Black Bucket Hat from Aung Crown

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Here, we’re going to introduce a black bucket hat from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a professional hat maker since 1998, with almost 25 years of experience, and is located in Shenzhen, China.

The Ultimate Fashion Blogger’s Pick: Elevate Your Style with the Versatile Bucket Hat

Many people will consciously imitate the fashion blogger when learning how to dress. In the process, we often find that an amazing and eye-catching look is not only a simple choice of clothes and pants, but also accessories play a very important role. For beginners who are learning to wear and match, in order to reduce the probability of mistakes and improve the usage rate of the accessories we buy, we usually choose a versatile piece. At this time, I must mention the bucket hat. Among the hats, the bucket hat is undoubtedly the first choice of many people, which is closely related to its various functions.

Aung Crown reversible black bucket hat for women and men KN2102061
Aung Crown reversible black bucket hat for women and men KN2102061

The Evolution of The Bucket Hat

The bucket hat was originally worn by Irish farmers and fishermen to protect them from the wind and rain. In Israel, the bucket hat is often called a fool’s cap. Israeli soldiers wear bucket hat to distinguish themselves from Arab soldiers. Later, Israelis came to see the bucket hat as a symbol of freedom and independence.

In the 1990s, the bucket hat became an important element of hip-hop. Hat makers, too, smelled a business opportunity and began mass-producing bucket hats. But in the eyes of many people, the early bucket hat was not only wide but also simple in style. Nowadays, the bucket hat has been widely used in various fields and has undergone a qualitative transformation. Designers have made the bucket hat “ascend to the palace of elegance”, making the bucket hat a popular element that combines fashion and practicality.

Why Are Bucket Hats So Popular?

Many people will think that the bucket hat is ugly, cheap, untidy, and not advanced enough. In fact, the original bucket hat was originally made for practical use. It is a protective tool, so it is not very advanced. But now, a bucket hat is probably the favorite hat of handsome men and beautiful women, and its popularity is not even inferior to the classic baseball cap. So why does everyone like bucket hats?

1. Great Sun Protection

In today’s era, when everyone is after white and beautiful skin, people apply various kinds of sunscreen to their faces but still worry about getting sunburned when they go out. A bucket hat can solve this problem very well. The brim of the bucket hat is narrow and small, which can cover very deeply. It has a slightly trapezoidal shading edge, and the outer ring is wrapped with steel wire, which is soft and fluffy. Because of these characteristics, the bucket hat can block the sun well, and even play the role of sunscreen and sun protection on the neck and shoulders, bringing a new layer of protection to people’s sun protection work.

2. Modifying Face Shape

The bucket hat can show a small face.

Melon face, wearing the bucket hat can show the delicate chin of the melon face. Square-faced person, because the facial lines are relatively clear if you wear the bucket hat, the overall matching effect can just cover the facial lines, which is an indispensable accessory for a square-faced person. For people with round faces, with a combination of full cheeks on both sides and a rounded chin, many fairy girls will basically say goodbye to hats, especially baseball caps, which fully reveal the lower part of the face. But the bucket hat is different. We can choose the bucket hat with soft fabric and changeable shape to make the face look less round and symmetrical, so as to achieve the visual effect of a small face. It can be said that the bucket hat is a fashionable piece with high compatibility..

3. Convenient for Oil Hair

The bucket hat can also avoid the embarrassment of oil heads.

For people with greasy hair, if they don’t wash their hair for two days, their hair will look oily and dirty. The appearance of the bucket hat covers this shortcoming well. Not only do we not have to wash our hair every day, but we can also have a sense of fashion. Such a dual-use bucket hat is undoubtedly a fashionable item for people with lazy cancer. The bucket hat is a useful tool with a concave shape.

Aung Crown black bucket hat at the back view KN2102061
Aung Crown black bucket hat at the back view KN2102061

4. Concave Design

We can see that many hip-hop singers or street artists will use a bucket hat to match and integrate it into the occasions of treason, freedom, and sportsmanship. The bucket hat begins with its concave shape. Because the bucket hat is made of soft canvas, it is easy to show a little fresh feeling of literature and art. If it is combined with simple t-shirts and jeans, the overall look will not be pompous but show a kind of cool feeling of femininity. If your skin is white, you can use a colored bucket hat with a light color to emphasize the refreshing artistic sense.

It can be said that the bucket hat can be cool and handsome in the last second and cute in the next, so we can freely switch styles. The relatively simple bucket hat has the beauty of an advanced atmosphere. This kind of bucket hat is not so strong for changing the shape of the head and is more suitable for a girl with an oval face. The oval face has the classic beauty of oriental women.

The Black Bucket Hat: Your Ultimate Fashion Weapon for Stealth and Style

The magic weapon of the social terrorist.

The wide brim and loose and deep space of the bucket hat can generally help us cover half of our face. If we wear masks and sunglasses again, we can be completely invisible to people who are terrified.

After learning so much about the wonderful use of the bucket hat, I believe you must be very excited in front of the screen. But all kinds of bucket hats on the market can also make people dizzy. So here I will introduce you to a beautiful and practical bucket hat — the black bucket hat.

1. Durable Fabric – Cotton Twill

The material is comfortable and durable.

This bucket hat is made from twill cotton. The surface of this fabric is plush and won’t shrink when washed. In addition, twill cotton has a higher density, higher yarn consumption, and better abrasion resistance than plain fabric. At the same time, this hat has also been added with brushed fabric. The main feature of the brushed fabric is that it is soft, thick, and does not pile. Therefore, this hat can be used for a long time. This hat is also suitable for people who like mountain climbing or other outdoor activities, because it will not get sweat easily, and has a strong ability to resist ultraviolet rays, which can effectively prevent sun.

Aung Crown reversible black bucket hat with flat embroidery letters on the front KN2102061
Aung Crown reversible black bucket hat with flat embroidery letters on the front KN2102061

2. Tri-Color Design and Flat Embroidery Pattern

The logo on the side of this bucket hat is classic black, and the logo with white letters on a purple background makes the whole cap simple and generous without losing its playfulness and vitality. The yellow text in the bottom row explains the brand concept well. It also adds sparkle to the whole. The logo of this bucket hat is also small in size, which will not destroy the overall style of wearing.

If your skin color is black or yellow, this classic black fisherman hat will be very suitable for you. If you like to wear simple and loose clothes, you can wear a bucket hat with gray loose short sleeves, and then you can match loose five-piece pants underneath. This kind of combination not only has low requirements on the figure but also has a sense of fashion while being comfortable and simple.

Aung Crown reversible black bucket hat for women and men KN2102061
Aung Crown reversible black bucket hat for women and men KN2102061

3. Double-Sided and Reversible Bucket Hat

If you turn this bucket hat inside out, you get a completely different bucket hat. The bucket hat on the back is brighter and more colorful, with white as the background color and purple print as the ornament. The bucket hat on this side is more suitable for summer wear. It looks good with a white skirt or a floral skirt that matches it. On the whole, it looks fresh and clean, and can visually raise a great height, letting you have an advanced temperament.

4. Shape of Bucket Hat

The bucket hat can be divided into a dome and a flat top. Although the dome is convenient for storage, it is not as good as the flat top in modifying the head shape. The domed bucket hat will also increase the height of the hat, which may block your view, or lengthen the head to make the face atrium very long, which is easy to make people look old. The flat top makes the hat more stylish, and the flathead girl doesn’t have to worry about exposing the shape behind her head.

5. Proper Size

Since you cannot adjust the size of the can cap, you must select the correct size. Otherwise, it would be uncomfortable to be too big or too small. In general, the head circumference of adult women is about 56 cm or 57 cm/22.05 inches to 22.44 inches. People with larger head circumferences may have an additional 1-2 cm/0.39 to 0.79 inches. So when you buy this hat, you need to pay special attention to this problem.

It should be noted that head circumference is usually measured by placing a tape measure along the top edge of the eyebrows on both sides and rotating around the head. It is important to note that both sides of the head should be symmetrical for a more accurate measurement.

How to Wear The Bucket Hat Correctly?

If the hat is not worn correctly, it really reduces the real value of the hat as an ornament. Choose a bucket hat that suits you. The body and brim of the hat should fit your face. It will be uncomfortable to wear it too small or too large. When we pick up a hat, first turn it around and look inside. The sweatband joint is at the back of the hat.

Using the sweatband joint as the back, place the hat on your head and pull the hat all the way down. Do not leave a gap between the top and the head, like a high hat, which will also affect the beauty of the hat. If you feel that the hat is too tight and the brim is obstructing your view, you can pull it back a little, but never too much. The brim of the hat can block the view, not by putting the hat down or pulling the back of the hat, but by turning the brim up properly, which will be much more beautiful.

I’ll tell you a trick to keep a bucket hat on. You can add sewing stickers to the inside of the bucket hat to increase friction and reduce the gap inside the hat. Or you can sew a clip on the inside of the hat, but that might not be nice enough.

In the end

In daily life, a bucket hat is a good way to improve people’s sense of leisure and fashion. It makes you more attractive and fashionable and also makes your face appear smaller. This is about the black bucket hat. If you like our article, you are welcome to follow us. In the future, we will introduce more good things to you.