Corduroy Bucket Hat: The Hat that Keeps You Cozy Even on Winter Days

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Corduroy bucket hats come up in a small package but with bigger surprises. Headwear is not any hat piece that you can ignore while pairing up with any outfit. This bucket hat is from VFACAP. In fact, VFACAP is one of the brands from Aung Crown – a professional hat maker.

casual corduroy bucket hat KN2012071
casual corduroy bucket hat KN2012071

What is a Corduroy Bucket Hat?

A corduroy bucket hat refers to the classic bucket hat that is soft corduroy-made and makes all-day wearable headgear. These hats are available in different colors, starting from coastal colors to embroidered details. Not only are they easily wearable but also package-centric for the activities. Moreover, the one-size fits all features and is beneficial for all. The size here is 58 cm/22.83 inches which is perfect. Corduroy material makes any product breathable, and these bucket hats are no exception. Mostly, women like to wear corduroy bucket hats the most, but the distinctive feature makes them wearable for all.

Why are Corduroy Bucket Hats Important in the Fashion Industry?

Corduroy bucket hats for being warm and soft come in different designs. These bucket hats are also lightweight and fashionable. The fabric absorbency is premium. For being ideal for both men and women, bucket hats have become important in recent trends. They can be found in great wholesale quantity and price for any retailer. The benefits are what make them exceptional among other bucket hat types. In addition, color is another factor that makes it specially created for women. They fit perfectly with any outfit and the clean logo technique is great to be a staple in any wardrobe.

Materials of Construction

Doesn’t the name say it all? The material or fabric of the corduroy bucket hat is made of corduroy named soft material. Corduroy is full of cotton-made resources. Because of cotton, you may not see any difference in durability, lightweight, and breathability issues when compared with other bucket hats. Although the stretchability is low, you can take the corduroy bucket hats anywhere in a portable way. Not only cotton is the primary corduroy fabric composition but also, there are cotton, cotton-poly blends, and other synthetic blends.

Unique Features of the Aung Crown Corduroy Bucket Hat

Corduroy bucket hats offer a great feature in each of their pieces. The hat maker, Aung Crown, makes sure you never get fewer features in any headgear which is corduroy made. Following these, corduroy bucket hats have the given product features that you must like to have. These are the features of the Aung Crown corduroy bucket hat below.

·         Easy to Stuff

Corduroy bucket hats are easy to pack or stuff because they are foldable. They can be stuffed in things like a backpack, or any purse or sling, you can even have them folded in the jacket pocket as well.

·         Size

There has been discussion about the size before. Size is something that makes it purchasable. Because an accurate fit like 58 cm/22.83 inches or this one size fits all activity is surely overwhelming for those who are insecure to buy due to head size.

·         Perfect Setting to Get along with

For hats, there are no perfect settings. Yet, you get some places that make your corduroy bucket hats handier to go along with. For instance, tropical weather, outdoor activities, or any other beach days. They are all part of a casual fashion setting.

·         Brim

Like every other bucket hat, this corduroy bucket hat also has a narrow brim. Usually, the brim is measurable from the hat’s bottom to the edge. But the small or narrow brim hat does not make a difference while protecting you from sun exposure.

·         Unisex Design

What’s more , the design of bucket hats made by Aung Crown is perfect for any age and gender. There is no restriction in having them in a particular way that follows casual settings.

·         Not Reversible One

Although the recent trend is about getting reversible corduroy bucket hats, Aung Crown brings them a more bucket-hat-friendly feature. As a result, the color combination may not disappoint you.

Colors: Color-Contrast, Dark Blue & Pink

In Aung Crown bucket hats, you can get different color hues in a single piece. The color adjustment has been done perfectly. Consequently, for daylight events or night, you will never miss the designed theme vibe. Here, two colors have been used simultaneously in one piece of bucket ha. These are:

·         Dark Blue

·         Pink

Both colors go well in any casual setting. For women, the pink-colored dark, blue-themed contrast may be favorable. For any activities, bucket hats will look good on you! Since corduroy has always been a classic hat component, getting them in a logo pattern may increase the beauty in different ways.

women corduroy bucket hat with a flat embroidery logo on the front KN2012071
women’s corduroy bucket hat with a flat embroidery logo on the front KN2012071

Logo Design and Printing

Furthermore, the logo design that goes well with corduroy hats is flat embroidery. Moreover, flat embroidery can be machine-knit or hand-knit. Hence, Aung Crown, the hatmaker, has used machine-knit flat embroidery prints on their latest collection of logo designs. For printing, you may get customization of your favorite theme. In the case of bucket hats, flat embroidery usually gets placed in the middle section. You may have the design customized in letters or any objects.

Advantages of Corduroy Bucket Hats

For example, corduroy bucket hats can be added to any outfit that holds the classic fit and is the coolest way of getting embroidered design at the front. The advantages are as follows:

·         True to size.

·         Embroidered design completes the branding from the front side.

·         Aesthetically pleasing.

·         Unisex and unique design.

·         Keeps you cozy in winter.

·         Easy to care for.

·         Lightweight

·         Stylish and comfortable.

·         Durable.

·         Wearable all year long.

·         A dynamic edition to the fashionable trend.

·         Effective solution for sun protection.

·         Solid colored with no excessive patterns.

·         Perfect accessory for any season.

·         Promotional merchandise.

·         Durable materials.

·         Stitching is sturdy.

The Sustainable Use of Raw Materials in Making Corduroy Bucket Hats

Equally important, corduroy bucket hats are stylish hats for any go-to place. The use of raw materials which are corduroy is sustainable in all ways. Aung Crown makes sure to meet the demand of the buyers in case of material and fabric of any bucket hat. Such as canvas, polyester, wool, and leather. But this corduroy bucket hat is corduroy made in the first place.

The raw materials are collected in a way so that the finished product can be useful for regeneration. Besides, the one size fits all-mechanism protects the environment from the production of the hat to the finished process, in all ways. Aung Crown makes sure they do not have to waste energy and materials in making different sizes.

How to Care for a Corduroy Bucket Hat

Because of being the fashion favorite for all types of seasons, especially fall, corduroy hats must be ready, clean, and shiny to wear effortlessly. These are the instructions that are worth remembering to care corduroy hats:

·         Carefully read the washing instructions written on the label.

·         Additional manufacturer’s guidelines.

·         Make sure whether they tell you to use machine wash or hand wash.

·         In case of using the dryer, shake the hat off before hanging it to dry.

Usual Guide of Care instruction for Bucket Hats:

·         Avoid wringing.

·         Wash with similar colors or wash separately.

·         Avoid lining.

·         Use detergent to preserve color.

·         Separate dark colors from bright ones in case of washing.

·         Avoid exposing the hats to high temperatures.

·         To prevent dust, odor, or any stain, use vinyl.

Aung Crown: A Brand That Focuses on Biodegradable Products

Besides, Aung Crown is that platform where you get comfortable and stylish headwear. These winter soft teddy bucket hats, indeed, are ideal choices for the fall season. Additionally, when you explore the bucket hats collection, you’ll notice their unique design tailored for a single-size fit. Rest assured, no compromises have been made when it comes to breathability and durability. Even with a narrow-brim hat, they maintain a perfect amount of drape. As a result, the coverage they provide seems effortlessly flawless.

The raw materials that have been used are water-resistant and offer UPF 50 sun protection to remain comfortable even in rainy weather. These bucket hats are made of 100% corduroy which makes them a comfortable measured fit. Besides, as a professional hat maker, Aung Crown removes the idea of sustainable products being expensive headgear. They remove the idea and replace them with the most affordable corduroy hats you ever get in town.

women narrow-brim corduroy bucket hat KN2012071
women narrow-brim corduroy bucket hat KN2012071


·         When to wear a corduroy bucket hat?

Corduroy bucket hats are wearable headgear in the summer. Apart from the summer season, you may wear them in fall, even in winter. Because of the multiple styling options, bucket hats can be essential headgear throughout the winter.

·         What are the best places to wear corduroy bucket hats?

You may visit wearing corduroy bucket hats in the following places:

Beach destination: You may top off your corduroy hat in the beach areas by matching an outfit with an edgy one. It adds a sharp flair to your beach look.

Any Historical Places: Corduroy bucket hats are perfect to wear during travel time. If you are visiting any historical destination, grab a bucket hat with you!

·         How to style it with a corduroy bucket hat?

For women, there are thousands of ways to style the outfit with a corduroy bucket hat. For instance:


Put on a bucket hat with a T-shirt and shorts to roam around the city. For flexible streetwear, this style is the most comfortable one.

Oversized Sweatshirt: 

Wear your favorite colored Aung Crown, hat-maker-made corduroy hats with oversized t-shirts of soothing color.

Sleeve shirt:

The casual combo will not end without trying out corduroy hats with short sleeve shirts. A pair of sneakers adds more value to it.

Jumpsuit and Romper: 

You may pair corduroy hats with a jumpsuit or romper. Jumpsuits are lovable to wear while traveling because of their one-piece comfortable outfit style.

·         Can I get corduroy bucket hats wholesale?

Aung Crown makes sure you have the best buying experience with its uniquely designed hats. Hence, the idea to deliver the hats wholesale is also appreciated here. To place your order in the wholesale, go through the following address:

Contact details:


Help center: Get your queries answered here.

Email: service@Aung

Address/Type: Website based.

·         What should I look for in a good corduroy bucket hat?

Corduroy bucket hats come up in a small package but with bigger surprises. Headwear is not any piece that you can ignore while pairing up with any outfit. To get corduroy bucket hats and use them for a long-time, go through the following key things:

1.      Should be made of sustainable raw materials which are high in quality as well.

2.      Comfortably feet in your head.

3.      Stylish design with instructions for taking care of the hats.

The Bottom Line

At Aung Crown, this corduroy bucket hat is one of the popular hats with hard-wearing material. Behind their popularity, the different styles and specifications remain intact. Old to young generation can have this VFACAP (one brand of Aung Crown) branded bucket hat in moderately two colors. They are even great for the organizers or event managers to promote their brand identity. The colors are suitable for any occasion. Since all odds are indicating benefits, what are you waiting for? Tell us how many corduroy bucket hats you own!