pay attention to the logo and color of the baseball cap. Usually, black or white baseball caps are fashionable yet versatile. Other colors need to be considered the color of the outfits. Most logos of baseball caps are simple alphabets. Please do not too fancy patterns or logos, only if you have mastered the fashion well.

Baseball Caps-02

First, recommended MLB personalized baseball Cap

MLB personalized baseball cap-01

MLB is one of the street brands of baseball caps. This cap is made of polyester and artificial PVC. There are 2 types of embroidered logos. The size is adjustable, which is suitable for couples and lovers.

MLB personalized baseball cap-02

Second recommended Kenmont baseball caps

Kenmont baseball caps-01

This Kenmont baseball cap belongs to the European and American styles. The brim and the front panel are sequins to enounce embroidery patterns, which are shiny and nice-look. While wearing such a baseball cap, the whole look is with a sense of design.

Kenmont baseball caps-02

3.    Professional Anti-UV Visor Caps

The bucket hats and baseball caps above are more fashionable than the sun protection function, which are suitable to wear on the streets, and hanging out. If you are a camping, climbing, or outdoor lover, then it’s suggested to buy a professional anti-UV visor cap. After all, you’re exposed to sunlight most time. When choosing such a visor cap, you need to pay attention to the anti-UV level and whether the fabric is skin-friendly, andbreathable,

VVC professional visor cap

VVC professional visor cap-01

This anti-UV visor cap is UPF50+, which can block 99% of UV rays. The wide and large brim can completely cover your face, what’s more, the brim is adjustable, which can be adjusted according to your needs. This visor cap is made of Lerona fabric, which has an icy silk feel and is cool to wear.

VVC professional visor cap-02

Kenmont outdoor anti-UV visor cap

Kenmont outdoor anti-UV visor cap-01

This type of visor cap is a full anti-UV design with a detachable face mask, top cover, and neck cover that provides full sun protection. After wearing this cap, the only exposed part of your head will be your eyes. Made of Supplex fabric, this fabric is quick-drying, moisture-absorbing, and has great breathability. So, it’s pretty cool to wear it.

Kenmont outdoor anti-UV visor cap-02

The breathable mesh face marks part and the whole visor cap is detachable to fit various environments.

Kenmont outdoor anti-UV visor cap-03

The upper is the multi-detachable ways.

Kenmont outdoor anti-UV visor cap-04

In the End

The range of anti-UV hats for women ends here. In a word, if you’re going to go climbing or hiking, then it’s suggested to choose a professional anti-UV visor cap. If you don’t know how to choose by your face shape, then choosing a wide-brimmed bucket hat or a baseball cap is a pretty nice choice. If you like our blog, please save our blog to your bookmark and we post from time to time. We hope you enjoy this blog and find your summer hats.