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Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


This article is about hat types. Hats are head accessories, wrapped on or worn on the head with sun protection, decorating function, keeping warm, and protection. There have been many names of hats, and with time and usage gone by, their names also have been changed.

Today, we’re going to introduce the different types of hats by different usages, use objects and styles, materials, and styles.

1. Sorted by Different Usages

Hats play different roles in our daily lives. During summer, visor caps provide excellent sun protection. In the cold winter, snow caps keep us warm. Those who work in dangerous environments wear safety caps, and on rainy days, we wear rainy caps. Swimmers use swimming caps, while sleep caps are designed for sleep. Work caps are used for work, firefighters wear firemen caps, and astronauts wear space caps. There are hats with special functions, such as dust-proof caps, top hats, diving caps, racing caps, baseball caps, golf caps, hiking caps, doctor’s caps, etc.

3 hat types

2. Sorted by Use Objects and Styles

There are some hats according to the use of objects. It’s common to differ in gender and age, such as men’s caps, women’s caps, and kid’s caps. There are special labels for special groups, for example, PhD caps are only for those who obtain a Ph.D. tile and are conferred a degree, can wear. The police badge on police caps is the symbol of nation, law and order, and also a part of police uniform. In addition, there are also other caps, such as couple hats, cowboy hats, sailor hats, military hats, career hats, etc.

kid’s cap and old-man cap

3. Sorted by Materials

There are many materials to make hats and there are some common styles, such as leather caps, felt hats, woolen hats, long-hair hats, velvet caps, straw caps and bamboo hats.

4 different hat types

4. Sorted by Hats’ Features

In addition, there are many styles of hats that can be sorted by brim caps and brimless caps. Brim caps include peaked caps, forward caps, sports caps, cowboy hats, summer hats, sailor hats, cloche hats, etc. Brimless caps include berets, octagonal hats, melon skin hats, cardamom hats, tiger head hats, etc.

different style caps


In conclusion, hats can be sorted by their usage, materials, and purposes. This blog focuses on hat types sorted by different types. In the next article, we will discuss the functions of hats. So, if you’re interested, please save this article on your favorite and keep reading for the next one.