Casual Baseball Caps, Lighten Up the Life

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn

Hats have become a beautiful landscape when people stream across the street. Bonnet, straw hat, cowboy hat, Beret…Each hat has its own language. Among all kinds of hats, a baseball cap is the most fashionable one. Thumbed through the magazines, the baseball cap has been a fashion darling no matter matched with a coat or T-shirt. People use baseball caps to express themselves. Not only by different ways of wearing it but also by a variety of colors to show personality styles. Let’s enjoy the scenery for casual baseball caps together.

khaki baseball cap

The orange baseball cap is the only bright color on her. But it releases her from dullness. With braids, she is definitely a fashion lover.  In the vast sea of humanity, she is still very bright.

black snapback cap

This simple black baseball cap matched with his beard makes him a special charm. Smooth, delicate lines of brim realize his eyes with depth.  

white baseball cap

She is glowing with a white baseball cap and big wavy hair. No one is better than her who can explain the young and activity of baseball.

blue baseball hat

This blue baseball cap is in harmony with nature. No wonder the artist has a soft spot for it. With the white shirt, no one can deny the fact that he is a true gentleman.

The History of Baseball Cap

Today, baseball caps can be seen everywhere. But in the beginning, the baseball cap was matched with baseball players only. In 1839, the 1st baseball game was held in NY. In the following decades, baseball developed rapidly. Finally, in 1910, President William Howard Taft approved it as a national sport. More and more American plunged into baseball with immense zeal.

In 1934, a professional baseball team was founded in Japan too. After the Second World War, baseball has been played in more than 100 countries and regions. With the popularity of baseball, baseball caps are also accepted and loved by people. During games, baseball caps are so important no matter on sunny or rainy days. It is natural to bring it from the game to daily life. Compare with the role of the sunshade, the baseball cap is more an expression of self-style.

The Screen Printing Element

Along with baseball caps becoming an important part of daily life, people are looking for more styles and colors to make them delicate and attractive. Screen printing helps a lot to bring richer effects to baseball caps.

More often than not, screen printing is a fine fabric made of natural silk, plastic, or metal fibers/threads. It is a printing technology with very distinctive printing characteristics and imaging processes. Compare with another method, screen printing is freestyle. It not only can use paper as a carrier but also can use glass, plastic, leather…In addition, it can be printed on curved and uneven surfaces. Designers cannot keep their hands off screen printing due to it has high gloss and strong 3D effect.

orange baseball cap

Why Baseball Cap is so WELCOME?

You can never find a person who cannot wear a baseball cap. That’s the unique charm it has.

1. Doing a favor to your face. No matter you’re square face, round face, or long face, baseball caps will shape your face better.

2. Flexible. It’s portable. You can wear it not only on the front but also by side or by the back which makes you have different gestures.

3. Can be paired with anything. Jeans, shorts, skirts, shirts, coats…..There is no bad choice.

As you can see, a baseball cap is almost omnipotent. A baseball cap can be changed with seasons. Also, can cross-gender, and both male and female can find their own ways. Not only leap over age. You can wear it no matter if you’re 3 or 103. There is no reason that you miss a baseball cap in your closet. What’s the wise choice from all kinds of baseballs? As a Chinese original designer brand, AUGN CROWN is a great choice. To integrate the pursuit of fashion and perfection in product design and development, AUGN GROWN is committed to leading customers to the top of fashion and trends.  High quality and delicate details are the main points for their rapid development. The below style is one of my favorites.

casual baseball cap

Hat Details:

Four colors are available:

Except for the classic black and white, this style also has cornflower and tangerine which provide more options for your dress matching. Orange baseball caps are surprisingly versatile. They look best with tan or light brown shirts. But they also accent black, orange, and gray coats very nicely. The cornflower cap with a yellow skirt will look nifty and lovely. Matched with a black T-shirt will lighten skin tone. Of course, there will always have more interesting matching.

  • The 100% cotton sweatband makes the hat comfortable to wear during the hot summer.
6-panel casual baseball cap
  • screen printing for the logo
screen printing casual baseball cap
  • Adjustable snaps at the back
adjustable casual baseball cap

We are ordinary, but we’ll not be mediocre.  We never want to join in the sea of sameness. That’s why we cannot live without baseball caps. It can go with everything to make us look casual and free.  Do you know how to keep up with trends by wearing baseball caps? Here are some tips.

Choose a baseball cap to highlight your clothes

Most people will choose a black or white baseball cap. These two colors will never get out of date. But we also can have more choices to look more fashionable. Suitable matches will make one plus one greater than two.

white casual baseball hat
  • Tone on Tone
    This is simpler & will hard to be wrong. It will enhance the overall sense of dress, but also look elegant and unique.
blue baseball cap
  •   Contrast Colors
    The contrasting colors create an interesting visual effect. It can make you conspicuous in crowds. The baseball caps with different colors will help you to highlight your style and attract the attention of the passerby.

Baseball caps with Careful Hairstyle can take years off you

The baseball caps can help formally dress to be casually. It can also bring vigor into your clothing. But if you’d like to brighten up your eyesight, you may pay more attention to your hairstyle.

grey baseball cap

﹒Ponytail with Baseball Caps

Ponytail is a common hairstyle that is simple but tasteful. No matter what kind of clothes you wear, a ponytail looks good. Matching a baseball cap will look young and dynamic.

Two braids With Baseball Caps

Two braids hairstyle looks very lovely. It’s a good choice for outdoor activities. With the baseball caps, you’ll be more adorable.

blue baseball hat

Long hair with baseball caps:

Shawl grows hair is ladylike. It’s very convenient to wear a baseball cap. It will reveal your gentle side. Are they stunningly beautiful with baseball caps? 

denim baseball cap

Casual Baseball Caps, Colorful life

Now, do you like baseball caps as much as I do? I never fail to find clothes that suit me since I have them in my closet. I can match different hairstyles and clothes depending on my destination. Take a brisk walk with an orange baseball cap from Aung Crown, a professional hat maker founded in 1998.  The blue one will be a good partner for the outdoors. Choose black or white for the street. ..

The baseball caps do make my life colorful. It is time for colorful baseball caps to spice up your wardrobe, too. As long as you have a try, you’ll be easy on the eyes.  Trust me! You’ll open a gateway to a new world that will never let you down!