Key points for Selecting sunscreen hats

Published On: June 12, 2024    By: ray herb

The function of wearing a sun hat

In daily life, sun umbrellas and sunscreen clothes should be the most frequently used sun protection equipment. They have a large covering area and good sun protection effect, which is why many people like them.

The characteristic of the parasol is simple, efficient, and convenient. It can be used at any time when needed, but it still requires one hand to hold it up. It can be tiring to hold for a long time, so it is not suitable for long-term use and is more suitable for simple short-distance trips;

Sun protection clothing is the most familiar sun protection equipment to us. Although there are many good sun protection clothing with complete functions, good protection effect, light and easy to carry, but there are also many sun protection clothing styles with insufficient design, which often cannot cover the face. Sun protection hats can just make up for this deficiency. The oversized brim can effectively block the face, avoiding strong ultraviolet rays and sunburning and tanning the skin. Moreover, it is easy to carry and store when going out;

sun hat

In addition, various styles of sunscreen hats give it fashion and diversity in concave styling, which greatly helps to enhance our style and image. This is something that most sunscreen clothes cannot match, so in recent years, sunscreen hats have become increasingly popular and recognized by many people.

The difference between sun hat and ordinary hat

Regular sunscreen hats have strong UV protection and good sunshade and sunscreen effects, making them ideal for small groups of friends to wear during summer travel or vacation. They are very different from ordinary hats, so it is important to understand them when purchasing and avoid making mistakes:

1. Different materials

Sunscreen hat: It usually uses sunscreen technology functional fabrics and is made of materials with high UPF values;

Ordinary hat: It does not need to consider UV protection, there are no strict requirements for fabric, and there is no sunscreen technology ingredient. It only plays a decorative role.

sun hat

2. Different sizes

Sun hat: usually the brim of the hat is larger than ordinary hats, with a length of about 11cm or even more, which is enough to cover the face

Ordinary hat: Generally, there is no such large brim, and the overall size is relatively smaller.

3. Different protection factors

Sunscreen hat: The UPF value of the ultraviolet protection factor is greater than 40, and the UVA transmittance is less than 5%, providing strong protection;

Ordinary hat: The UV protection factor is usually low and the protective ability is poor.

4. Different emphasis on functions

Sun hat: The main function is to protect against sunburn and ultraviolet rays, with an emphasis on aesthetics;

Ordinary hat: The function of emphasis is decoration and beauty.

Types of sun hat:

Common sunscreen hats can be divided into the following five categories according to style:

# Caps (baseball caps)

It has always been a favorite among fashionistas, stylish and versatile, with high-quality appearance and cool and energetic appearance; the disadvantage is that the sunscreen effect is not ideal, the brim is short, and it cannot completely cover the face, only covering part of the front face, leaving the side face and lower half exposed to sunlight. Suggestion: use a cap with a sunscreen mask

baseball caps

#Empty top hat

The brim is generally large, lightweight, comfortable, breathable, and has good heat dissipation effect, without being stuffy. It also provides good facial coverage and is friendly to girls with long hair or ponytails. It is practical and beautiful, suitable for daily leisure sports riding. The disadvantages are that it cannot protect the head from sunburn, the hairstyle is easy to mess up, affecting the appearance; it is not convenient to store; it is not friendly to short hair people, and the neck area is easily overlooked for sun protection.

There are certain requirements for head shape and head circumference. Wearing for a long time can easily cause head strain and marks, and the style may not be suitable or even fall off.

#Fisherman’s hat

Stylish and beautiful, popular and versatile, essential for fashionistas, suitable for all seasons, many celebrities and bloggers like to wear fisherman hats, suitable for people with long/short hair, can be used for daily leisure poses, travel and other occasions; disadvantages: the brim is slightly narrow, the sunscreen effect is average, and the sunscreen strength is not enough.

fisherman hat

#Large brimmed hat

The large covering area can effectively cover the skin of the face and neck, and is not selective of face shape, making the face look smaller. It is suitable for wearing on the beach during vacation. The disadvantages are that it can easily crush the hair, the brim is too wide, it can easily block the view, and the one without a string can easily be blown away by the wind. The one with a string is a bit rustic and not suitable for commuting, especially on the road.

#Beekeeper/full-covering hat

Outdoor high-strength sunscreen is essential, with strong sunscreen ability, 360-degree no dead angle sunscreen, multi-functional detachable transformation, very suitable for long-term outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, camping, etc. In addition, the design of the style is not reasonable enough, which can easily cover and block the eyes.

Key points for purchasing sunscreen hats

1. Sunscreen performance

The primary consideration is the UFP and UVA values

UPF value and corresponding protection level
UPF range Uv transmittance /% UPF rating Protection classification
15 to 24    6.7 ~ 4.2   15,20 Better protection
25 to 39  4.1~ 2.6     25,30, 35 Very good protection
40 to 50,50 and above   S 2.5 40,45, 50, 50+ excellent protection

According to China’s GB/T 18830-2009 standards, an ultraviolet protection product must fulfill both UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) of >40 and UVA transmittance of 5% for classification as an ultraviolet protection product.

UPF>40+: When measuring sun protective clothing’s UV Protection Factor (UPF), less than one-fortieth of UV radiation passes through. As UPF increases, so too does its protection. National standards require textiles with UPF values over 50 in order to be considered UV protective clothing and ignore any effects from ultraviolet radiation on human bodies.

UVA<5%: refers to the transmittance of ultraviolet long-wave, the smaller the value, the better the protective effect.

Check whether the label of the sun hat has the “GB/T 18830-2009”, “UPF value”, “T(UVA)AV” and other parameters that are the guarantee of product quality. If there is no label, you should resolutely refuse to buy it.

sun hat

2. Material

At present, high-end sun hat brands on the market tend to use materials like polyester, nylon and cotton as common choices in their manufacturing process.

Polyester fiber: It has excellent sun protection ability among chemical fibers due to its chemical structure containing benzene rings that absorb ultraviolet rays, thus providing good sun protection effects. Unfortunately, polyester has poor breathability and should not be worn by people with sensitive skin.

Nylon: Nylon is a chemical fiber composed of polyamide that includes artificial cotton and rayon, featuring an abundance of the -CN structure in its chemical makeup. While its ultraviolet absorption capabilities do not match up to those of benzene rings, wear resistance, moisture absorption rates are sufficient, breathability surpassing polyester considerably – making nylon an excellent choice for people who sweat easily.

Cotton: Cotton offers superior moisture absorption and breathability, and feels soft against sensitive skin. However, its biggest drawbacks include its tendency to wrinkle easily as well as sticking to hair.

Under similar conditions, polyester offers slightly stronger UV protection than nylon fiber, yet nylon provides greater softness, comfort, and breathability. Comparing UV protection between cotton fiber and polyamide (nylon) fiber: Polyester > Polyamide (nylon).

sun hat

3. Air permeability

sun hat

The breathability of the sun hat is also a key point that everyone should pay attention to, as it can also affect the comfort of wearing.

Generally speaking, under the same color and material, the higher the tightness and thickness of the fabric, the better the UV protection effect, and the worse the corresponding breathability effect.Firstly, choose the material based on your preferences. For sun protection, you can opt for polyester, while for comfort and breathability, you can choose nylon;

Secondly, look at the details of the design. The sunscreen hat with an open top should balance the needs of sun protection and head ventilation. For example, choosing a shell hat with built-in sweat-proof strips will provide better moisture absorption and ventilation; for a sunscreen hat with a top, more consideration should be given to details such as ventilation holes, ventilation nets, and ventilation layers.

4. Coverage Area

A broad brim is essential in offering sun protection.

Choose a sun hat with a wide brim and extensive coverage area; 11 cm is optimal, though 13/14/15 cm would make the experience even better.

Larger brim sizes provide greater natural sun protection, but individual’s daily needs should always be considered when selecting their sun hat brim size.

5. Color

It is clear that when considering just sun protection effects of sun hats alone, darker-colored ones provide superior UVA/UVB ray protection than their lighter-colored counterparts.

According to this image, we can see that there isn’t much difference in sun protection index between darker and lighter colored hats; therefore, I prefer opting for light-colored ones.

Light-colored sunscreen hats not only absorb less heat, but also reflect some ultraviolet rays. The most important thing is that they can be easily matched with daily clothes. In summer, many people like to wear light-colored clothes; on the contrary, matching with dark-colored sunscreen hats seems too abrupt.

Practical tips for purchasing details

1. Choose a slightly thicker material that is opaque to block out sunlight, which will provide better sun protection. A good sun hat must have a tight, uniform texture and be breathable.

2. Try to choose styles with a cap rope to secure your hat and prevent it from being blown away when going out;

3. Choose a hat with an adjustable buckle design that can be adjusted freely according to the size of the head circumference, providing high elasticity without constricting the head;

4. Choose the style and color you like. The most important thing is to wear something that is beautiful and fits your image. Only by dressing up in a way that fits your image can you show your temperament.

5. Before purchasing, make sure whether the hat can be washed, and it is also necessary to wash and maintain it regularly in life.