Colorful Black Floral Bucket Hat

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Today, we’re going to introduce a floral bucket hat from Streeter. Streeter is one brand from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a professional hat maker since 1998. With a high capacity and rich expertise in hat-making

Aung Crown digital printing kid bucket hats in black or white KN2102191-3
Aung Crown digital printing kid bucket hats in black or white KN2102191-3

Bucket Hat Obsession: Adding Sparkle to Your Everyday Style

Have you ever seen those celebrities break the Internet in their private outfits? What makes them stand out from the crowd? When it is clear that everyone wears the same clothes and has the same figure, why do the stars look so much more delicate? And it is that delicate style that elevates their whole fashion level to more than one level. Have you noticed that a hat is a very good single item? So it has to be mentioned that you need to know a little about the knowledge of wearing it.

After we finish the matching clothes and shoes, some small accessories are often very important, such as rings, earrings, necklaces, hair accessories, and hats, small incense-wearing berets, sports clothes, baseball caps, elegant and expensive dress hats, etc.

Of course, the floral bucket hat is today’s role. Whether it’s spring and fall in the right temperature, hot summer or cold winter, everyone is wearing a bucket hat at the same time. Even those who know how to wear it still want to have a bucket hat. So why not learn to decorate ourselves with a bucket hat? Learn to add a little sparkle to your everyday life.

Fusion Floral Bucket Hat from Streeter

Next up is the floral bucket hat designed and produced by STREETER, which combines casual and trendy styles. This floral bucket hat has two colors, one is black and the other is white. They are the timeless classic colors that have been precipitated over time. The base colors are all basic matching styles. The black bucket hat, although the background color is classic black, the above pattern is very novel. They consist of blue, yellow, green, pink, and orange small heads, which appear beautiful and youthful in the slightly dull black.

This must remind you of a song called “Colorful Black” by a Chinese singer. This song has a simple melody, but it is very powerful. This black bucket hat, with a colorful stick figure small head, dilutes the dull black and that point of rigidity. I believe you must have had your small blackboard when you were young, when the pen brushed over the board, it will mark the traces of color. This bucket hat is your drawing board, the small colorful head is your own heart to draw, with your joy and innocence, full of your attitude, even grow up, even after years of hone, the sincerity will never change. No matter how it changes, it will be retained in your side differently, just like this black bucket hat.

Streeter white floral bucket hat for women and men KN2102191
Streeter white floral bucket hat for women and men KN2102191

Whimsical Rose Blossom

Today’s white bucket hat will appear introverted and much more reserved compared to the black one, which is classic and has the unique collision of the trend. The main color of this bucket hat is white and it’s with blue roses with two small green leaves. The beauty and freshness just showed up from the outside to the inside.

The combination of white and blue is cleaner and brighter. Roses are the representative of romance, and blue roses represent “pure love, sincere kindness, and an endless blessing”, just like the brand’s blessing to customers, hope that products can bring comfort and joy to customers. The collocation of blue and white on the hat seems to be the Seine and the Milky Way, but also like the rose garden and moonlight, with engraved proverbs of love and blessing, making love people closely connected.

Aung Crown black digital printing kid bucket hats KN2102191-3
Aung Crown black digital printing kid bucket hats KN2102191-3

Gender: Unisex

This floral bucket hat focuses on a neutral style (unisex). Neutral style refers to that the image dress having the characteristics of the opposite sex, but also retaining the characteristics of their gender, showing the fusion of Yin and Yang style (we can interpret it as soft and hard when it comes to clothing). Integrating the steady and tough beauty of men with the gentle and light beauty of women, this bucket hat is very good to achieve the perfect balance of feminine and masculine, both men and women can wear. Let women’s soft in more than a trace of handsome and capable, and let men’s hard in more than a trace of tenderness and sunshine.

Fabric: Polyester

This bucket hat of today is made of polyester fabric. If you are a huge fan of our articles, you must have learned something about different fabrics. Polyester fabric is a textile fabric that manufacturers produce from polyester, a significant type of synthetic fiber, through prevention and post-treatment processes. Bucket hats made of polyester fabrics have good heat resistance, thermoplastic, light resistance, and chemical resistance to acid and alkali.

At the same time, this bucket hat is not afraid of mold and moths. It also has high strength, good elasticity, strong resilience, fast durability, and wrinkle-resistant advantages. Who doesn’t like a bucket hat that is beautiful and of good quality?

Logo & Size

The following are some details about this bucket hat. The logo AUNG CROWN represents the company. The pattern on the logo is clear and exquisite. Special yarns are arranged on the back, making it look more advanced. Compared with the embroidery process, the woven label process makes it flatter and softer.

The circumference of this floral bucket hat is 58cm/22.83 inches, which is suitable for most people to wear. If people think they have a big face or head and can’t find a hat suitable for them, they don’t have to worry about these problems.

The 58cm/22.83 inches hat will not accentuate the shape of your face and head, but also make your face look more delicate and smaller. The slightly wide version of the bucket hat will make your face look smoother and softer. With a Narrow brim, the bucket hat covers both UV rays and vision, protecting our skin from UV rays while giving us a clear vision and cool style.

Ample Sun Protection

We must choose this floral bucket hat. The source of the bucket hat is Ireland, where fishermen and farmers go out to work as an outdoor tool, so the first advantage of the bucket hat is 360° sun protection. As a bucket hat with a 360° brim, it can be said that it provides us with a full range of sunscreen protection.

Streeter fashion floral bucket hat with a short narrow brim KN2102191
Streeter fashion floral bucket hat with a short narrow brim KN2102191

Hat Selection for Round Faces: Embrace the Bucket Hat Trend

As a consumer, there’s one more thing that should be paid attention to. There are different hats for different face shapes. The Bucket hat we recommend today is full of design and works well with most face shapes. For round faces, look for hats that are made of soft, shapeless materials, with sloping tops or curved tops that elongate the face and make it look less rounded and symmetrical.

Bucket hats with deep, pointed tops and narrow brims (just like today’s bucket hat) are best for girls with round faces. The round face must not pick a wide brim. If you are a round face person, you should also not pick a very dome-deep brim, which will appear more round face. Round faces are shorter, but not particularly large.

First of all, look at the brim, and do not choose a wide brim. It is too moderate, perfect to expose their face outside, but also can play the role of facial shape. However, the brims of today’s bucket hats are not too big, and octagonal hats are not too big, so they are more suitable for consumers with round faces.

For Square Face

For square-faced consumers, the whole point of a bucket hat is not to look less square. This type of consumer wants a hat with a soft-line design. These hats are usually deep and round with a wide brim that allows for a wavy look and is best suited to square faces, using softer hats to reduce the angular shape of square faces. The top of the bucket hat is deep and round, the brim is wide and wavy, and the material is soft. A very stiff flat cap can be a disaster.

Revamping with Bucket Hats

If you have doubts about the collocation, we will provide you with some collocation suggestions. From the characteristics of the bucket hat, we can know that the main characteristics of the bucket hat are casual and lazy. But because of the lack of a sense of delicacy, it often brings people a sense of cheapness, which also affects its collocation. If your style is classical and delicate, then with the bucket hat, you need to break out of your past style, to create a different casual and natural style.

Effortlessly Cool: Elevate Your Look with the Iconic Bucket Hat

As we all know, the bucket hat is a concave shape of the weapon, we can see that many hip-hop singers or street artists will use a bucket hat pull to match so that they can get into the rebellious, free, and sporty wearing occasions. The bucket hat will open its concave shape all the time.

Whether it’s shopping or hiking, a bucket hat is a very good choice. You can wear a bucket hat with a pair of jeans, or a sportswear outfit, and while it’s concave, the sun protection works too. This bucket hat is classic black and white, these two colors are the basic colors, so don’t worry too much about the color of clothes, shoes, or bags. 

As long as the color is not too messy and doesn’t have too much color, your collocation will look very harmonious. There is no doubt that any dish can be made into a new dish with potatoes, so any collocations can be worn out in a new style with this black and white bucket hat.

Versatile Bucket Hat Styling

We can collocate this bucket hat with different styles in different seasons. For example, we can match casual sportswear or a hoodie in spring and autumn. When the pattern of the bucket hat is relatively complex, we try to choose pure colors for our clothes and do not have too many patterns, otherwise, it will appear disharmonious and inconsistent.

Besides, such items as bags and glasses must conform to the color and pattern of the bucket hat, and only the upper and lower items have a certain connection. Black can go well with any color, even bright ones like yellow and green, but try not to wear more than three colors.

After all, we have three-color principles. If it’s a white bucket hat, we’ll try to match it with light colors, like khaki, blue, or black. Black, white, and gray are the three colors you can’t go wrong with.

Aung Crown white floral digital printing kid bucket hats KN2102191-3
Aung Crown white floral digital printing kid bucket hats KN2102191-3

Cool & Comfortable: Bucket Hats for Bold Fashion

Bucket hats and suits are also great for a clash of styles. Men’s matching in this way, in the tailored suit set off men’s straight and handsome, the texture of the suit is expensive. The whole person’s fashion degree has improved by more than one level when coupled with a bucket hat and this collocation appears casual and natural as the two styles collide and merge.

Women who wear a suit with a bucket hat look chic and niche, their style. Black can be matched with a black suit and black suit pants. Even without makeup, you can still look very cool. Since there’s a way for you to behave like a cool girl or cool boy with no makeup, why don’t you act now?

This bucket hat with white can be used to clash with bright colors, such as pitaya suits, or some macarons, such bold colors, just like the summer ice soda, dilute all the heat and discomfort, bringing only cool and comfortable. If you want to go sexy, swap your suit pants for shorts or hot pants, expose your slim legs, and step on a pair of stilettos.

Do not have to worry about hair problems. Whether it’s long hair, short hair, straight hair, or curly hair, it does not matter. All you have to do is make sure it looks casual. Braid hair is cute too. To be honest, you can choose anything you like according to your wear style.

In the End

In short, whether you have tried this floral bucket hat or not, or your previous style of wearing the bucket hat has nothing to do with the bucket hat, it doesn’t matter. There is no doubt to have harmonious wearing as long as you choose this colorful black bucket hat. So, want to give it a try? Use this bucket hat to decorate a more perfect life!