Common Types Of Hats For Men

Published On: April 25, 2024    By: ray herb

As a matching accessory, a hat can change your look, frame your face, and give you a sense of fashion. Also, a hat is very useful. It can keep you warm in winter and protect you from the sun in summer. Hats are fashionable accessories for men who are not to be missed. So, what are the common hats for men? Below is a list of the most popular man’s hat styles we have in our lives. Let’s have a look at them.


Baseball Hat

baseball cap

The most familiar hat for us is probably a baseball cap. A baseball cap was invented to allow players to see exactly where the ball was and what was going on in the sun. A baseball hat is no longer just used in the stadium. It has also caught on in the fashion world and has been recognized as the ideal decoration to enhance your outfit. A nice baseball cap can make you look younger and add a little more leisure. More importantly, a baseball cap has little requirement for the face shape, and men can almost easily wear it.

Bucket Hat

In recent years, a bucket hat has become a very popular hat. It has a narrow edge, deep coverage, and easy storage. It is usually made of a thicker material, but there may be metal rings on both sides of the cap to prevent it from becoming too stuffy. The bucket hat is the most appropriate hat for men to travel or take a leisure vacation in summer, and it suits most face shapes. The brim of the bucket hat can be changed, one is to let the brim naturally downward, and the other is to bend the corner of the brim upward by half to become a style like a top hat, which is quite interesting. A bucket hat is not as formal as a top hat, but it can adapt to more occasions, and the temperament is not less than a top hat.


Peaked Cap

Peaked Cap

The front of a hat is in the shape of a duck’s tongue, which is slightly downward, so it can block out the sun. In summer, many people will use it to shade the sun, but it is not only the effect of shading. A good-looking peaked cap that fits you can cover up hair that hasn’t been washed for days, and it can make you cool and trendy. It is well-known that tweed is the favorite material of British men, and most of the materials of a peaked cap are based on tweed, so a peaked cap is a classic choice for the traditional British gentleman. If you want to be more personalized, you can wear a hat with the brim facing backward. This way of wearing is not exaggerated, which belongs to a unique but regular way of wearing, so you don’t feel too exceptional and embarrassed to wear it. This cap is suitable for a man with a long face, and its flat and slightly wider brim will make up for the long face.




Berets are a good fashion item, but there are a lot of guys who feel that wearing hats is too tedious and unwilling to try. The beret is not a particular daily style, its body is generally quite hard, and its brim is rather short, so it is often used as an accessory. Nowadays, men’s berets are mostly worn by older people. The beret is soft and portable, and the fabric is not easily stained with oil. This hat is not big but can keep the head warm. There aren’t many styles, but you can wear a beret on a variety of occasions. It has a long history and it remains popular. Most of the berets that we see today are modified. In the past, military berets were characterized by sweatbands that were leather and rimmed, so they were not very easy to wear, whereas the fashionable berets were much more convenient.


Newsboy Cap

Newsboy cap

The name and shape of the newsboy cap are both classic and retro. A standard British newsboy cap is composed of eight triangular pieces of cloth. The body space is large, and the upper part of the brim is connected with the front end of the cap’s body. This cap is made of a material that allows the cap to be shaped into a suitable shape. A newsboy cap is designed to help shape the top of your head and give it a more rounded appearance. A newsboy cap was most commonly worn by the working class, such as newsboys, drivers, workers, journalists, etc. But it later spread to the United States and became a man’s daily hat. Compared with an ordinary peaked cap, a newsboy cap has a wider range of applications and can be worn with t-shirts, shirts, and so on. Its material can adopt wool, corduroy, linen, etc. Suitable all year round.


Panama Hat

The hat is known as the Panama hat because foreign visitors have seen so many Panamanians wearing it. It originated from Ecuador. The Panama hat has the great advantage of not being fussy about the shape of the face, making it a classic summer hat in foreign streets. A well-made Panama hat is great for keeping your head cool, and a wide brim is great for keeping the sun out of your eyes. The touch of the Panama hat feels like fine silk. The brim is gravity-defying and stylish, and the overall shape of the hat is simple and fashionable. Most importantly, the cap’s circumference can be adjusted freely, so this hat can adapt to all kinds of head shapes. A Panama hat is a great fashion item to wear with a suit for a special gentleman.


Knitted Hat

A knitted hat is made of wool, which is a must-have hat type for winter. There is no brim, and it is cone-shaped to fit the head shape. This hat is not a hat for formal occasions, comparatively more common. It was invented hundreds of years ago in mainland Europe as a warm cap for sailors, fishermen, hunters, and other civilians working outdoors. Compared with other hats, knitted hats are more versatile and the requirement is not too high for the face shape. If you have a flat face like a round face, you can buy a longer knitted hat to make the face look long and slim. If your face is too long, you can also pull down the knitted cap to give a better visual sense of harmony. In terms of matching clothing, knitted caps are also very versatile. A knitted hat is a perfect match for an overcoat, a casual outfit, or a tracksuit.




The top part of a visor is hollow. A visor is also known as the “sun hat”, which has a good shade effect. If you advocate simplicity and movement, a visor is a must. A visor usually has a long front brim to help shield your eyes from the sun’s rays. The visor is light enough to be lighter than an ordinary sun hat and imposes less burden on the user. The ventilation is better, and it can provide comfortable air permeability. Excellent heat dissipation and the heat from the head can be better dissipated.




The Fedora is known as a classic hat in every man’s hat wardrobe, but it was not originally designed for men to wear, but as a women’s hat. A soft felt cap has a drop-like concave top with a pointed front and rounded back. The brim of this hat is usually wide with a ribbon. Because of its soft material, the wearer can freely shape and fold the brim, and it is more convenient to take it off and store it.

With a moderate brim width, a Fedora is not as big as a top hat, so it does not block the view too much and can be worn on public transportation. Unique in material and shape design, the cap will not be damaged by folding. For a variety of reasons, a Fedora naturally has moved upward in the fashion world and has been loved by people from all walks of life.

Bowler Hat

In contrast to a top hat, a bowler hat is a short and round hat with a narrow brim that rolls up and is fitted with ribbon and lining, ideal for cycling. A bowler hat was popular with the working class in the 19th century, and by the early 20th century, many people working in the financial district began to wear it to work. As a semi-formal and informal outfit accessory, bowler hats often add an upscale aesthetic to an outfit. Consider pairing them with a classic waistcoat.

 Top Hat

Appearing in the late 18th century, top hats are generally cylindrical, with a flat crown and wide brim. They are made of black silk (sometimes grey) or felt. They are most common between 14 and 19 cm in height and are often worn with formal attire. This kind of top hat, which is both decorative and functional, can avoid the embarrassment of the hat being blown away by the wind by virtue of the height of the body. Moreover, a top hat is usually wrapped in expensive silk materials and worn very handsomely on the head. Therefore, it was favored by many princes and nobles, and soon became popular among the upper class and became a status symbol. Since then, a top hat has become a common hat worn by the upper and emerging middle classes on formal occasions. But it is now commonly worn by magicians.


Flat Cap

flat cap

A flat cap was designed from the beginning to look very “populist”. However, this is not to say that aristocrats did not wear flat hats during this period, but aristocrats usually chose relatively expensive materials to make flat hats and wore them on more casual occasions (such as hunting and shooting in country estates). Many public figures, aristocrats, and members of the royal family also wear flat caps for leisure activities, such as Prince Charles, David Beckham, and Brad Pitt. Now, a flat cap has become a fashion symbol.




The brim of a Trilby is shorter and narrower than that of a Fedora, with a shallower crown, and the back brim is usually slightly cocked and shorter in width than the front. Trilby is more casual and versatile than Fedora. The Trilby, which is worn farther from the head and tilted upward at an angle toward the back of the head, is the best accessory for a cool look.


Aung Crown’s Sports Baseball Cap

Although fashionable hats emerge one after another, the classic and versatile baseball cap remains the most popular accessory. If you’re looking for a fashionable baseball cap, you can try this Aung Crown sports baseball cap.


The six-panel baseball cap is made of soft and breathable pineapple cloth with sweat-absorbing bands inside, so it’s comfortable to wear and does not easilyget stuffy. The embroidered design of the baseball cap adopts simple letter and cow head patterns so that the cap doesn’t look too monotonous. This style of the baseball cap is very textured, not only in the visual but also in the touch. This baseball cap with a curved brim can frame the face, and it is more convenient and comfortable to wear. The back Velcro can be convenient for quickly adjusting the cap circumference.



The cap on a person’s head will make it easier for people to pay attention to it in the overall matching degree of color. So the choice of baseball hat color is particularly important. This dark red baseball cap is not only low-key but also very layered, it will go well with almost any color of men’s clothing. The embroidered baseball hat is timeless, classic, and vibrant. It will add a finishing touch to your look and instantly make you stand out from the crowd. If you’d like to get other people’s attention, you can start by buying this adjustable baseball cap.