Black Nylon Baseball Cap from Streeter: Fashionable and Trendy

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


This black nylon baseball cap is from the STREETER brand that belongs to Aung Crown – a professional hat maker founded in 1998 with almost 25 years of experience.

This is a sports baseball cap. This baseball cap is mainly based on blue. The surface of the baseball cap is not simply pure blue, but dark blue and light blue. This distribution is mainly concentrated on the front of the baseball cap. In the front of the baseball cap and the brim of the baseball cap, most of the area is dark blue, and only a small amount of the surrounding area is light blue.

 If you look only from the front, you may mistakenly think that this baseball cap is based on dark blue. But in fact, the surface of this baseball cap is light blue, so to be precise, light blue is the main theme of this baseball cap. This forms the difference between the front and the side and the back. It enables consumers to feel such novelty when browsing and improves the pleasure of consumers’ experience. The dark blue and light blue on the front of the baseball cap is combined to form an excellent visual effect of light and dark.

the front side of the dark blue baseball cap KN2103126
the front side of the dark blue baseball cap KN2103126

Fabric: Nylon

Are you surprised to see the fabric composition of this black nylon baseball cap? You are right. The fabric of this baseball cap is made of nylon cloth. Nylon cloth can make the fabric more soft and comfortable, and because of its good hygroscopicity, it can balance the humidity difference between the air and the body, thus reducing the pressure on the body, with the effect of the adjustment.

Whats nylon fabric?

Nylon cloth is also very light and easy to maintain. Nylon cloth can be washed by machine, and the drying time is three times faster than cotton. It only needs to be slightly ironed or non-ironed, and it is not easy to deform and has a significant anti-wrinkle ability. This also reduces the difficulty and pressure of cleaning. Don’t worry about the trouble of hand washing. If you feel tired of hand washing, you can choose this baseball cap, because nylon cloth can be machine washed. Just put it in the washing machine and you can easily clean it without worrying about it. It has greatly helped consumers reduce the burden of cleaning.

Many consumers will value this advantage and decide to place an order. Nylon cloth also has excellent resilience, which makes it recover to its original state after stretching. This also shows that this black nylon baseball cap has excellent stretch because it uses nylon cloth as the fabric. It is not easy to deform and can maintain this state for a long time. It will not deform seriously due to slight pulling, causing the baseball cap to collapse or skew, and affecting the beauty of the baseball cap.

the left side of the dark blue baseball cap KN2103126
the left side of the dark blue baseball cap KN2103126

Curved plastic brim

The brim of this baseball cap is a curved plastic brim. The curvature of the brim of this black nylon baseball cap is not particularly high. Just slightly arch up to a certain height. If the camber of the brim is too high, a large forehead will be exposed, and the effect of modifying the face shape cannot be achieved. Even if the face is not big, it may be reflected as big. It may even expose danger to the hairline.

But if there is no camber at all and it is a straight line, the dark blue baseball cap will be pressed down, and the whole forehead will be completely covered, even the eyebrows may be covered. This not only blocks sight and affects normal walking but also makes a mess of the carefully designed hairstyle. Even if the forehead is completely covered, it can not improve the face shape. This small camber is just right. This is a small collocation technique. And it’s very natural. It doesn’t seem deliberate at all. It is a good way to be chased and asked how to make the face smooth.

the top crown of the dark blue baseball cap KN2103126
the top crown of the dark blue baseball cap KN2103126

Special 7 panels structured baseball cap

As we all know, baseball caps are generally divided into five panels-structured baseball caps and six panels-structured baseball caps. But this baseball cap is a 7 panels structured baseball cap. So some consumers may wonder if this dark blue baseball cap is a regular baseball cap. Don’t worry. This baseball cap is produced by a regular brand, and of course, it has quality assurance. Indeed, the seven panels structured baseball cap is very rare.

It can be said that it is very rare. But this does not mean that such baseball caps are inferior products. The structure of this dark blue baseball cap is very special. This has also become one of its highlights. Because of the irregular design of this baseball cap, there is an extra one, which causes the structure of this baseball cap to be a little special. If you don’t like to follow the rules like to break the rules, and like creative items, then this baseball cap must be very suitable for you.

The special and unique feature

This baseball cap breaks the conventional structural model and chooses such a special structure to create this baseball cap. While most baseball cap brands are still moving in the conventional direction, we are not satisfied with the present and want to continue to create and attract consumers by creating beauty. We believe that through continuous efforts and enough sincerity, consumers will be able to see the flash of this baseball cap.

As expected, the effort did not disappoint the intentional person. After careful design, such a special structure does not appear particularly strange. On the contrary, this special structure helps this baseball cap win more consumers’ love. Many consumers like this design very much. We are particularly grateful to the majority of consumers for their love. With your support, we will have more motivation to create and bring more beautiful products to the majority of consumers.

the back side of dark blue baseball cap KN2103126
the back side of dark blue baseball cap KN2103126

Adjustable seal of TRI-GLIDE buckle

This sports baseball cap has an adjustable closure. The tail strap is also made of light blue fabric consistent with the baseball cap body. It can also be seen from the picture that the tail band is very soft. The cloth used for the back of the baseball cap, which needs careful care, must be very soft and comfortable. There is a bright silver tri-glide button on the tail belt. The color of this adjustable button is also very important.

It cannot conflict with the color of the baseball cap body. The color of the adjustable button needs to match the color of the baseball cap body, so the color of the button can not take the lead of the baseball cap. After all, the baseball cap is the leading role, and the adjustable button is used as a foil. But this button should not be too low-key, which makes it difficult to detect. Failure to attract consumers’ attention is not a successful detail.

There are few colors to match with light blue. After careful consideration and screening, the final color selected is this bright silver. This color is relatively bright, and can not be inferior to the same bright color of light blue. When adjusting the tail belt length, it is very convenient to move the button. The left and right slidings are very smooth, so you don’t have to worry about being too laggy.

the flat embroidery letters on the dark blue baseball cap KN2103126
the flat embroidery letters on the dark blue baseball cap KN2103126

Embroidery logo

This baseball cap uses flat embroidery technology. The logo design is also unique. The two letters are combined to form a special pattern. The two letters are like the hug of two good friends after meeting again. At the first second of seeing each other, the pair of good friends were surprised at first, then ecstatic, and could not help rushing towards each other, giving each other a big hug.

They held each other very closely, in sharp contrast to the other letters on both sides. The other letters on both sides are very upright and regular. And these two good friends put themselves into each other’s arms. They seem to want to be one but keep their original part. This background is also very interesting. The part that was originally light blue divided most of the area into dark blue. These dark blue cuts are not straight.

The brim design

It is like a round arc that separates the world. In particular, the radian on the brim is very personalized. The letters on the dark blue background are also light blue, which will not merge with the background, resulting in unclear letters, and can echo the light blue cloth around. This irregular design is suitable for cool friends. This sports baseball cap is a neutral design. Plus this cool color matching and line design, it’s really hard not to be impressed.

I believe this baseball cap will not disappoint you and will bring you great surprises. Of course, if you haven’t experienced cool style, you can also feel different styles through this baseball cap. Perhaps you can also gain such a special sense of contrast. Show this baseball cap to your family and friends. I believe they will be very surprised when they see you so differently. Don’t worry about being out of line with your style. Your relatives and friends will praise you with good wishes.

the inner taping and sweatband of the dark blue baseball cap KN2103126
the inner taping and sweatband of the dark blue baseball cap KN2103126

Sweat-absorbing headband

Speaking of sports baseball caps, the sweat-absorbing headband is of course the most essential part. The nylon fabric itself has particularly good sweat absorption. To conform to the neutral design, the size of this baseball cap is 58cm/22.83 inches. In addition, this baseball cap has good breathability, so there is no problem with sweating.

From the inside of the baseball cap, there is also a sense of contrast. The brim of the baseball cap is a combination of a large part dark blue and a small part of light blue. Therefore, it is easy to mistake the inside of the brim for the same design. But unexpectedly, the inside of the brim of the baseball cap is a solid light blue. The whole cap is very smooth and tidy.

The inside of the baseball cap is black and white. You can also clearly feel the special structure of this baseball cap from the inside. The boundary line of each structure is connected by black strips. The thick black strip is printed with white English letters. These white English letters are the name of the brand.

the left side of the dark blue baseball cap KN2103126
the left side of the dark blue baseball cap KN2103126

In the End

This is a very eye-catching sports black nylon baseball cap. I wonder if its irregular design has poked your heart. If you also like such an irregular design, please place an order quickly. I wish you a very happy shopping experience.