Beat the Heat: Why You Need a Summer Hat?

Published On: May 15, 2024    By: chen hui

Beat the Heat - Why You Need a Summer Hat

About 90% of people don’t know the benefits of wearing a hat in the summer. When summer comes, the temperature will rise immediately. That’s why the topic of why people wear hats in hot summer can be widely discussed. There are many reasons, such as people who don’t wash their hair, cover their hair volume, change their face shape, or protect themselves from sunlight. Here, we, Aung Crown – a custom hat maker, will introduce the benefits of wearing a hat in summer.

1.    Protect your hair

Hair is the outermost layer and it’s very easy to be damaged by sunlight and the exposure to sunlight is stronger than we thought. If the hair is exposed to UV light for a long time, it can easily cause the hair to dry, coarse, fade, lack shine, and increase brittleness. What’s more, UV light can also cause other changes, and all these changes can cause harm and damage to the hair.

hair protection

2.    Protect your scalp

If your hair is thick and stay outdoors less time, it’s not a big problem no matter whether you wear a hat or not. However, if your hair is loose and rare or you need to stay a long time outdoors, wearing a hat is a very wise choice.

Too much sunlight can affect the form and degradation of follicular melanin. The damage to the follicular can weaken its function or make it disappear. Simply speaking, under the influence of UV light, it’s easier to lose hair.

3.    Protect your brain

Research from the University of Copenhagen shows that there is a potential risk of brain damage when the scalp is directly exposed to sunlight.

As shown in the picture below, the researchers keep strong sunlight in the lab (about 1000 watts of sunlight per square meter) and perform tests on the motor cognitive ability of the subjects.

brain protection

After exposure to sunlight for about 2 hours, the recognition scores of complex sports and integrated campaigns of the subjects are low. Conversely, continuous heating of the lower body doesn’t reduce the recognition of sports skills.  

brain protection-01

Therefore, in the hot summer, the use of different types of hats for sun protection can better reduce the radiation exposed to the sunlight, which can cause heat damage to the body.

However, as the weather gets hotter and hotter, more and more people don’t like to wear hats. Because they worry that hot weather can cause scalp sweating, flat hairstyle, and hair loss after wearing a hat for a long time.

In fact, physical heat dissipation and wearing a hat can insulate against heat transfer and radiation. However, it blocks the unique function that humans have – perspiration and cooling. Perspiration includes wet sweat and quick-drying sweat.

4.    Sun protection

Most hats can provide sun protection to people because they can provide a physical barrier to black or reject UV light to protect skin from direct sunlight, especially for faces and heads.

The physical barrier means that the hats have wide brims that can block direct sunlight and reduce direct sunlight on the face and head. In addition, some anti-UV hats are designed with removable masks or neck covers that can provide full protection for people.

sun protection

5.    Fashion sense

Hats can add a sense of fashion to an entire look. Not only are hats practical accessories, but they also add style and personality to your overall look. Here are the reasons why:

  • Different styles: There are many styles of hats, such as berets, baseball caps, bucket hats, straw hats, dad caps, etc. Each style of hat can display different styles and personalities.
  • Highlight spots: Hats can be the highlight of an entire look. Even if the outfit is simple, wearing a hat can instantly elevate your sense of fashion.
  • Hide the downside: For people who don’t want to worry about their hairstyle or oily hair, hats are the perfect accessory to keep the whole look neat and stylish.
  • Modify Face Shapes: The right choice can change the shape of your face. For example, berets can make the face look slimmer and baseball caps can add a sense of casualness to the look.
  • Colors and Materials: The colors and materials can provide a proper contrast or complement, which can add a sense of layering and attraction.
  • Different occasions: Different hats are for different occasions, from formal occasions to casual outdoor activities, hats can add unique personality.
fashion sense

In the end, wearing a hat in summer has lots of benefits. So, why not wear a hat in summer to protect you and elevate your fashion at the same time?