The Best Cotton Women’s Baseball Hats From Aung Crown

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Today, we’re going to introduce the women’s baseball hat from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a professional hat maker since 1998.

We all know that a hat is essential in everyday wear, whether it’s for men or women. It is everyone’s indispensable companion, and lazy people who don’t wash their hair love it even more. But apparently, you underestimate the true power of a hat. Apart from hiding your flaws and protecting us from the sun, it is also a bruiser for styling! Today we will focus on this womens baseball hat.

Hat Sun Protection in Summer

Summer needs shade, and there are so many kinds of hats nowadays, but most of them don’t apply to you. Fisherman’s cap felt cap belongs to those who wear sacks are, handsome, and the most common, the easiest to match, also the easiest to wear out of the tide – only a baseball cap. It has the functions of shading a large area, a beautiful decoration, and a good protective effect, which is the first choice for us to buy hats.

There are still many different types of baseball caps here, and we need to choose from a wide range of approaches. When choosing a favorite hat, material and style are necessarily the first factors we consider. A hat can be beautiful if it’s chosen well, or funny if it’s chosen badly. So how do we go about choosing a style that suits us?

baseball cap
baseball cap

We can choose the right hat according to our face shape and figure. A baseball cap is roughly divided into two kinds: a curved-brim cap, and a flat-brim cap. A baseball cap, as the name implies, is with baseball sport together with the development of up. Players shade the sun, so as to get better results. But you only need to know flat brim or curved brim is enough.

According to the face shape. A round face person who wears a flat-brim cap obviously shows a big face. If the width of the hat is wider, it is more suitable for a round face. Pointed faces people wear flat-brim caps that will look small, and thin, so wearing curved-brim caps are more suitable. State face people wearing all the hat is more suitable.

According to the figure, a tall person wearing a baseball cap should be large and should not be small, otherwise, they give people a light head and heavy feeling. Short people are the opposite. Tall women should not wear high baseball caps, otherwise, give people the feeling of being high. A short lady should not wear a flat top wide-brim baseball cap, it will look like a shorter person.

When it comes to materials, we usually like to buy cotton hats, but why? This article will explain why cotton hats are more to our liking and will introduce you to a casual yet on-trend cotton women’s baseball hat.


Cotton fabrics are widely used in the clothing industry, and the hat industry is no exception, so what are the benefits of cotton hats?


Cotton breathes better than other materials. It has large pores that allow air to circulate freely through the fabric. And cotton absorbs moisture, keeping you cool even on the hottest of days.

Better for your health

Natural cotton fabrics are very soft and non-polluting, ensuring a healthy scalp and hair.

Versatile and warm

A pure cotton hat for all seasons, spring, summer, autumn, and winter. It can accompany you through any moment.


The cotton is strong and you can rely on it for a long time. Your hat will be as comfortable as when you bought it – even after many washes. You don’t have to waste more money to buy a new hat.

cotton fabric
cotton fabric

The Best Cotton Baseball Cap for women

The baseball cap, as the name suggests, is a special item for baseball players. The women’s baseball hat consists of two parts, the tongue and the top of the cap, and it is usually simple and sharp in design and functional in appearance. Because the shape of the baseball cap itself is very solid, the brim of the place with the hair can also be very good to cover the flesh.

plain color baseball cap
plain color baseball cap

Now, Ladies, are you ready to buy some great-looking and comfortable women’s baseball hats? Here is the unconstructed women’s baseball hat from Aung Crown, come and see if it strikes your fancy.

Aung Crown is a company that specializes in hats and has solved many small orders of personalized hats from all over the world over the years, and it is a connoisseur in the industry! It specializes in a wide range of hats and caps, as well as some headwear accessories. For each order, the company controls the quality from material selection, printing, sewing, and packaging to final shipment very carefully.

black hat
black hat

Features of the Women’s Baseball Hats

Flat embroidery

Aung Crown has used the craft technique of flat embroidery. Flat embroidery is one of the fourteen types of embroidery used in Hunan embroidery. The surface of the embroidery is meticulous, delicate, and rich in texture. Moreover, the flat embroidery pattern not only has a strong visual impact and three-dimensional intuitive but also feels good.


Made with 100% cotton and this hat is specially made for females. Cotton is used because cotton is comfortable and skin-friendly, and absorbs moisture well.

assorted colors women's baseball caps
assorted colors women’s baseball caps

Available Colors

This hat is available in five different colors: khaki, beige, orange, pink, and black. These are popular colors right now and most of them are very resistant to dirt. In addition to this, the hat is available in solid colors, which makes it a good match for all types of clothing.

High quality

Aung Crown has been creating high-quality baseball caps for a long time and is famous for its character.

Wide range of applications

They are mainly for casual trends. This baseball cap is simple and atmospheric, with an embroidered logo for adding sophistication. It’s perfect for both everyday leisure and the pursuit of trends.


The lightning bolt graphic adds a cool touch to the hat, enhancing the overall look and making the hat less monotonous. In addition, the two inconsistent patterns are visually more dynamic and not rigid. The pink pattern is very flattering to the lady’s preference.

Construction of the cap

The face of the hat is cotton twill without bristles and 6 panels in total. The 6-panel unstructured baseball cap will make you feel more comfortable. In addition, each piece has a small circular hole at the top of the hat for a nice and breathable look.

Curved plastic brim

The brim has a certain curvature, and this kind is more every day which is suitable for most people. At the same time, this kind of hat brim curvature is relatively large, the forehead leakage area is relatively large, and it is easy to show a small face. Moreover, the curved-brimmed baseball cap has self-contained casual magic. A curved brim baseball cap with a shirt, does it have an elegant quality?

tri-glide buckle on the female baseball hat
tri-glide buckle on the female baseball hat


The hat has a delicate tail band consisting of the self-fabric, a silver metal snap buckle, and a goose egg buckle. The biggest advantage of the hat is that it can be adjusted to fit the head shape. Although the standard size of the hat is 58 cm/22.83 inches, the button on the back of the hat is adjustable to fit comfortably around the circumference of the head, making it suitable for everyone.

Sweat-absorbing headband

When we wear a hat for running, the hat with a light texture will not bring any burden to the wearer, and the hat with absorbent sweat and breathable ventilation holes will not feel humid and sultry when worn. This sweatband will help absorb sweat and carry away excess heat, making it ideal for hot summer days.

There are many different ways to wash baseball caps in different materials, but the most important thing is not to let the cap go out of shape. The method of washing a hat is regular hand washing, generally speaking,  a hat will not shrink if it washes in cold or lukewarm water at around 30℃/86℉. Do not use too hot water to wash, otherwise, the hat will shrink after washing. It is best to wash your hat with soap, not washing powder.

Baseball cap with what hairstyle is good for women?

1. Phi hair

Long hair and waist girls naturally like to let the hair beautifully loose down, oh, cloak hair wear a baseball cap is also very suitable for women. But remember not to press the brim too low, a slightly cocked brim will make you look more alive and lovely.

2.  Ponytail braid

Sports-style girls tend to like to tie high ponytails, high ponytails wearing a baseball cap will make you look energetic, oh. This time it may be worth wearing a toad mirror, and it will make you cool.

3. Double ponytails/Double-twist braids

Some cute girls like to tie double ponytails or double-twist braids. This time, as long as the two braids are a little lower, you can also wear a baseball cap, and it will make you look innocent and charming.

4. Pan hair

If you are too long for your own hair, why not put your hair up casually, and then wear a baseball cap? Believe me, it’s very eye-catching!

In the End

To sum up, only a wrong hat, there is no unsuitable person wearing a hat. Put on your baseball cap and go out and play!

Hopefully, this guide has helped you learn more about choosing a hat! Hopefully, you’ve found this reliable and trustable hat maker – Aung Crown that is worth trying! These women’s baseball hats are worth trying.