Fancy Polyester Bucket Hat

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Today, we’re going to introduce a polyester bucket hat from VFACAP. VFACAP is one brand from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a professional hat maker since 1998. With a high capacity and rich expertise in hat-making.

Subconscious Threads: Imaginative Bucket Hats and Childhood Wonders

You must have thought for a moment that the world as it is so dull, but the good news is that we have illusions and imaginations that work hard in our subconscious to knit together our flawed lives, softening them and making us love them a little bit more. Today’s bucket hat features imaginative patterns and colors and the product is full of fancy things.

Are those scribbles our imagination when we babble and can’t speak? At that time, we could not understand other people’s speech, and we could only explore the world by what we saw and what we touched. The wildflowers on the roadside, the butterflies, the rain, and the wind were new to us at that time. When we don’t know anything about the world, that’s when we’re most interested in them. When we were young, we would draw on the wall with our brothers’ and sisters’ pens and write on their books. Although we could not understand them, we all hoped for a better world.

Unconventional Bucket Hats

Just like the patterns on these two bucket hats, (As you can see from the picture above and below) they seem to be some very strange and unreadable patterns, but if you look at them carefully, they are very imaginative and regular. The khaki bucket hat features an animal that looks like a horse but has a long neck, but it doesn’t look like a giraffe either.

It’s the brainchild of someone else and the novelty of someone’s childhood. The pattern on the white bucket hat is more regular. It looks like some hieroglyphics. I don’t know if they are ancient Egyptian or ancient Chinese, or if some children created some strange words that only they can understand. These two imaginative bucket hats look strange and interesting.

Versatile Chic: New Polyester Bucket Hat by VFACAP

Different styles of creation are full of attitudes toward trends and life. Even though life continues in the same way, even if most people around us follow the trend, we should not lose our thoughts and attitudes. It is the best explanation for our life that we always look forward to the future.

The next two bucket hats to introduce to you are the new bucket hats designed and produced by VFACAP. Adhering to the idea of the brand, one is white, one is khaki, these two are very versatile colors thus you do not have to worry about the problem of collocation. Whether it is spring, summer, autumn, and winter, no matter what kind of weather conditions, today’s product can follow one’s heart all the time.

VFACAP polyester bucket hat with a leather patch KN2102191
VFACAP polyester bucket hat with a leather patch KN2102191

Polyester Bucket Hat: Durable Style with High-Quality Fabric

This polyester bucket hat is made of polyester fabric, so-called polyester fabric is all polyester textile fabric, which is made of the fiber after prevention and post-treatment, and is an important variety of synthetic fiber. Bucket hats made of polyester fabrics have good heat resistance, thermoelectricity, light resistance, chemical resistance, little damage to acid and alkali, and are not afraid of mold and moths.

High strength, good elasticity, strong resilience, fast durability, and wrinkle-resistant advantages are all loved by consumers. Moreover, this bucket hat adopts the positive and negative double-sided thread pressing process. The inside of the bucket hat is also very smooth, and the line processing is very good so that consumers don’t have to worry about quality problems. The essential high-quality of the product is the brand’s main feature concept.

the inner side of the VFACAP polyester bucket hat KN2102191
the inner side of the VFACAP polyester bucket hat KN2102191

Unconstrained Imagination: Unique Leather Patch Bucket Hats

The leather patch design on the two colors of bucket hats is also very distinctive. The artificial Leather patch with very craftsmanship features looks very advanced and durable. The pattern on the Leather patch of this khaki bucket hat is very distinctive. Firstly, the company name is Aung Crown.

Secondly, around the company name is a circle of black things resembling tree branches, which look like burning flames, majestic and warm, as if with the animal on the cap roaring to its heart’s content. It is about breaking the shackles of fate with great, frightening power. The Leather patch of this white bucket hat is patterned with the brand name VFACAP, and the lower parts have similar patterns to the upper part of the cap.

The upper part looks like an eye looking at you, while the lower part is the high mountain and the hot sun, which seems to symbolize the hope and vigorous life of everyone. The upper part of the eye is us watched by God from the perspective of heaven. And the unknown animal on the khaki bucket hat is bound by fate, they are fighting against each other to overcome this oppression, toward a better life.

And these two bucket hats’ unconstrained imagination happens to coincide. Moreover, the main design of our bucket hat is the current popular neutral style, which combines the steady and tough beauty of men with the gentle and light beauty of women. This bucket hat is a perfect balance of femininity and masculinity and can be worn by both men and women. It is both fashionable and casual that has gained a good reputation among consumers.

Versatile Fit Polyester Bucket Hat

The cap circumference of this bucket hat is 58cm/22.83 inches, which is suitable for most people. For those who think their face is big or have a big head that can’t find a hat suitable for them, this bucket may be a good choice for them. If they wear this bucket hat, they don’t have to worry about these problems at all.

The hat circumference of 58cm/22.83 inches will not excessively highlight your face shape and head shape, but also make your face look more delicate and small. The small wide version of the bucket hat makes your face look smoother and softer. The Narrow brim hat covers both UV rays and vision, giving us a clear view while protecting our skin from UV rays.

Three Basic Advantages of Today’s Polyester Bucket Hat


The first advantage is 360° sun protection. As a 360-degree brim bucket hat, it can be said to provide us with a full range of sunscreen protection, according to the width of the brim changes, and even can play a role in the neck, and shoulder sun sunscreen. Especially in summer, such protection and care for the skin barrier are essential. Every day those protections cannot slack off.


And its second advantage is very good “stealth”. Because there is a hot word on the Internet now, “social phobia”, which is the fear of socializing. Some young people are afraid of communicating with others as they do not want to communicate with others at all. So in most cases, they try to avoid having contact with strangers.

The wide-brim and loose, deep space of a bucket hat generally help us to cover half of our face and avoid the eyes of others. But its Narrow brim hat will not block the line of sight and wearing a mask, or sunglasses, for the social terrorism crowd. In a word, when you put this bucket hat on, it can be said you’ve been completely “invisible”.


The third advantage is that it is comfortable and casual. This is mainly due to its own thin and soft material. On the one hand, you can carry it with you since the body of the hat is quite small; on the other hand, wearing it face to face, and with dirty wear resistance, summer wear is also very breathable. It will not make you feel stuffy.

These three are the basic advantages of the bucket hat. What makes this Bucket hat different from other bucket hats is its distinctive stylish look and excellent brand quality. After combining the advantages of all bucket hats, it can also be distinguished from other bucket hats. This product is better than other similar bucket hats on the market, which is the best choice for most people, so why not try a bucket hat?

Bucket Hat Fashion: White and Khaki Pairing Perfection

Have you seen the photos of bloggers wearing outfits on the Internet? Have you noticed how they match? First of all, today’s bucket hat is white and khaki. These two colors are white matching colors. As long as they are not mixed up, there will be no mistakes and I promise you’ll love it. In spring and autumn, when the temperature is suitable, we can wear casual clothes. Hoodies should be worn without hats, and coats should be worn without hats as well.

Pants are mainly straight-leg pants, casual pants, or sweatpants. Girls can wear a mid-length A-line dress, preferably polyester or cotton fabric, with lace, a bow, and other cute and small decorations is best not to choose. Just like mentioned before, this kind of single product is the mainly delicate style and while bucket hat is mainly casual, these two elements together will appear more chaotic and disharmonious. A casual coat is appropriate.

the top crown
the top crown

Simplicity is Key: Perfect Pairings for Bucket Hats

Please note that due to the increased number of elements on the cap surface of these two bucket hats, we should strive to select a simple pattern when coordinating clothes and shoes. It is best to have fewer patterns or no patterns. Too many elements will make people see dazzling, and the whole body will look unfocused

We can choose white and gray to match the khaki bucket hat. Khaki itself is a darker color, and it is not suitable for pairing with too bright and too fancy colors, which will make the eyes tired. If you feel that your outfit is too plain and dull and you want to add a little more sparkle than a bucket hat, add some small accessories, such as a simple square bag, a simple necklace, or a silver ring. In this way, not only are a lot of colors added but also the energy showed to others.

Summer Chic: T-shirt, Shorts, and UV Protection

If it is in summer, men can match a simple T-shirt, fresh and handsome. Women can also wear them with a T-shirt and shorts. If you feel too casual, you can swap a baggy T-shirt for a slightly tighter, shoulder top, and shorts for a skirt. That way, you can block out the UV rays while still being playful and cute.

During winter, you can pair the bucket hat with various outfits. Opt for an off-white casual mid-length coat and pair it with a white or black base. Complete the look with either tight black jeans or small pants, and you’ll have a fantastic ensemble to rock. A khaki textured trench coat can also work this way. When the weather is a little cold, choose the candy-colored cotton coat, with the vitality and playful macaron coat to impact the leisure of the bucket hat itself, so that the already cold winter seems to be with the new life and vitality of spring.

When you collocate in this way, it is particularly prominent in winter and it is in sharp contrast with its cold. In the choice of matching clothing and single products, it is worth mentioning that the bucket hat itself has more color, other things try to choose a single simple color, or no color is the best. According to the principle of collocation, the overall color as far as possible is not more than three, and it is best to be just light color or dark.

VFACAP polyester bucket hat in fashion KN2102191
VFACAP polyester bucket hat in fashion KN2102191

Versatile Bucket Hat: A Foolproof Fashion Essential

When choosing accessories, you cannot have too much to wear. For example, as far as possible choose the same like earrings or a necklace. Or highlight earrings to reduce the presence of the necklace, highlight the necklace to weaken the presence of earrings, collocation of a single product cannot dominate.

Shoe elements cannot be too much too. You’d better not choose too much lacing. For example, boots are the best choice without lacing. According to this collocation idea, I bet you must already have some concepts in collocations. As a consumer, we should be aware that the bucket hat is a versatile item and we’ll not go wrong with this single product.

In the End

Maybe you want to have a unique bucket hat? Today’s polyester bucket hat is the one that has been waiting for you for a long time, go and get it now! Don’t just imagine, like when you were a child, try it out, try to match the bucket hat with the fancy style, try to change the style, try to give yourself a new attitude to life!