Black And White Baseball Hat from Streeter

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Here is a sports baseball – a black and white baseball cap from Streeter that belongs to Aung Crown – a professional hat maker founded in 1998. The overall tone is black. At first glance, this is a low-profile sports baseball cap. After all, sports baseball caps generally pursue practical rather than fancy decoration. Sports baseball caps need to be comfortable and fitted. If a baseball cap is often loose during sports, it is very embarrassing to need to help it often. A sports baseball cap that is helpful to the sportsman should be perfectly integrated with the sportsman when he is exercising. It’s like a part of the body that is moving. This is the right baseball cap to play a positive role.

The Black and White Baseball Cap from Streeter

Choosing black as the overall tone of this black and white baseball cap is also the low-key element of black. After all, this is a sports baseball cap. There is no need to have special highlights. Wearing this baseball cap is for sports, not for performances. If it is too bright, it may also cause discomfort to others. To influence others’ evaluation of the wearer. But with black as the overall tone of this black and white baseball cap, this problem will not occur. Black low-key will make people appear calmer and more mature. It makes people feel that you are comfortable exercising, not showing off. It brings a lot of good feelings.

the details of the black and white baeball hat KN2012232
the details of the black and white baseball hat KN2012232

1. Cozy and Soft Material: Milk Silk

What’s milk silk fabric?

This black and white baseball cap is made with a cozy and soft material – milk silk. Milk silk, also called milk protein fabric, is made out of skimmed milk that contains about 15 types of amino acid extracts, which can nourish the skin. Milk protein fabric is a great combination of nature and technology, which can keep the advantages from both sides, so this fabric has a lustering surface as mulberry silk.

The features of milk silk

Milk silk, also called milk protein fabric, can be used single, and also can be blended with cashmere, silk, sump silk, cotton, wool, ramie, and other fibers to make fabrics. Milk protein fabric is skin-friendly that can keep away allergies and wrinkles, and it’s also bloated and fragile with a mold-proof ability, which can make it soft and subtle.

The absorbing-moisture feature of this fabric is sweat-wicking and hygroscopic which can make this black and white baseball cap comfortable to wear during hot summer days. The vertical fibers with regular conduits of milk protein fabric can provide ample space for moisture to pass from fiber to fiber. Another advantage of this fabric is environmentally friendly, passing the International Ecological Textile Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Authentication in April 2004. Therefore, this black and white baseball cap made with milk silk is eco-friendly that can reduce waste and pollution for our planet, which is a great choice for those who are environmentalists.

the curved brim of the black and white baseball hat at right side KN2012232
the curved brim of the black and white baseball hat on the right side KN2012232

2. Curved Plastic Brim

This is a low-key sports baseball cap. The color of the brim is also black, which is consistent with the overall color. The detail is that even the thin line fixing the brim is also black. So the whole brim is all black. Those thin lines can’t be detected at all. Visually, the brim is very clean and tidy. There are no messy elements. So simple is the best, which can go well with any outfit.

At the same time, the brim of this baseball cap is a curved plastic brim. The crown of the brim has a certain height, making the brim look tighter and more powerful. It looks like a sports baseball cap. Because there is no loose and lazy feeling on the whole. Like a fitness person who has been trained for a long time. The whole body is full of strong muscles. The whole person is tense. Wearing this baseball cap makes people think you are a person who likes to exercise regularly. They are lively, cheerful, and healthy people. It brings the charm of sunshine.

outer taping with letter on the black and white baseball hat KN2012232
outer taping with letter on the black and white baseball hat KN2012232

3. Six Panels Structured Baseball Cap

This is a six-panel-structured baseball cap. On the side of the black and white baseball cap, there is a string of white English letters the name of the brand – Streeter. A closer look shows that this is a widened black cloth belt. It’s a horizontal stripe style. The English letters are white, which forms a strong contrast with the black background. Create a sense of a visual difference and highlight it from the silent background. After careful observation, we found that this string of English letters is the brand name of this baseball cap – Streeter. A light color highlights the flat cap.

the metal buckle tuck-in closure on the black and white baseball hat KN2012232
the metal buckle tuck-in closure on the black and white baseball hat KN2012232

4. Adjustable Metal Snap Closure

To achieve the effect of fitness for sports, this baseball cap must fit the consumer’s head. This is a baseball cap with a neutral design. The size is 58cm/22.83 inches. From the perspective of scale, it is more suitable for most people. But there are certain differences in the head shape of each person. For better results, this baseball cap has an adjustable design.

The tail strap of the baseball cap uses the same color and fabric as the cap body. It is not only visually integrated but also consistent in comfort. This is to make the back of consumers feel gentle and caring. Avoid hurting the back of the consumer’s head and causing a series of problems such as itching due to the rough tail band.

The adjustable design of this black and white baseball cap is in the form of a snap. The button is a copper metal snap fastener. This is probably the most bright part of this baseball cap. The soft fabric and metal buttons form a strong contrast. It seems to be emphasized that even such a soft baseball cap has a hard side. Looking at this baseball cap from the rear, this button caught the eyes of consumers. In the black background behind the baseball cap, the metal color of the button becomes obvious. It’s really hard to ignore it.

the flat embroidery logo on the left-front side of the black and white baseball hat KN2012232
the flat embroidery logo on the left-front side of the black and white baseball hat KN2012232

5. Embroidery Logo

This sports baseball cap is in a simple style. So how to highlight the logo under simple conditions? Also, make this logo conform to the simple style of this baseball cap. First of all, if you want to highlight the logo on a black background, the color selection of the logo is crucial. Of course, white has become the color of this logo. This echoes the white English letters on both sides of the baseball cap.

This baseball cap doesn’t seem to be attached to complicated elements. The logo is placed on the front side of the baseball cap. Instead of choosing to be in the middle. This logo is taken from the elements of this brand. It can be seen that this logo is quite similar to some parts of the brand. It can be concluded that it is from the part of the trademark.

A Suitable Baseball Cap

It seems that the designer did not spend much time on the logo design of this baseball cap. Instead, the choice opens another way of thinking. Consumers who want to choose a sports baseball cap may not care how beautiful the baseball cap is. Maybe I just want to have a baseball cap that suits me, and then wear this baseball cap to participate in sports. That’s it. So the baseball cap that is suitable for this group only needs to be simplified. Highlight the brand, highlight the fabric, and highlight the comfort.

But it can’t be perfunctory. This baseball cap uses flat embroidery technology. Exquisite craftsmanship is applied under the elements that look simple on the surface. This technology improves the texture of this baseball cap and plays an auxiliary role in the user experience. Such superb technology makes the baseball cap not uncomfortable even on the inside.

aung crown unisex black and white baseball hat KN2012232
Aung crown unisex black and white baseball hat KN2012232

6. Sweat-Absorbing Headband

As a sports baseball cap, the sweat-absorbing headband is of course an essential part. It was also mentioned before that the fabric of this baseball cap has excellent breathability and moisture conductivity to achieve a refreshing effect. Made of light and thin fabric in summer, it can quickly absorb the moisture and sweat from the skin and quickly diffuse it into the air to keep the skin dry and ventilated.

It is made of thick fabric in winter. The micropores absorb the heat emitted by the body, effectively block the airflow, prevent the invasion of cold air, and keep warm and light. The effect of warm winter and cool summer is not exaggerated. This is also a major advantage of this baseball cap as a sports type.

The inside of the baseball cap also carries out the simple style of this baseball cap. The inside of the baseball cap is a simple black-and-white match. Mainly brand name and black background. To maximize the comfort of the inside of the baseball cap, no more trademarks are added to the inside of the baseball cap.

the left side of the black and white baseball hat KN2012232
the left side of the black and white baseball hat KN2012232

In the End

If you like this black and white baseball hat with a simple style, you can choose this baseball cap without hesitation. Whether it’s a comfortable fabric or a simple design, you can find the right one in Aung Crown. Come and see if it’s the black and white baseball hat you’ve been looking forward to.