Trendy Redskins Baseball Cap from Streeter

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


This is a casual and trendy redskins baseball cap from Streeter that belongs to Aung Crown – a professional hat maker founded in 1998. This baseball cap has two colors for consumers to choose from red and gray respectively. If you want to share the baseball cap with others, but don’t want the same style and color, you can choose this baseball cap.

If you are used to the traditional black-and-white combination and want to have a new combination, you can choose this redskins baseball cap. This is a baseball cap with a neutral design, which means you don’t have to consider whether it is too weird. The family and friends around will be very suitable. You can confidently invite them.

Available Colors: Grey or Red

The grey baseball cap is lighter. In order to avoid the dullness and depression of dark gray, choose to tone the color a little lighter to show more maturity and steadiness. It will not grow old at the same time when it is mature, and it is full of vigor and vitality.

The red one is darker. In order to match the grey one, the red baseball cap is not bright. Perhaps it is to match the grey baseball cap. The red baseball cap will deepen the color and reduce the feeling that it will bring a bright and dazzling. Let the red baseball cap reduce the dazzling light and increase the sense of maturity and steadiness.

If you put the two baseball caps together, they will be more compatible. From the perspective of vision, there will be no more dazzling situation. In this way, it will be more appropriate to share with relatives and friends, and there will be no feeling that one person has taken the lead.

aung crown casual redskins baseball cap and grey baseball cap KN2012162
aung crown casual redskins baseball cap and grey baseball cap KN2012162

Fabric: Microfiber

The fabric of this redskins baseball cap seems a little novel. The fabric composition of this baseball cap is really surprising. Such a fabric composition seems to be rare. Then let’s have a look at this fabric – Microfiber.

Microfiber is a kind of imitation leather fabric developed after artificial suede products. Microfiber is a thin fabric composed of microfiber. Also, a novel thin fleece fabric made of microfiber fabric. It is derived from artificial suede and has a softer texture because it does not undergo polyurethane wet treatment.

This fabric has shorter fleece, which can hardly be seen on the surface but can be perceived by the skin so that the feel and appearance are more delicate and unique. Its luster is soft and elegant. Compared with artificial suede, it gives consumers a sense of novelty, suits people’s curious consumption psychology, and soon becomes popular in the international market.

Tencel can get the feel of microfiber velvet after treatment. After fine sanding and finishing in dyeing and finishing, the surface of the fabric is closely covered with short velvet, which is like the surface of a peach. It has a novel and elegant appearance and a comfortable feel, so it is favored by people.

Features of Microfiber

This fabric is characterized by moisture absorption, breathability, and waterproofing. It has a silk-like appearance and style, and the fabric is soft, shiny, and smooth. Such products can be used as clothing fabrics, such as jackets, skirts, etc. It can also be used as an ideal material for bags, shoes, hats, and furniture decoration. This also makes this redskins baseball cap look more textured and has the function of making people eager to the touch. In the light of the light, this baseball cap is really more dazzling because of its luster. If you wear this redskins baseball cap to go out in sunny weather, it must be very good.

structured redskins baseball cap and grey baseball cap KN2012162
structured redskins baseball cap and grey baseball cap KN2012162

Curved Plastic Brim

The brim of this redskins baseball cap is a curved plastic brim. This hat has a high camber on the brim. The brim of the hat shows a trend of extending forward. The brim also shows a downward trend. The whole is a downward slope. This design does not cover the logo design of the cap body of the baseball cap but shows the cap body of the baseball cap more thoroughly.

the left side of the grey baseball cap KN2012162
the left side of the grey baseball cap KN2012162

This shape of baseball cap brim can also better modify a head shape and a face shape. Cover the forehead if it is hidden, which can play a better decorative effect. The edge of the brim looks thin, but it is hard because of the plastic. It can support the overall shape and better shape. The hard edge was wrapped by the cloth and then converged into a sharp blade. Reduce the damage of sharp edges, minimize the damage, and maximize the protection.

the rose red grey baseball cap KN2012162
the rose red grey baseball cap KN2012162

Six Panels Structured Baseball Cap

This is a six panels structured baseball cap. The color of the thin thread used for reinforcement on the baseball cap is close to the cap body. The first half of the redskins baseball cap shows a strong and vivid image of strength. It’s meticulous and powerful fighters. Tight the trained muscles to show perfect lines. But the back of the baseball cap is soft and inclusive. Protect the head with gentle strength. This combination of strength and softness is one. They are presented together on this baseball cap.

Adjustable Closure of Plastic Buckle

The tail strap of this grey baseball cap is adjustable. The tail strap is a plastic single-breasted snap design. The use of grey as the color of the tail band is also to be more consistent with the baseball cap itself. The size of this grey baseball cap is 58cm/22.83 inches. With this adjustable seal, the capacity will be more inclusive than fitted hats.

the back side of the redskins baseball cap KN2012162
the back side of the redskins baseball cap KN2012162

Each small hole on the tail band is well-spaced and evenly distributed. It is neat and meticulous. The shape of the small hole is also from small to large. The small hole on the inside fits with the button and can fit more closely. But it will not be too tight to be buckled. The circle on the outside serves as a decoration. Show the button better, instead of just showing a white spot suddenly.

With this plastic buckle to adjust the length of the tail strap, it can also dispel consumers’ concerns about size. Although this grey baseball cap provides specific dimensions, it is more reassuring to have such an adjustable design.

the funny flat embroidery logos on the redskins baseball cap and grey baseball cap KN2012162
the funny flat embroidery logos on the redskins baseball cap and grey baseball cap KN2012162

Embroidery Logo

The logo design of this baseball cap is also very interesting. Also, adopts flat embroidery technology. The logo is not only exact but also very vivid. Such a vivid logo design can really move people. The logo design does not change because of the color of the style but chooses to use the same logo design.

The Embroidered Picture on the Front

It can be seen in the picture that this is a skateboarder. This is a small pure blue skateboard. All four small wheels are red. Red and blue are also recognized combinations. At first, I thought it was a little girl skateboarding.

After careful observation, we found that it was actually a banana. The banana peeled a small part. Exposed its face. Of course, the banana is wearing yellow clothes, but through observation, there are orange elements on the side. It seems that this suit should be made of different colors. The texture lines of bananas are also shown. The white flesh inside the banana skin is also very vivid.

Funny Skateboard and Banana Man

It seems to be very confident, with hands placed at will and lips slightly skewed. It also wore a blue baseball cap and a pair of sunglasses with blue lenses and red frames. This logo is performing difficult movements. The skateboard tilts up and the banana tilts back slightly. It makes people worry about the dangerous degree of this action. I wonder if I will fall down in the next second. However, from the expression, it seems that it is very confident. It seems to be a seasoned hand and doesn’t worry about falling down at all.

Brand Name – Streeter

The brand name – Streeter is placed diagonally between skateboarders and skateboarders. Cover the feet of skateboarders. The inclination of the brand name is almost the same as that of the skateboard. The brand name is gray and white. Distinguish from the yellow, blue, and red elements of the logo. At the same time, it can also echo the color of the baseball cap. The whole look is a very interesting design.

In order not to make the side of the baseball cap monotonous, the side of the baseball cap is also designed. The pattern near the brim is the logo of the brand. Next to this logo is a string of English letters. These English letters are all capital letters, showing a neat arrangement of the upper and lower lines.

There is also a logo of this brand on the back of the baseball cap. It’s in the middle of the back of the baseball cap. It is like a general logo placed in the middle of the front of the baseball cap. This baseball cap takes care of the blank at the back of the cap. It is really necessary to have designs in every direction. Reject the discomfort of too much blank space.

Sweat-Absorbing Headband

The fabric of this baseball cap is hygroscopic and breathable. It is very suitable to make a sweat-absorbing headband. Make the best use of everything and make the best use of the characteristics of this fabric.

the inner sweatband and taping of the redskins baseball cap KN2012162
the inner sweatband and taping of the redskins baseball cap KN2012162

The inside of the brim of the grey baseball cap is consistent with the overall color of the baseball cap. On the inside border of the baseball cap is a black cloth strip highlighting the brand. You can also observe the brand design on the side of the tail belt. The brand logo on the back of the baseball cap can also be seen from the inside. It also shows that the logo is made of flat embroidery technology rather than printing. There is no separate fabric design on the inside of the baseball cap. Except for the black sweat-absorbing headband and the black strip on the structural frame, no additional fabric paste is made. You can see the shape behind the outer cloth. After all, careful use of materials is not afraid of serious study by consumers.

unisex redskins baseball cap and grey baseball cap KN2012162
unisex redskins baseball cap and grey baseball cap KN2012162

In the End

This redskins baseball cap is very textured. It seems to be full of stories before coming to you. If you are interested in this redskins baseball cap, buy it and explore it together. I believe that such a baseball cap with patterns and interesting designs will not disappoint you. Share this redskins baseball cap with your family and friends. Next day, wear this casual and trendy baseball cap.