Bucket Hat Fashion Tips from Picking to Styling

Published On: April 8, 2024    By: chen hui

Bucket Hat Fashion Tips from Picking to Styling

The summer season is coming soon and the hot sun will be shining for everyone, which is the signal to wear sunscreen and other sun protection such as hats or umbrellas. However, most men don’t like to hold an umbrella on sunny summer days and prefer to wear a hat when going out. So, it’s time to wear a bucket hat in the summer season. Here, we – Aung Crown, an experienced Chinese custom hat manufacturer founded in 1998 with more than 25 years of experience in hat making, will share these fashion tips about bucket hats from picking to styling in detail. So, are you ready for this fashion journey?

Fendi Spring, Summer 2019 Menswear-01

Fendi Spring/Summer 2019 Menswear

Talented artistic director Pierpaolo Piccioli designed a youthful journey with bucket hats for Valentino’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection for men and women, with each look featuring a uniquely designed bucket hat.

Some bucket hats matched the outfits, and some jumped out of the outfits. This fashion show was said to be the least cohesive product that Piccioli had designed for this brand with a one-decade history. That’s why Piccioli chose bucket hats to enhance the sense of unity.

Valentino SS 2019 Menswear

Valentino SS 2019 Menswear

Unlike the sophisticated yuppie style of gentleman’s top hats, bucket hats are younger and more fashionable, yet versatile. In the early hip-hop circle, bucket hats were popular, which led to bucket hats with thick street elements.

narrow-brimmed bucket hat

The narrow brim of bucket hats is narrow and looks like elliptical trapezoids like a bucket, and that’s why it was originally called a bucket hat. Maybe due to the nickname of the fashion industry and social media, it’s also called a fisherman’s hat.

Baseball caps, most people have one in their wardrobe, however, some people are not suited to wear a baseball cap, for example, people who have too wide cheekbones.

Compared to baseball caps, bucket hats are more tolerant of face shapes because of their various types and styles. Choosing a bucket hat according to the face, of such a hat can make the face of the wearer look smaller.

black bucket hat

Types of Bucket Hats

There are many types of bucket hats. The two main types are round-top bucket hats and flat-top bucket hats. Generally, round-top bucket hats are more difficult to handle than flat-top bucket hats. Therefore, flat-top bucket hats are more popular than round-top bucket hats. Then, what kind of face is suitable for each type of bucket hat?

1.     Round-top bucket hats

Usually, round-top bucket hats are born with a little bit of cuteness, which can add some funny and cute temperament to your look. However, due to the round top design, people who have round faces please do not try it easily. Because round-faced men are less masculine when they wear a round-top bucket hat, there is no change for their faces, and then the lack of their faces is all out.

Unless you know how to use a slick mustache to modify your facial lines, a round-top hat is fine for round-faced people.

round-top bucket hats

Long egg-shaped faces and diamond-shaped faces are the most suitable for wearing a round-top bucket hat.

Egg-shaped faces, also called oval faces, are the most fashionable yet versatile face shapes that can go with anything. However, round-top bucket hats are more suitable for people who have small and thin faces to wear. Because if people who have plump round faces wear round-top bucket hats, then the faces of these people will look bigger.

The facial lines of diamond-shaped faces can be modified by a round-top bucket hat, and the strong masculine temperament will be weakened a little and look softer.

Round-top bucket hats-01

2.     Flat-top Bucket Hats

Compared to round-top bucket hats, flat-top bucket hats are more suitable for creating handsome yuppie looks. At the same time, flat-top bucket hats are not picky about face shapes and can be worn by any type of face.

However, some people ask how I can wear a bucket hat and still look handsome. This problem is related to the height of the crown and the width of the brim of the flat-top bucket hats.

flat-top bucket hats

3.     Narrow-brim Bucket Hats

People who have big faces or strong/overweight bodies are not fit to wear a narrow-brim bucket hat, particularly a round-top narrow-brim bucket hat.

narrow-brim bucket hats

Because narrow-brimmed bucket hats fit snugly on the head and have a high requirement for face shapes. Such a bucket hat is more suitable for men who have square faces, diamond-shaped faces, or small faces to wear. That’s the fact that small faces are one of the advantages of dressing. However, the too wide brim of bucket hats can reduce men’s masculinity, so narrow-brim bucket hats are the most suitable to choose among others.

round-top narrow-brimmed bucket hats

4.     Wide-brim bucket hats

It’s said that bucket hats are a great accessory that can make the wearer’s face look smaller. The bucket hats here mean wide-brimmed bucket hats because wide-brimmed bucket hats can make a strong contrast with the face shape, making them a perfect accessory for people who have large faces.

wide-brimmed bucket hats-01

People who have round faces, oval faces, or inverted triangular faces can choose soft wide-brimmed bucket hats. Because the curve of the brim of such a bucket hat has linearity and can make the face shape look not so much dull. Therefore, people who have large faces are more suitable to wear a wide-brimmed bucket hat.

wide-brimmed bucket hats

For fabrics, too soft fabrics are easily deformed or collapsed, which can make bucket hats lose their stylish sense. On the other hand, bucket hats made of hard fabrics are more angular and stronger, which is not friendly to people with large faces. So please check out bucket hats made of fabrics of proper strength such as canvas or tweed fabrics, which can make people enjoy their spring and summer more comfortably.

wide-brimmed bucket hats-03

5.     Woven strap bucket hats

Woven strap bucket hats are pursued by the Zen generation, especially for their strong unruly temperament, and famous for their unique personal styles.

The flowing woven straps fall naturally on both sides of the face, which can accentuate the facial lines. Therefore, woven strap bucket hats are more suitable for short men to wear. In this way, a woven strap bucket hat can make them appear taller visually. The longer the straps, the more unruly the look.

Woven strap bucket hats

How to Pick Up a Bucket Hat?

1.     Size

The size of bucket hats can directly affect our wearing comfort and visibility. Please do not wear a bucket hat that is too tight or too loose. As a general rule, bucket hats should be placed about half an inch above the ears and eyebrows. If possible, choose a bucket hat with adjustable straps so you can adjust the bucket hat anytime and anywhere.

How to Pick Up a Bucket Hat

2.   Waterproof

If you participate in outdoor activities such as climbing, riding, etc., then wearing a bucket hat is a very nice choice. According to the different outdoor activities, choose the fabric of bucket hats, in such a way that it can prevent the bucket hat from moisture. Because some bucket hats are designed with UPF functions, so it’s better not to get them wet. Otherwise, the sun protection level will be lowered.

3.   Ventilation

While wearing a hat can protect you from harmful UV rays at some point, it’s also important to have better ventilation for your head. You also don’t want to cause a receding hairline or hair loss. What’s more, breathable hats can prevent unspoken illnesses like headaches.

Therefore, when choosing a bucket hat, especially in the coming hot summer, please choose a bucket hat that is well-ventilated design. Choosing a bucket hat made of breathable fabrics, such as cotton and linen, is also a very good choice.

strap bucket hat

How to Wear or Style a Bucket Hat?

1.   Wearing a bucket hat

Gently place a bucket hat on top of your head to cover 1/3 of your ears. Then tilt it slightly and straighten your hair. You may also lift the front brim slightly. Be careful not to cover your eyes.

Style a Bucket Hat-01

2.   Styling a bucket hat

A slick shirt can create an elegant, fashionable, and good-looking look. To break the stereotype, the buttons at the bottom of the shirt are undone, which can create a sense of casualness. If you want to have a street look at all, then wearing a bucket hat can take you there.

Style a Bucket Hat-02

As for the color of bucket hats, if your styling is eye-catching enough, such as a shirt + patchwork vest, then you can choose the color of bucket hat as the same as part of your outfit. Make your look unity not messy, but still master the trend comfortably – express your whole outfit completely.

Style a Bucket Hat-03

Besides the coherence in color, you can also choose a bucket hat that has the same patterns or texture as your dress, which can enhance the sense of fun and casual.

Style a Bucket Hat-04

People who don’t have advantages in height or body size can choose dark colors, such as black or gray when styling. However, if you dress in such a way for a long time, it’s dull. What’s more, if you can’t handle large-scale colorful colors, then you can choose a hat to add some highlighting sports to your look to jump out of the dull.

In the End

We hope all can enjoy this article and find the right bucket hats for the coming summer to elevate their fashion to the next level and get enough sun protection at the same time. If you’re interested in this content, please save our blog site to your bookmark, we will keep posting from time to time and unveiling all hat mysteries.