Cotton Baseball Cap from Aung Crown

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Here is an amazing cotton baseball cap from Aung Crown – a professional hat maker founded in 1998 with almost 25 years of experience, which you can trust and rely on it.

Are you still looking for casual baseball caps? Are you still worried because you can’t find a baseball cap that suits your heart? Then take a look at this cotton baseball cap. I wonder if this baseball cap full of various color elements will come into your heart?

Aung Crown Cotton Baseball Cap

curved brim cotton baseball cotton KN2103014
curved brim cotton baseball cotton KN2103014

This is a tie-dyed baseball cap. And I think this is a baseball cap with a bold color selection. Why do you say that? Because we can see that there are many color elements on this cotton baseball cap. This style is actually bold because it tests the technical content. If it is not done well, it is a dazzling and disorderly failure. It will not only reduce the grade of this baseball cap but also lose many consumers. It will lead to the disappointment of many consumers. But fortunately, this baseball cap is successful. Tie-dyeing is a very wise choice. Maybe it is the only way to combine so many color elements together, which is not messy.

Cotton tie-dyeing

This cotton baseball cap is made of pure cotton. After all, this baseball cap is positioned as a casual baseball cap, so comfort is of course the most important. Such designs as tie-dyeing may give the stereotype of rough cloth. Consumers are inevitably worried about whether the comfort of such baseball caps will be seriously insufficient. If the fabric of this baseball cap is not soft enough, it cannot be called a qualified casual baseball cap. In this case, pure cotton fabric is the best choice. The selection of pure cotton fabric as the fabric component of this baseball cap has fully broken consumer concerns.

TieDyeing Introduction

Then let’s take a look at tie-dyeing. Tie-dyeing is a traditional and unique dyeing process of the Han nationality. A kind of dyeing method in which the fabric is partially tied up so that it cannot be dyed. It is one of the traditional manual dyeing techniques in China. The tie-dyeing process is divided into two parts: tying and dyeing. It uses tools such as yarn, thread, and rope to bind, sew, bind, affix, and clip the fabric before dyeing. Its process feature is a printing and dyeing technology that uses thread to twist the dyed fabric into knots, then prints and dyes, and then removes the knotted thread. It has more than 100 kinds of change techniques, each with its own characteristics. Tie-dyeing is characterized by rich color shading, natural change, and endless interest. This unique artistic effect is difficult to achieve through mechanical printing and dyeing processes.

Importance of tie dye

Tie-dyeing plays an anti-dyeing role on the knotted part of the fabric, so that the knotted part remains the primary color, while the untied part is evenly dyed. Thus, uneven depth and rich layers of a color halo and a wrinkle print are formed. It can be dyed into ordinary tie-dyed fabrics with regular patterns. It can also be dyed to show the complex composition of concrete patterns and the exquisite handicrafts with various colorful colors, which are naive, simple, and novel.

This process of multiple tying and multiple dyeing on the same fabric can make the traditional tie-dyeing process develop from single color to a multi-color effect. With the expansion of market demand, tie-dyeing patterns are becoming more and more complex and diverse, at least hundreds of kinds, and various sizes are available, resulting in a variety of handicrafts. In modern life, tie-dyeing is widely used as a high-end craft form by fashion crafts. With the continuous improvement of people’s material and cultural living standards, as well as the gradual warming of fashion, tie-dyeing art has been pursued and favored by consumers and fashion circles at home and abroad.

The commodity attribute of tie-dyeing is obvious. It has been favored by the majority of consumers at home and abroad, and the exchange value shows a slow upward trend in a stable manner. The use value is also well-known. Therefore, every tie-dyeing is an outstanding work of art and a treasure for studying the artistic thoughts and mentality of the tie-dyeing author.

tie-dye cotton baseball cap KN2103014
tie-dye cotton baseball cap KN2103014

Curved plastic brim

The brim of this baseball cap is made of plastic. Plastic materials have strong plasticity. It can also be seen from the picture that the brim of this baseball cap is hard and shaped. The shape of this hat brim is relatively stable. Even if you squeeze the brim with your upper hand, the shape of the brim will not change. Therefore, in daily life, there is no need to worry about the deformation of the baseball cap due to being squeezed by other objects. This plastic material can greatly prolong the stability and life of the brim. And the height of both sides of the brim is the same, ensuring that it is on the same plane. In this way, the brim of the hat is positive and will not be skewed. Avoid affecting your overall temperament due to the deviation of the brim.

Patterns on the brim

Tie-dyeing technology is also used on the brim. For overall beauty, the color treatment on the brim should not be sloppy. After much consideration, the designer decided to adopt the same design on the brim as same as the crown of the hat. After such a treatment, the whole cotton baseball cap is integrated. Even the brim of the baseball cap is very delicate and beautiful. If you use a solid color design, the effect will be greatly reduced. Not only does it appear particularly abrupt but also the brim of the hat is extremely unattractive because it appears particularly blank in contrast. In this contrast, it is also easy to make the cap body of the baseball cap appear particularly disorderly, and even a careful design will fail.

the inner tapping and sweatband cotton baseball cap KN2103014
the inner tapping and sweatband cotton baseball cap KN2103014

Six panels structured baseball cap

The structure of this baseball cap is a 6-panel structure. The overall structure is particularly neat. The structure is evenly distributed when viewed from the top. You can also see the fineness of this baseball cap. Even the top of the baseball cap is tie-dyed. It is not simply painted white. The boundary is also reinforced.

It can also be seen from the picture that the fabric is relatively soft. But the two areas in front of the baseball cap are solid. It can be clearly observed that these two areas bulge outward. This is supportive and ensures the shape of the baseball cap. In this way, the cotton baseball cap will not collapse inwards. This hard and soft design not only ensures that the baseball cap does not deform but also ensures that the rear can better fit the consumer’s head.

the back side of the cotton baseball cap KN2103014
the back side of the cotton baseball cap KN2103014

Adjustable seal of a TRT-GLTDE buckle

The back of the baseball cap is also a key point. The tail strap of the baseball cap is also a point that consumers value. The tail strap of this baseball cap is adjustable. This adjustable seal can greatly satisfy consumers who are accustomed to adjusting the tail belt. The fabric used for the tail band of the baseball cap is exactly the same as that used for the body of the baseball cap.

The metal button is selected for this adjustable button; the metal button will have more texture and longer service life; the metal button will also be shiny in appearance. Let the baseball cap have a bonus from the details. And the surface of this metal button is very smooth. This provides great convenience for adjusting the degree of the tail belt. It will be easier and more convenient to move on such a smooth surface.

3D embroidery letters on the cotton baseball cap KN2103014
3D embroidery letters on the cotton baseball cap KN2103014

3D embroidery logo – Aung Crown

This baseball cap uses 3D embroidery technology. The application of this technology makes the logo more three-dimensional. The logo design also took a lot of thought. Choose a more fluid font instead of a rigid one. It has thrown away the shackles of squareness and has broken through the traditional pattern. English letters are more flowing. The logo is displayed in pure white. Because the baseball cap is designed with tie dye. So there are many color elements in the baseball cap itself. Consumers’ eyeballs have been attracted by the diversity of backgrounds. If the logo can not highlight its own characteristics, it will be seriously ignored. It’s like picking up sesame after losing watermelon. Highlight the non-key points and cause the real key points to be ignored.

In such a colorful background, the logo should choose a more concise way instead. The contrast thus formed will neither hide the logo nor destroy the overall pattern. Choose pure white as the color of the logo to highlight its characteristics of the logo with such a pure color. The font of the logo has been widened. The occupied area has been expanded. After all, in such a colorful background, the logo area is too small to be ignored.

The logo of 3D embroidery is used, and the line processing is very good. The lines are arranged very closely. It looks like a sketch. And the logo design not only takes into account the beauty of the outside but also handles the comfort of the inside very well. The logo can’t be seen from the inside. There will be no problem of too many threads, stinging, or scratching the wearer’s head.

Size & Sweat-absorbing headband

This baseball cap is a baseball cap with a neutral design. So the size is a little too large. The size is 58cm/22.83 inches. This is to consider the situation of different wearers. Choose to adapt to different audiences with a high degree of tolerance. Also because of this, there is a sweat-absorbing headband. The sweat-absorbing headband is really an indispensable part of a baseball cap.

The appearance of this cotton baseball cap is a light color, and the whole is very bright. But when I turned the baseball cap over, I found that the inside of the cap was black. It’s a surprising contrast. Black cloth tape is used on the inner edge. The brand name – Aung Crown is densely arranged on the black cloth belt. There is also a separate brand name and official website beside the baseball cap tail band.

tie-dye cotton baseball cap KN2103014
tie-dye cotton baseball cap KN2103014

In the End

In a word, this is a colorful casual trendy cotton baseball hat. If you like the colors like rainbow, you can choose this cotton baseball cap directly. This baseball cap with a fresh style is very suitable for outings. Take this cotton baseball cap with you for a picnic.